2012 Ascension Upgrade

The Ascension process has undergone considerable upgrading during 2012, all towards making the 5D transition more harmonious and gracious, and more aligned with the 5D energies.

Greater amounts of light are reaching and manifesting on the planet, and this has enabled Gaia to already begin moving into 5D, without major dramatic events – no major earthquakes or tsumanis. Neither have there been any major announcements or disclosures. For those not glued to mainstream media distractions, things have become eerily quiet.

The game changer, which moved the action away from crisis and drama and into a more subtle and harmonious phase, compatible with the 5D vibrations, and conducive to greater progress has been containment, the enveloping of an individual or a group within an invisible container of love and light. This reflects and returns all negative emotional and mental projections back to the sender, as an unavoidable, self-correction mechanism, like the law of instant attraction, while allowing all positive energies to pass. This reflecting back enables them to experience being on the receiving end, and the impact of this creates a moment of vulnerability which allows love and light to penetrate the defences of the individual. This virtually compels them to act positively and take remedial action to correct past harmful activities, and has enabled many of those otherwise slated for arrest, to be left in positions of power and influence.

Many arrests are taking place, but there will not be mass arrests, which was felt could have susceptibilities towards concentration camps and ethnic cleansing in some parts of the world. Many of those currently being arrested are lesser publicly known, and those having a more public persona will follow, at which point the mainstream media will inform the public, after the heat has already been taken out of the situation. The major concern in all aspects of this massive project has been not to freak the public out and thereby disrupt the process.

No longer are Lightworkers waiting on Governments to announce NESARA, Disclosure and other important announcements that are to awaken the masses. These tasks of making the public aware are now being done by Lightworkers and others, to gradually awaken the masses as things trickle through at an accelerating rate, and eventually the media and Government will have no choice but to come aboard. This is how change has always occurred on this planet post Atlantis – from the bottom up.

NESARA is ready to go, and the new economic system is being implemented by the BRICS+140 or so nations, gradually, to avoid chaos and disruptions. Already, China is purchasing oil with its own currency, breaking the US petrodollar deadlock. Plans and Specifications for Free Energy generators are being made available to scientists in all countries throughout the world. Release of prosperity funds is beginning. China and Russia are both committed to ascension and doing much to help. It is the Western countries that are the problem.

The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command are doing increasing uncloakings including making themselves visible in daylight. Most non-western countries have greater tolerance and acceptance of starships, and daylight flyover of multiple ships over these countries is not uncommon, as well as individual ships coming in closer. They are severely reducing chemtrails and will be fully involved in cleaning the seas, lakes and atmosphere after disclosure. They will be intensely involved with the poor and oppressed, providing food and shelter as a high priority.

The increasing amounts of Light that is bathing and penetrating the planet and humanity is enabling the ascension of Gaia to be more gracious and harmonious than previously expected, without the disaster scenarios that had been on Gaia’s timeline to occur. Gaia is now on the higher 5D timeline.

Far more is now being achieved by humanity to facilitate Global Ascension, and this has enabled the GFL and Ashtar Command to remain behind the scenes for longer, to enable humanity to manifest more of the Ascension process on their own initiative. This has allowed formal contact to be shifted further down the timeline, and will enable the public to come on board will less shock, trauma, disbelief and drama, one of the major concerns of the GFL and AC.

All people are being worked on during their sleep hours, and many are expected to pick up quickly once things have been disclosed. Lightworkers are asked to become of source of stability, calmness and optimism during the transition times. Also at night many Lightworkers are doing intense work in areas of greatest difficulty. Many that are newer to the process are going aboard starships for healing and learning.

It now appears that the ascension process will affect people in the following various ways, as best I can combine and summarise from various channelled descriptions, keeping in mind that details may change for the better with the continuing ascending energies:

Some people, who do not see through the matrix, but experience it as unquestionable reality, will not be experiencing transformative changes within themselves, and will notice little outside themselves, except that things seemed to have gotten much better. This group will transition to a parallel 3D world without noticing, and will continue a conventional life until passing over, and will eventually reincarnate on a 3D world elsewhere than planet Earth who will be in 5D;

Some people will experience feeling very screwed up and see chaos unfolding. These are those who are the controllers throughout every level of society, and are committed to maintaining the status quo and perpetuating the matrix, which in spite of themselves is crumbling; They are likely to pass over during the changes and reincarnate elsewhere on another 3D world.

Some people will feel themselves uplifted and will experience social harmony and be amazed at the improvements. These are the Lightworkers who will be ascending to 5D with planet Earth. Many of these will join their star families on the ships and eventually return to their home worlds.

