On Not Making Up One’s Mind

One of the main reasons that people meditate is to open the mind, beyond just quietening it. A closed mind is always within the matrix and will always be agitated and agitating so long as the Heart is closed. When the Heart opens, the mind naturally becomes open and quietens, and falls into the background until called upon as needed. It goes back to its important and basic job of being aware and an observer, working as a support to and in concert with the Heart.

At the most basic level, peoples’ hearts are closed out of fear of being vulnerable to yet more emotional pain, but that only locks in the existing emotional pain, and prevents it from being healed. And further to that, it prevents the person from gaining in compassionate wisdom, which is the natural outcome of emotional healing. And it prevents the person from ascending and enjoying all of the goodies that go with Ascension.

Cognitive Dissonance is the result of a closed mind that compares and senses conflict or contradiction on the logical and rational levels. For some this is uncomfortable and intolerable, because the person cannot re-close their mind and go back to sleep while it is caught in the contradiction, and this is what they most want to do – close the mind, go back to sleep. Logical and rational contradictions will increase as the new paradigm emerges for those still wrestling with the old paradigm, and unless the person’s Heart opens, these illusionary contradictions will increase their barrier to ascension.

Fear of going into what they feel is the unknown, is much of the reason that many persons on the spiritual celebrity circuit do not embrace some aspects of the new paradigm and as a consequence, they plateau and keep their followers at that level. So for example, many of the established ones are still orientating around the Mayan calendar, without necessarily knowing about Ascension, as an example, or if the do, they might know none of the details, only the vaguest notions. Some of them still expect the world’s end. And that is just the Mayan calendar. The same applies all over the spiritual smorgasbord.

Many of the new celebrities handicap themselves in similar ways. The list of what various ones don’t accept is quite extensive, including Spirit guides, ETs, Galactics, AAs, AMs, other Celestials, ascension, etc. Some do not accept channeling at all. These exclusions are some of the major players on the ascension chessboard, and there is much to be gained by discovering how all the players are contributing.

Recently, some of the emerging frontline intuitives became more interconnected, which helped their readers who had caught themselves up in their own apparent contradictory misunderstandings.

In these circumstances, cognitive dissonance, if used well, could be a far more fruitful tool than pondering a Zen koan, if only the person persisted without resorting to outs, such as asking up higher to join the dots for them and give them another belief to fix on, or else rejecting one part, and aligning with the  other, which ensures a walling in, and a plateau will thereby result.

Perseverance usually furthers. The objective here is to develop discernment, and in this case, the immediate goal is to be able to hold the mind in abeyance, which means not needing to make up one’s mind. Once this is achieved, contemplation can arise and the apparently conflicting parts can each be turned over and examined from all angles to see just how they can fit. Over time, which can mean a few days or a maybe longer, a deeper, higher and richer picture or understanding emerges, gradually becoming more multidimensional, and an aspect of the new paradigm becomes apparent from inside oneself. This is self-empowerment, and ascension on the go.

Holding the mind open can trigger several processes: the person may experience the fear of uncertainty about reality; and buried unprocessed emotional pain, trauma, fear or negativity may arise, as these are what the closed mind keeps a lid on. But by doing that, the closed mind then revolves the person’s life avoiding the elephant in the subconscious, which is severely limiting and distorting. And all of those unfinished businesses are what enable negative entities to take hold and influence. The good news is that processing and releasing all buried stuff is now painless and not difficult nor enduring.

At a deeper level than this problem area, is the inner being or higher self. This true being needs this other stuff to get out of the way so it can shine forth unrestricted, as the ascended being that it is.  But it also needs the stuff to be processed and released in the right way, so that the person can be healed, uplifted and transformed by the discernment, compassion, wisdom and Love that results from processing the raw material. All else is gone.

More emotionally open and intuitive people can usually see far more of the multidimensional picture that the mentally rational people, who want to draw the understanding down to the 3D level, rather than shift their understanding up.


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