Basic Life Processes


All exists as consciousness, and every living thing has its own consciousness. We might say colloquially that we are conscious, our souls are super-conscious and God is cosmic consciousness.

Creator God

Creator God of this universe exists as the highest and purist, infinite, creative and nurturing energies on an infinite, unlimited, eternal scale: as supernal wisdom, unconditional love, infinite compassion, utter forgiveness, unwavering mercy, etc. Together these compassionate, nurturing energies can be regarded as the Highest Goodness. There is nothing about Creator God that is not of the Highest Goodness.

Acknowledging God as the Highest Goodness makes God trustworthy over all else, so that intimacy with God becomes effortless, as it always was, still is, and always will be. All who aspire to spiritually evolve can open their hearts to the highest goodness, knowing that this will steer them in the right direction, through all difficulties, and protect them from negative energies.

Dimensions of Consciousness

The universe is made up of many realms or dimensions, each reflecting a level of consciousness. The normal home of the soul is not the Earth plane, where the physical body resides, but in whichever higher realm reflects its own level of consciousness. Beings are of many differing levels of conscious evolution, and each will abide in whichever dimension is compatible with their level of consciousness.

As the soul evolves into higher states of consciousness, it is able to travel through higher and higher dimensions, of greater and more amazing spiritual and cosmic realities, where all life is more and more intimately connected, and more and more harmoniously one. This is the ascension process throughout the universe.

Third Dimension

The universe we see with our eyes and detect with scientific instruments is the 3rd dimension. Higher dimensions are invisible to our physical senses, but aware, intuitive and emotionally open people can discern the constraints of 3D and by implication the existence of much more on a higher level. This encourages us to re-orientate our lives and put in the extra energy to develop our inner world and hone our inner abilities. 

The 3D plane has its own real, natural consciousness, as demonstrated and expressed through nature. All creatures experience this, understand it, enjoy it, use it for communication and live in its nurturing, harmonious energy. Everybody incarnating on Earth have within them an instinctual, biological consciousness, connected to nature, which understands nurturing and health, etc. Traditional Indigenous tribal peoples are able to enjoy their biological linkages and live in nature’s healing energies to a degree considered impossible by ‘civilised’ people.

All people incarnating also have their ascended consciousness linking them to higher realms, and this is what distinguishes them from much of the rest of nature. Traditional Indigenous tribal peoples, who also have an ascended consciousness, may undergo initiations to reconnect them to their ascended consciousness, so that they may receive guidance from higher realms in their Dreaming. They are a living demonstration of what so-called ‘civilised’ people are unable to understand or achieve, either biologically or spiritually.

The 3rd Dimension is where beings of various levels of consciousness can undergo physical birth, and intermingle in ways that are not possible in the stratified conscious realms. The reason for this melting pot of consciousnesses is to enable a social ferment to occur, out of which can arise within individuals and throughout society, deeper and greater wisdom and a more comprehensive and compassionate consciousness, shedding clarity and understanding, uniting all levels of society in a higher way of living. Beings of greater consciousness can closely assist those of lesser consciousness.

Compared to higher realms, where most people come from before birth, and to which many return during sleep, the earth is slow and dense. Our experiential reality on Earth is governed by the law of karma (as you sow, so shall you reap) where we are subject to the consequences of our past actions. This ensures lessons are eventually learned, if insight, discernment, sensitivity and true reasoning do not provide.

The relative inflexibility of the physical plane, and the, vulnerability of the human body and its need for constant maintenance, ensures that a degree of difficulty will apply, requiring the development of abilities, and needing discernment as to their use for the wellbeing of all. This total milieu spurs conscious evolution.

The greatest example of biological and ascended consciousnesses working together was the flower children 1967-1970. Being already emotionally open enabled them to safely self-initiate into their ascended consciousness, assisted by judicious use of psychedelics, which is vastly different than what a young generation play at today. As a group, the flower children reached the greatest heights of responsibility, creativity, prophesy and an understanding of our cosmic future that the world has ever seen. And they did everything without a fuss.

They initiated ending the Vietnam war before anybody else had woken up, created and lived in self-sufficient communes, lived a highly natural, eco-friendly existence, had children through homebirths, brought their children up non-traumatised, home schooled their children, warned of the problems we face today, announced we are entering the Aquarian age, started bulk-food stores, the forerunner of health-food shops, made their own clothing, and developed a complete and fulfilling, non harmful lifestyle.

The flower children had no leaders, no structures and no official teachings. They were able to do this without argument, violence or struggle. They had both their biological consciousness, and their ascended consciousness working together and functioning flawlessly. They came as highly advanced beings, and ascended effortlessly to high 4D consciousness through goodwill, love and joy.