The cabal are in light containers, which will be dissolved sometime after things are secure, but before 21/12 so that they feel the full effects of what they tried to prevent or destroy. Intergalactic criminals have been removed and are being tried elsewhere. All 3D reptilians have been removed, and their bases destroyed.

Many of those ordinary people in oppressed in 3rd world conditions that have exceeded their karmic contracts, which is a form of spiritual intensive just to keep themselves and family together, are having those contracts modified to enable many of them to ascend.


On Not Making Up One’s Mind

One of the main reasons that people meditate is to open the mind, beyond just quietening it. A closed mind is always within the matrix and will always be agitated and agitating so long as the Heart is closed. When the Heart opens, the mind naturally becomes open and quietens, and falls into the background until called upon as needed. It goes back to its important and basic job of being aware and an observer, working as a support to and in concert with the Heart.

At the most basic level, peoples’ hearts are closed out of fear of being vulnerable to yet more emotional pain, but that only locks in the existing emotional pain, and prevents it from being healed. And further to that, it prevents the person from gaining in compassionate wisdom, which is the natural outcome of emotional healing. And it prevents the person from ascending and enjoying all of the goodies that go with Ascension.

Cognitive Dissonance is the result of a closed mind that compares and senses conflict or contradiction on the logical and rational levels. For some this is uncomfortable and intolerable, because the person cannot re-close their mind and go back to sleep while it is caught in the contradiction, and this is what they most want to do – close the mind, go back to sleep. Logical and rational contradictions will increase as the new paradigm emerges for those still wrestling with the old paradigm, and unless the person’s Heart opens, these illusionary contradictions will increase their barrier to ascension.

Fear of going into what they feel is the unknown, is much of the reason that many persons on the spiritual celebrity circuit do not embrace some aspects of the new paradigm and as a consequence, they plateau and keep their followers at that level. So for example, many of the established ones are still orientating around the Mayan calendar, without necessarily knowing about Ascension, as an example, or if the do, they might know none of the details, only the vaguest notions. Some of them still expect the world’s end. And that is just the Mayan calendar. The same applies all over the spiritual smorgasbord.

Many of the new celebrities handicap themselves in similar ways. The list of what various ones don’t accept is quite extensive, including Spirit guides, ETs, Galactics, AAs, AMs, other Celestials, ascension, etc. Some do not accept channeling at all. These exclusions are some of the major players on the ascension chessboard, and there is much to be gained by discovering how all the players are contributing.

Recently, some of the emerging frontline intuitives became more interconnected, which helped their readers who had caught themselves up in their own apparent contradictory misunderstandings.

In these circumstances, cognitive dissonance, if used well, could be a far more fruitful tool than pondering a Zen koan, if only the person persisted without resorting to outs, such as asking up higher to join the dots for them and give them another belief to fix on, or else rejecting one part, and aligning with the  other, which ensures a walling in, and a plateau will thereby result.

Perseverance usually furthers. The objective here is to develop discernment, and in this case, the immediate goal is to be able to hold the mind in abeyance, which means not needing to make up one’s mind. Once this is achieved, contemplation can arise and the apparently conflicting parts can each be turned over and examined from all angles to see just how they can fit. Over time, which can mean a few days or a maybe longer, a deeper, higher and richer picture or understanding emerges, gradually becoming more multidimensional, and an aspect of the new paradigm becomes apparent from inside oneself. This is self-empowerment, and ascension on the go.

Holding the mind open can trigger several processes: the person may experience the fear of uncertainty about reality; and buried unprocessed emotional pain, trauma, fear or negativity may arise, as these are what the closed mind keeps a lid on. But by doing that, the closed mind then revolves the person’s life avoiding the elephant in the subconscious, which is severely limiting and distorting. And all of those unfinished businesses are what enable negative entities to take hold and influence. The good news is that processing and releasing all buried stuff is now painless and not difficult nor enduring.

At a deeper level than this problem area, is the inner being or higher self. This true being needs this other stuff to get out of the way so it can shine forth unrestricted, as the ascended being that it is.  But it also needs the stuff to be processed and released in the right way, so that the person can be healed, uplifted and transformed by the discernment, compassion, wisdom and Love that results from processing the raw material. All else is gone.

More emotionally open and intuitive people can usually see far more of the multidimensional picture that the mentally rational people, who want to draw the understanding down to the 3D level, rather than shift their understanding up.

The Turning Point

For people who read widely, the last couple of weeks have been like no other. Around the 17 June, Drake, responding to something he never elaborated on, gets testy with the Military for not getting on with it, and gets the militia to inundate the Pentagon with calls, who then gave assurances that they would move, after they have dealt with their ‘factions’. Around the 22nd June, Cobra informs us the Pleaidians have gotten in the act and have dusted the Cabal with remotely-activated, specifically-targeted paralysing nano-particles.

