Groping Towards NESARA

The most interesting person on the talking circuit is Ben Fulford. Ben gave himself an adventurous, and rather precocious ‘up-the-Amazon’ adolescence, seeking access to higher consciousness. For decades since then he has been swimming among the sharks and crocodiles,  and still is, without losing his vision of a better world. He saw a practical way to apply it, pressed the point and was rapidly disabused and disillusioned of everything he thought was real in the financial/economic worlds that he had been writing about. He stepped outside of the matrix.

 Since then he has been catalytic in transforming the once criminal Black Dragon Society into the White Dragon Society with commitments to global upliftment – shades of Gandolf, and appears to be instrumental in getting people in high places to appreciate that a better world is both preferable and doable, and he reports on progress in his blog. He is a spokesperson for WDS and is way ahead of anybody who interviews him, and over and above simply informing them, he is prepared to advocate, stand his ground and argue his point to those who don’t get it, including some who should, which enables him to give the listener more detail. Followers of his blog would span the widest range of any blogger – from the highest ranks of the Illusionati and their ilk and underlings, through to those who regard themselves as on the cutting edge of the highest spiritual unfoldment.

 What makes Ben so interesting is that he has no external props. He appears not to know about the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other celestials, which is where most advocates of a better world source their best, most reliable, predictive information. Ben has been handed no cosmic-sourced vision, does not have the inside running on all that is coming up this year 2012, does not know about Planetary and Global Ascension or First Contact or even Channelling, and seems not to know about NESARA, as it drew a blank when an interviewer ran it past him recently. Yet over time he has been refining his understanding towards NESARA, the material expression of Global Ascension, and bringing many otherwise-mainstream thinking people.

 Many of those that do have the advantage of access to all of the above still need to be re-assured and encouraged to have faith, to persist, to create a vision compatible with what they have been given, to spread the word, etc, and occasionally waverers get a serve to bring them back on track.  Ben does what he does without the benefit of exteriorised higher guidance, and he does not waver in the face of opposition, including death threats and death attempts. He works through his heart, and has the courage of his convictions, so his mind is incisive. He negotiates for global upliftment, sometimes involving less than savoury types who are adroit liars with other agendas, and will not be intimidated or bought off. He knows we have to do it for ourselves, and without the benefit of knowing the help we are given, is confident we can.

He is advocating the arrest of the super-crooks, and a big celebration for 21-12-2012, indicating he already knows from within himself what needs to be done so that this can all be over by then, and that can be the day everything changes, so without being informed, he is synchronistically psyched in. 

Without knowing about NESARA, he is pushing peaceful means, abundance, spreading the wealth, gold-back currency, ending the FRB and IRS, debt forgiveness, rechartering corporations to be truly benevolent, release of free energy generators, creating an eco-friendly, people-friendly world, and other NESARA compatible ideas.

 Ben is his own person, with his own understanding, which approximates the best that some well-informed people are hoping for. His vision is continually improving, expanding with more detail, and beyond this he is applying this vision on a practical, getting-it-happening, results-on-the-ground, building blocks level. Clearly he gets much inspired guidance internally, both from his Higher Self, and from Celestials at the designing level of this project, which he is obviously highly receptive to without having conscious knowledge of them. This is the way spirit prefers to work, through inspiring cf informing, so he must be a delight for them because he is stepping into the unknown each step, and pushing the envelope simply through following his intuition, discernment and inner truth with determination, courage, integrity and unwavering faith in humanity.

He does this without losing perspective, or sight of the goal, or becoming discouraged in the face of much opposition, cynicism, scepticism, and lack of appreciation, indicating a very advanced soul who is functioning from a higher level, is right on his path, in touch with the future, walking the talk, and breaking new ground for many others. Who else is doing anything like this? Ben is a Spiritual Warrior in a very difficult arena, and is sure to have an interesting year.

Update 24-01-2012: Sheldon Nidle’s GF sources have expressed disappointment in EAs who are dawdling, won’t break loyalty with their former cabal masters, and “appeals for a higher vision appear to fall on deaf ears in the group as a whole”. He has stated they have now asked secret, sacred societies, as a group with more determination and integrity that they can more easily work with, to take the lead, This appears to suggest WDS, so Ben might become far more informed very soon. Now watch him go. 

If some of the above is strange or unfamiliar to the reader, much explanation can be found on the pages of Golden Age.


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