Fourth Dimension

The 4th Dimension (4D) is where most people come from prior to incarnation and to where most people normally return, hopefully progressing to a higher level of consciousness within the 4th dimension. It is a highly stratified dimension, with many mansions, as has been said, and accommodates beings of differing levels of consciousness, from the lowly and negative, if that is where somebody wants to be, to the joyful and sublime. Unlike on 3D Earth, beings of differing levels of consciousness will not normally meet. Beings are instead drawn to like-minded others of a similar level of consciousness, via the law of attraction. Life in 4D is far more easeful, but does not produce the conditions for rapid learning and growth. For this, people must incarnate onto the Earth plane school of hard knocks.

Some people are able to retain, or have regained their ascension consciousness during 3D incarnation, and we know of significant people from our history who stood head and shoulders above others in their abilities and understandings, as clear examples of this. The flower children were unique in being the first group example, as a forerunner of impending planetary ascension. Ascended people are disinclined to embrace ways of living or of doing things that would lower or cloud their consciousness, or be harmful to others. The flower children avoided getting mixed up with the straight-laced mainstream culture of the day, and instead created templates for the emerging ascension culture.

Fifth Dimension

The 5th Dimension (5D) is a realm virtually beyond duality, where oneness is obvious, enlightenment is a given, and intimacy with God is natural. The colloquial thought is that if, while incarnated, a person can raise their consciousness enough to break out of the 3D matrix, and live and be into 4D whilst still alive, then that should be able to power them into 5D, upon their eventual passing.

For humans to be able to reach 5D in the upcoming planetary ascension, they are undergoing a biological transmutation that includes having the so-called junk DNA connected up to form a third strand, receiving six more chakras in the upper body and head, and the carbon in their bodies are becoming crystalline to handle the higher vibrations. The discomfort that this produces has been termed ‘ascensionitis’, and it is recommended to drink plenty of pure water and to not become hypochondriac over what is actually very good news. 


In order to speed up soul growth, many people choose to be born on planet Earth, or Gaia, which is known throughout the galaxy as a dense plain of accelerated learning, a kind of school of hard knocks. The Earth provides hard and relatively fast feedback to enable self-correction on the path to greater wisdom.

The density and materialistic cultures of the Earth plane effectively blocks out many of the more refined and sensitive feelings that would otherwise be normal and natural to the person. Competition, or vying with others, is one of the greatest blocks to higher vibrations. This necessitates greater effort, discernment and sensitivity on the part of the seeker, yielding commensurate results. It can also mean losing the plot for the unwary and insecure.

The Earth has been created as a planet abounding in ecological wonders, and offering bounteous food and means of survival. The Earth functions through creating bioregions, within which nature can create living worlds that work to improve the richness, biodiversity and resilience of that little world.

Bioregions can range from a drop of water to puddles, valleys, islands, continents, and to the Earth as a whole. Within a bioregion, each part of nature lives its own life, and in doing so contributes to the integrated functioning of the bioregion, and to the wellbeing of the whole. As a whole, or totality, nature optimises the process towards greater richness, biodiversity resilience and sustainability within natural physical constraints.

Indigenous peoples all over the planet have always understood the processes of nature and choose to live compatibly with it, enjoying the best of nature, whilst avoiding creating short and long term problems.  

Gaia is an ensouled, conscious being that is taking the Earth Plane to higher dimensions, and much of its biology with it. This requires shedding of all that is impeding her ascension, in particular, accumulated karma over the ages, especially from wars and the like, that has not been healed and dispersed. Many of the current natural disasters are occurring are a result of this, which includes adjusting the tectonic plates.

Higher Self

Our true, natural consciousness is not the usual, conventional, waking-consciousness (which some people refer to as more like waking-sleep). Rather, it is what those same people refer to as our higher-consciousness, or true consciousness, real consciousness, super-consciousness, ascended consciousness, inner being, I AM, etc. The nature of the I AM is loving-compassionate-joyful-intelligent-wisdom.

Each soul has at its centre a God-fragment, or ‘spark of divinity’. Around this point of ultimate consciousness, over eons of time, each soul creates itself out of qualities abstracted from the essence of experiences that are compatible with the God-fragment, not unlike the formation of a pearl within an oyster. Over time our Soul becomes more and more godly.

The soul evolves itself by assimilating and integrating the quintessence of lessons learned through success and failure over lifetimes. Our soul learns the lesson especially when we fail, for when we succeed it is often no new learning, just confirmation of existing abilities, whereas failure may represent a foray into new areas, where we lack adequate wisdom. This will develop by addressing failures.


We are born with the ability to feel. It is our primary means of navigating the world, and enables us to sense things in a sensitive, nuanced, apt and non-clumsy way. Without our feelings, we must resort to trial and error.

A young child in its normal space is peaceful, balanced and deeply contented. It experiences the love of its own being through its feelings. This is natural, human nature.

It is our feelings that feel the pain and anguish when things are not right, for it has an innate understanding of right and wrong. This is because our feelings connect us back to our inner being, or higher consciousness. Higher consciousness gives us our true conscience. This conscience knows right from wrong, good from bad in a deep way, and will never act to harm another. For a person to willingly act against another, they must first block out their conscience.

