Relationships with Others

 One of the marks of transition from one age to another is the step-up of the quality of relationships with everyday others. The Arian age of respecting neighbours became the more exquisite, loving strangers who are in our presence or auric space (neighbours), as ourselves. Today we are exhorted to love everybody unconditionally, because that’s what people do in the 5th Dimension, and that helps us and everybody else get there. It also helps Lady Gaia who uses the Light to soften her adjustments. All relationships matter. Real relationships are the key to effortless Ascension, as they make it easy to process negativity, because when love is strong enough between two people, they are catalytic on each other, so much will arise. But when the unconditional love holds, dumping on the other does not happen, and neither does using the other as a sounding board happen.

What happens instead is the love bond holds, and the arising negativity is simply accepted and let go of. Silently, painlessly, and invisibly except to the more astute observer. The acceptance of the other makes it easier to accept ourselves. This is much different than displaying our self-image to the other, in the hopes that they will be impressed and approve of us, in reality the image, so that we may then approve of it ourselves, as a low level substitute for self-acceptance. The nature of our relationship with Ascended Beings is also important in facilitating our own Ascension.

The Piscean age was one of devotion to Higher Beings as a path to enlightenment; the Aquarian age is one of universal enlightenment outright. Since the 1980s spiritual seekers have been encouraged to see Ascended Beings as elder sisters and brothers. It was explained at the time that the tendency of being a devotee was an historical rut we must get ourselves out of if we are to ascend; and a relationship between equals is far more potent and transformative, but requires greater responsibility. It is far more demanding, but it is the only way to be able to love unconditionally.