The Turning Point

For people who read widely, the last couple of weeks have been like no other. Around the 17 June, Drake, responding to something he never elaborated on, gets testy with the Military for not getting on with it, and gets the militia to inundate the Pentagon with calls, who then gave assurances that they would move, after they have dealt with their ‘factions’. Around the 22nd June, Cobra informs us the Pleaidians have gotten in the act and have dusted the Cabal with remotely-activated, specifically-targeted paralysing nano-particles.

Eventually the Army cleans out their own bad guys, and take up positions around illuminati strongholds, etc. Drake Greenlights the militia for back-up if needed. Cobra reports the Resistance are on alert.

Then Drake (Mr Military Greenlight) and Ben Fulford (Mr Financial Greenlight) go out of communications for days, simultaneously, each in invidious circumstances that could have been life threatening. But they both were alright. Ben got jabbed while shaking hands and Drake was getting out of a devastating storm that had a haarp signature.

On 3rd July, Archangel Michael thru Linda Dillon, tells us that the operation will be done on a higher level, befitting the occasion, and consistent with the higher paradigm. He said the arrest option was more of the old paradigm and could also be problematic, and nanoparticles were a bit crude and so would be dealt with on a higher level as well. Creator God has gotten the Archangels to contain the Cabal in forcefields of Love that will reflect back to them their negativity, but allow positive energy to pass, while they are continually drenched with Love, which is kryptonite to the Cabal. This renders them docile, so they can be led away without drama. AA Michael said it was the first time it has been used since the Galactic wars. This was a global operation.

Presumably, sheriffs will be able to make public arrests of high profile figures for the media, but without any drama, or having the masses worry about a military takeover. We don’t know as yet the numbers of people the containment applies to.

It would seem that this was triggered by a human on the ground namely Drake, which is feedback about what they have been telling us about taking the initiative. It shows how we will be supported, and even improved on, when we do take the initiative. It also tells us what level the Archangels work at.


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