Without free flowing feelings, we have no way of ensuring the mind does not go off on a tangent from reality, as happens before every crisis that the mind is oblivious to. Feelings are what keep the mind steering in the right direction, in the face of pressures and temptations to do otherwise.

Whereas freely flowing feelings feed back to the inner being, nourishing and growing it, all emotional conflict and pain becomes stuck and covers the inner being, causing frustration, anger, sadness, etc. These negative emotions need to be healed via awareness and acceptance, before being released into the subconscious where it becomes transmuted into compassionate wisdom. This process clears the mind and enables a clear channel to the right-brain once more, while the experiential understanding and wisdom produces soul growth.

Original Mind 

The original use of a baby’s mind is as awareness, including self-awareness: becoming aware of things around them; wondering about them; experiencing them; and comprehending how things work, etc. This awareness complements their feeling self which is primary, and together lead to a rudimentary understanding of life and reality.

The natural use of the mind is not the logical, sequential thinking we are taught at school, but being aware and wondering, questioning, discovering and finding out. The great mysteries have never been penetrated by thinking, over thousands of years, and so are believed to be impossible to penetrate. Behind such a questioning mind lies a profound awareness that is natural to young children, as well as enlightened people. It is from this natural awareness, in interacting with the world, that wondering arises about real, relevant and important matters for oneself and world. Awareness is also aware of deviations from the natural, harmonious and good.


The Subconscious is an important part of our total consciousness where many important processes take place outside of our normal awareness, in a back-office kind of way. One of the major tasks of the subconscious is to process experiences and learnings so that they may be assimilated and integrated, and contribute to becoming a greater person. This takes place at a moderately deep level so as to allow these processes to take place without interference from a curious or meddlesome or interfering mind.

Likewise, the mind can be released to continue to do its responsible work, without being pre-occupied with what has gone before, and so remains relatively unburdened, so that it may continue its normal functions.

In normal circumstances, all that we encounter is first experienced by our feelings and awareness, and later is processed by our subconscious, often when our attention is on other things or during hours of sleep. This allows a continual, orderly, learning process to take place during our waking hours and throughout our lives.

The subconscious also has many other important tasks and functions, many of are to do with our relationship with our selves, each other, the natural world and beyond. One of the most important functions of our subconscious is to remain a clear channel through which our higher, ascended consciousness can communicate to us.

Sleep and Dreams

Sleep serves many functions. It is a time during which the physical body regenerates from much of the wear and tear caused during waking hours. Dreaming is a time when people have choices as to where they will go and what they will do. These choices are influenced by how life is lived during waking hours, and how things are done, which includes reflecting on things. Most important is the motive behind, and the attitude towards what is done.

For people living a committed spiritual life, which should really be everyone, sleep is a time when the inner being can return to its natural level of functioning, and is able to travel to where it can receive higher understandings to assist its life-direction and work on the physical plane. It may also receive guidance for near-future activities that may be encountered and embraced during waking hours. This out-of–the-body, nocturnal travel corresponds to the Dreaming and Dreamtime of various indigenous peoples, many of whom retain an awareness of their adventures when they awaken after returning to the body.

Ascended Consciousness

The location of our ascended conscious is the heart, and in the deepest recesses of the heart lives the soul, our superconscious self. At the centre of the soul is the ‘spark of divinity’, a fragment of Creator God that oversees the formation of the soul, which builds around it, based on life experiences, realisations and understandings. This is a two-way process: just as souls extract the essence of personal experiences, so too Creator God extracts soul understanding and wisdom from myriad souls throughout the universe. This enables a long-thought to be impossible process, of God, who is All That Is becoming more than God already is. Creator God set up this universe so that everything can progress God-ward, and so that God too can progress.

We commune with God through our open hearts, within ourselves, from our own centre of pure integrity and love. Being able to commune more deeply with God has always been the primary goal in life, as well the means we use, and the ultimate goal in life. As our conscious grows, God becomes more and more our path, the very core of our existence, and the basis from which we function.  

The fastest, easiest, most ecstatic and enjoyable way to evolve one’s consciousness is to deepen one’s relationship with God, who is Cosmic Consciousness, at any and all times, for that is where we came from and where we are heading. Ascending in consciousness whilst still alive (becoming enlightened) has ever been the goal of serious spiritual travellers, and has long been regarded as paying dividends, by enabling access to even higher realms, after passing.

All movement that is towards higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions, is always in a friendlier, more nurturing, more compassionate, more harmonious, more joyful direction. These are the signs of heading in the right direction, although for some the pain of letting go of the existing can be very confusing. Because it is entering the unknown and is new, every gain becomes tested and re-tested until it becomes a natural, built in, dependable aspect of functional selves.