More Groping Towards NESARA

NESARA was always meant to be a US Govt announcement, just as Disclosure was likewise, always meant to be a US Govt announcement. Now that we are no longer on a countdown to 21-12-12, but a countback from 21-12-12, given the lateness of yet throwing the switch to vaudeville, the people themselves are getting into the act and taking over.

Much has emerged since my post on Ben. In addition to Ben representing the Financial part, Drake is representing the Military part, Cobra is representing the Resistance, dealing with deeper evil, and Occupy is representing the disenfranchised public. This all becomes a bit mind-boggling when it is realised that none of the above knew about NESARA (perhaps Cobra did), while they were coming out with principles that were fully NESARA aligned. Drake only knew about the Rockefeller disinfo version, which makes his contribution all the more remarkable (he knows about NESARA now).

Much of the calls for discernment of anyone new on the block arise from various individual reader’s sense of cognitive dissonance, which arises from clinging to previous understandings that are experienced as incompatible with new presentations. Much of some readers’ sense of conflict between these key players arise from using their left-brain, logical mind to understand something beyond the capabilities of that matrix-captured mind.

Those who choose to persist with keeping mind in abeyance about apparently incompatible ideas or facts, without denying or rejecting any of them, may find their minds groping towards a higher, inclusive multi-dimensional understanding of a far larger, matrix-free picture. This is true discernment in action.