Clearing Past-Life Traumas

 Past-life Regression Therapy in the 1960s and 1970s revealed an interesting phenomenon: that many people being regressed revealed a past life origin of a present life problem, that had expressed itself in similar ways at stages of the present life For example, a person who was hung in a past life and died in shock may be born this time with the umbilical chord around their neck, and in childhood run into the clothesline and nearly choke, then have other neck problems later on.

 In the present life, events that are stimulated by an unresolved past life trauma may not be very dramatic at all. Some can express far more subtly, such as a difficulty in trusting others, fear of intimacy, etc.

 Back in the 60s and 70s, regression therapy involved revisiting and re-experiencing the past-life event, with part of the consciousness re-experiencing the traumatic pain, and another part present as a detached witness that accepted and thereby cleared the event, which cleared the ongoing problem in this life.

 Anyway life goes on, things get better, and today we can clear past life stuff by clearing present life stuff. It can work either way, because the point is to clear the shock and trauma as an emotional experience.  This means that running into the clothes line was actually an opportunity to clear the whole thing, but because of the past-life association the child would be inclined to re-experience some of the historical trauma, and would be inclined to buy into it, deepening the problem.

 Today, the issue is clearing all of our buried negativity of all kinds, as a prerequisite of ascension. This is because it is only the buried negativity that is stopping anybody ascending right now. It is just that because of the nature of the buried negativity, shocks, traumas, self-judgements, etc, all of which are self-rejections of some kind, that we are in denial about, because it shatters our illusionary, positive self-image that has already been created expressly for the purpose of countering that buried stuff, all of which now sits as a barrier, preventing the Ascended Self from being a full participant in their lives. People choose their illusionary self-image over their Ascended Consciousness every time. The time they don’t, they begin to ascend.

 Back in the 1970s, some of us sat in front of Self-realised Gurus, who offered intimacy in silence. The follower was there be open to the Guru’s energy, in order to experience intimacy with the Guru and experience their own elevated consciousness. Instead of that all the buried emotional denials, self-judgements, self-rejections would arise. And because they can’t project it and dump it on the Guru, like they have been dumping on everyone else most their lives, there was nothing they could do about it in this situation, except accept it and stay focussed on being open to the Guru’s energy. That was enough to begin to process the self-denials, and the more this was done, the greater the trickle of energy getting through, and on and on and up and up.

 But even before that, a more gentle and powerful method was used. Between about 1965-70, the flower children entered into exquisite relationships with one another. They enjoyed each others’ company so much that any buried negativity transformed as it was arising, and became instantly converted into compassionate wisdom, as all negativity does after it has been processed. Their collective transformation was so great that spontaneously underwent a Group Ascension, and immediately began transforming everything they did. They came out with a full suite of people-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable practices, and built self-sufficient communes, and bulk food stores and mystical bookshops in mainstream. They created templates for the future and timelines to the future for those who followed.

 Global Ascension will be contributed to by many Group Ascensions, so people need to hurry up and start having fun with one another, and the best fun is win/win/win/win/win.