On Reading Updates

 There is much between the lines of updates coming from higher sources, and the obvious information supplied on the lines may be the least important aspect. In the interests of honouring the free will of the reader, these subtle, more important aspects are not necessarily pointed out by the source of the update.

 Reading on the lines, which is what the Left-Brain does, will give the reader a building comprehension of the some aspect of Ascension, and reading widely from many sources develops an overall picture. The reader also gets a moving progress report of sorts. Unfortunately, anything fed to the Left-Brain, 3D lineal mind will always be read on the lines, usually stays there and does not penetrate further and does not lead to inner transformation. It may even become a knowledge barrier, where the person confuses outside information with inner wisdom.

Those who are able to discern and read intuitively with their Right-Brain/Hearts, receive deeper, nuanced messages that opens up a larger world of understanding and inner experiences, which for some people can be incrementally transformative. These sensitive, receptive readers are being led through a carefully staged progression that is taking them right to the door of Ascension. As they do this, the Galactic Federation folk, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Celestials work together in harmonic coordination, so themes are being presented in a graduated manner, developing the discerning and committed reader in synchronous coordination with particular energies being brought into play at the time. These are the First Wavers, and we are informed that some have already Ascended.

 For example, around September/October, the need to release buried negativity was being widely advocated in updates that also included an understanding of the process, and techniques to assist. Then around November/December unconditional love was advocated (which cannot fully happen until a person has cleared their buried negative stuff, but trying to puts pressure on as yet unreleased stuff to arise, so they can then be let go of). At the moment, in January, grounding and balance are being spoken of by a number of sources, and there may be other themes. All such themes are given out to be done right then, at that time, when particular energies are lending themselves to facilitating the process. This is what first wavers are doing. 

At times, either before an energy down load, or after seeing the effects of an energy download, an update may released to include timely advice, perhaps a caution, perhaps to advocate doing something. The point is these updates are live, and can enable the sensitive reader to fine tune, balance, centre, align and attune themselves in the midst of global turmoil, and also in response to energy downloads, etc, as they steadily progress towards their Ascension.


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