2012 Ascension Upgrade

The Ascension process has undergone considerable upgrading during 2012, all towards making the 5D transition more harmonious and gracious, and more aligned with the 5D energies.

Greater amounts of light are reaching and manifesting on the planet, and this has enabled Gaia to already begin moving into 5D, without major dramatic events – no major earthquakes or tsumanis. Neither have there been any major announcements or disclosures. For those not glued to mainstream media distractions, things have become eerily quiet.

The game changer, which moved the action away from crisis and drama and into a more subtle and harmonious phase, compatible with the 5D vibrations, and conducive to greater progress has been containment, the enveloping of an individual or a group within an invisible container of love and light. This reflects and returns all negative emotional and mental projections back to the sender, as an unavoidable, self-correction mechanism, like the law of instant attraction, while allowing all positive energies to pass. This reflecting back enables them to experience being on the receiving end, and the impact of this creates a moment of vulnerability which allows love and light to penetrate the defences of the individual. This virtually compels them to act positively and take remedial action to correct past harmful activities, and has enabled many of those otherwise slated for arrest, to be left in positions of power and influence.

Many arrests are taking place, but there will not be mass arrests, which was felt could have susceptibilities towards concentration camps and ethnic cleansing in some parts of the world. Many of those currently being arrested are lesser publicly known, and those having a more public persona will follow, at which point the mainstream media will inform the public, after the heat has already been taken out of the situation. The major concern in all aspects of this massive project has been not to freak the public out and thereby disrupt the process.

No longer are Lightworkers waiting on Governments to announce NESARA, Disclosure and other important announcements that are to awaken the masses. These tasks of making the public aware are now being done by Lightworkers and others, to gradually awaken the masses as things trickle through at an accelerating rate, and eventually the media and Government will have no choice but to come aboard. This is how change has always occurred on this planet post Atlantis – from the bottom up.

NESARA is ready to go, and the new economic system is being implemented by the BRICS+140 or so nations, gradually, to avoid chaos and disruptions. Already, China is purchasing oil with its own currency, breaking the US petrodollar deadlock. Plans and Specifications for Free Energy generators are being made available to scientists in all countries throughout the world. Release of prosperity funds is beginning. China and Russia are both committed to ascension and doing much to help. It is the Western countries that are the problem.

The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command are doing increasing uncloakings including making themselves visible in daylight. Most non-western countries have greater tolerance and acceptance of starships, and daylight flyover of multiple ships over these countries is not uncommon, as well as individual ships coming in closer. They are severely reducing chemtrails and will be fully involved in cleaning the seas, lakes and atmosphere after disclosure. They will be intensely involved with the poor and oppressed, providing food and shelter as a high priority.

The increasing amounts of Light that is bathing and penetrating the planet and humanity is enabling the ascension of Gaia to be more gracious and harmonious than previously expected, without the disaster scenarios that had been on Gaia’s timeline to occur. Gaia is now on the higher 5D timeline.

Far more is now being achieved by humanity to facilitate Global Ascension, and this has enabled the GFL and Ashtar Command to remain behind the scenes for longer, to enable humanity to manifest more of the Ascension process on their own initiative. This has allowed formal contact to be shifted further down the timeline, and will enable the public to come on board will less shock, trauma, disbelief and drama, one of the major concerns of the GFL and AC.

All people are being worked on during their sleep hours, and many are expected to pick up quickly once things have been disclosed. Lightworkers are asked to become of source of stability, calmness and optimism during the transition times. Also at night many Lightworkers are doing intense work in areas of greatest difficulty. Many that are newer to the process are going aboard starships for healing and learning.

It now appears that the ascension process will affect people in the following various ways, as best I can combine and summarise from various channelled descriptions, keeping in mind that details may change for the better with the continuing ascending energies:

Some people, who do not see through the matrix, but experience it as unquestionable reality, will not be experiencing transformative changes within themselves, and will notice little outside themselves, except that things seemed to have gotten much better. This group will transition to a parallel 3D world without noticing, and will continue a conventional life until passing over, and will eventually reincarnate on a 3D world elsewhere than planet Earth who will be in 5D;

Some people will experience feeling very screwed up and see chaos unfolding. These are those who are the controllers throughout every level of society, and are committed to maintaining the status quo and perpetuating the matrix, which in spite of themselves is crumbling; They are likely to pass over during the changes and reincarnate elsewhere on another 3D world.

Some people will feel themselves uplifted and will experience social harmony and be amazed at the improvements. These are the Lightworkers who will be ascending to 5D with planet Earth. Many of these will join their star families on the ships and eventually return to their home worlds.

The cabal are in light containers, which will be dissolved sometime after things are secure, but before 21/12 so that they feel the full effects of what they tried to prevent or destroy. Intergalactic criminals have been removed and are being tried elsewhere. All 3D reptilians have been removed, and their bases destroyed.

Many of those ordinary people in oppressed in 3rd world conditions that have exceeded their karmic contracts, which is a form of spiritual intensive just to keep themselves and family together, are having those contracts modified to enable many of them to ascend.


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