Eventually the Army cleans out their own bad guys, and take up positions around illuminati strongholds, etc. Drake Greenlights the militia for back-up if needed. Cobra reports the Resistance are on alert.

Then Drake (Mr Military Greenlight) and Ben Fulford (Mr Financial Greenlight) go out of communications for days, simultaneously, each in invidious circumstances that could have been life threatening. But they both were alright. Ben got jabbed while shaking hands and Drake was getting out of a devastating storm that had a haarp signature.

On 3rd July, Archangel Michael thru Linda Dillon, tells us that the operation will be done on a higher level, befitting the occasion, and consistent with the higher paradigm. He said the arrest option was more of the old paradigm and could also be problematic, and nanoparticles were a bit crude and so would be dealt with on a higher level as well. Creator God has gotten the Archangels to contain the Cabal in forcefields of Love that will reflect back to them their negativity, but allow positive energy to pass, while they are continually drenched with Love, which is kryptonite to the Cabal. This renders them docile, so they can be led away without drama. AA Michael said it was the first time it has been used since the Galactic wars. This was a global operation.

Presumably, sheriffs will be able to make public arrests of high profile figures for the media, but without any drama, or having the masses worry about a military takeover. We don’t know as yet the numbers of people the containment applies to.

It would seem that this was triggered by a human on the ground namely Drake, which is feedback about what they have been telling us about taking the initiative. It shows how we will be supported, and even improved on, when we do take the initiative. It also tells us what level the Archangels work at.

More Groping Towards NESARA

NESARA was always meant to be a US Govt announcement, just as Disclosure was likewise, always meant to be a US Govt announcement. Now that we are no longer on a countdown to 21-12-12, but a countback from 21-12-12, given the lateness of yet throwing the switch to vaudeville, the people themselves are getting into the act and taking over.

Much has emerged since my post on Ben. In addition to Ben representing the Financial part, Drake is representing the Military part, Cobra is representing the Resistance, dealing with deeper evil, and Occupy is representing the disenfranchised public. This all becomes a bit mind-boggling when it is realised that none of the above knew about NESARA (perhaps Cobra did), while they were coming out with principles that were fully NESARA aligned. Drake only knew about the Rockefeller disinfo version, which makes his contribution all the more remarkable (he knows about NESARA now).

Much of the calls for discernment of anyone new on the block arise from various individual reader’s sense of cognitive dissonance, which arises from clinging to previous understandings that are experienced as incompatible with new presentations. Much of some readers’ sense of conflict between these key players arise from using their left-brain, logical mind to understand something beyond the capabilities of that matrix-captured mind.

Those who choose to persist with keeping mind in abeyance about apparently incompatible ideas or facts, without denying or rejecting any of them, may find their minds groping towards a higher, inclusive multi-dimensional understanding of a far larger, matrix-free picture. This is true discernment in action.

Clearing Past-Life Traumas

 Past-life Regression Therapy in the 1960s and 1970s revealed an interesting phenomenon: that many people being regressed revealed a past life origin of a present life problem, that had expressed itself in similar ways at stages of the present life For example, a person who was hung in a past life and died in shock may be born this time with the umbilical chord around their neck, and in childhood run into the clothesline and nearly choke, then have other neck problems later on.

 In the present life, events that are stimulated by an unresolved past life trauma may not be very dramatic at all. Some can express far more subtly, such as a difficulty in trusting others, fear of intimacy, etc.

 Back in the 60s and 70s, regression therapy involved revisiting and re-experiencing the past-life event, with part of the consciousness re-experiencing the traumatic pain, and another part present as a detached witness that accepted and thereby cleared the event, which cleared the ongoing problem in this life.

 Anyway life goes on, things get better, and today we can clear past life stuff by clearing present life stuff. It can work either way, because the point is to clear the shock and trauma as an emotional experience.  This means that running into the clothes line was actually an opportunity to clear the whole thing, but because of the past-life association the child would be inclined to re-experience some of the historical trauma, and would be inclined to buy into it, deepening the problem.

 Today, the issue is clearing all of our buried negativity of all kinds, as a prerequisite of ascension. This is because it is only the buried negativity that is stopping anybody ascending right now. It is just that because of the nature of the buried negativity, shocks, traumas, self-judgements, etc, all of which are self-rejections of some kind, that we are in denial about, because it shatters our illusionary, positive self-image that has already been created expressly for the purpose of countering that buried stuff, all of which now sits as a barrier, preventing the Ascended Self from being a full participant in their lives. People choose their illusionary self-image over their Ascended Consciousness every time. The time they don’t, they begin to ascend.

 Back in the 1970s, some of us sat in front of Self-realised Gurus, who offered intimacy in silence. The follower was there be open to the Guru’s energy, in order to experience intimacy with the Guru and experience their own elevated consciousness. Instead of that all the buried emotional denials, self-judgements, self-rejections would arise. And because they can’t project it and dump it on the Guru, like they have been dumping on everyone else most their lives, there was nothing they could do about it in this situation, except accept it and stay focussed on being open to the Guru’s energy. That was enough to begin to process the self-denials, and the more this was done, the greater the trickle of energy getting through, and on and on and up and up.

 But even before that, a more gentle and powerful method was used. Between about 1965-70, the flower children entered into exquisite relationships with one another. They enjoyed each others’ company so much that any buried negativity transformed as it was arising, and became instantly converted into compassionate wisdom, as all negativity does after it has been processed. Their collective transformation was so great that spontaneously underwent a Group Ascension, and immediately began transforming everything they did. They came out with a full suite of people-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable practices, and built self-sufficient communes, and bulk food stores and mystical bookshops in mainstream. They created templates for the future and timelines to the future for those who followed.

 Global Ascension will be contributed to by many Group Ascensions, so people need to hurry up and start having fun with one another, and the best fun is win/win/win/win/win.

Relationships with Others

 One of the marks of transition from one age to another is the step-up of the quality of relationships with everyday others. The Arian age of respecting neighbours became the more exquisite, loving strangers who are in our presence or auric space (neighbours), as ourselves. Today we are exhorted to love everybody unconditionally, because that’s what people do in the 5th Dimension, and that helps us and everybody else get there. It also helps Lady Gaia who uses the Light to soften her adjustments. All relationships matter. Real relationships are the key to effortless Ascension, as they make it easy to process negativity, because when love is strong enough between two people, they are catalytic on each other, so much will arise. But when the unconditional love holds, dumping on the other does not happen, and neither does using the other as a sounding board happen.

What happens instead is the love bond holds, and the arising negativity is simply accepted and let go of. Silently, painlessly, and invisibly except to the more astute observer. The acceptance of the other makes it easier to accept ourselves. This is much different than displaying our self-image to the other, in the hopes that they will be impressed and approve of us, in reality the image, so that we may then approve of it ourselves, as a low level substitute for self-acceptance. The nature of our relationship with Ascended Beings is also important in facilitating our own Ascension.

The Piscean age was one of devotion to Higher Beings as a path to enlightenment; the Aquarian age is one of universal enlightenment outright. Since the 1980s spiritual seekers have been encouraged to see Ascended Beings as elder sisters and brothers. It was explained at the time that the tendency of being a devotee was an historical rut we must get ourselves out of if we are to ascend; and a relationship between equals is far more potent and transformative, but requires greater responsibility. It is far more demanding, but it is the only way to be able to love unconditionally.

Groping Towards NESARA

The most interesting person on the talking circuit is Ben Fulford. Ben gave himself an adventurous, and rather precocious ‘up-the-Amazon’ adolescence, seeking access to higher consciousness. For decades since then he has been swimming among the sharks and crocodiles,  and still is, without losing his vision of a better world. He saw a practical way to apply it, pressed the point and was rapidly disabused and disillusioned of everything he thought was real in the financial/economic worlds that he had been writing about. He stepped outside of the matrix.

 Since then he has been catalytic in transforming the once criminal Black Dragon Society into the White Dragon Society with commitments to global upliftment – shades of Gandolf, and appears to be instrumental in getting people in high places to appreciate that a better world is both preferable and doable, and he reports on progress in his blog. He is a spokesperson for WDS and is way ahead of anybody who interviews him, and over and above simply informing them, he is prepared to advocate, stand his ground and argue his point to those who don’t get it, including some who should, which enables him to give the listener more detail. Followers of his blog would span the widest range of any blogger – from the highest ranks of the Illusionati and their ilk and underlings, through to those who regard themselves as on the cutting edge of the highest spiritual unfoldment.

 What makes Ben so interesting is that he has no external props. He appears not to know about the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other celestials, which is where most advocates of a better world source their best, most reliable, predictive information. Ben has been handed no cosmic-sourced vision, does not have the inside running on all that is coming up this year 2012, does not know about Planetary and Global Ascension or First Contact or even Channelling, and seems not to know about NESARA, as it drew a blank when an interviewer ran it past him recently. Yet over time he has been refining his understanding towards NESARA, the material expression of Global Ascension, and bringing many otherwise-mainstream thinking people.

 Many of those that do have the advantage of access to all of the above still need to be re-assured and encouraged to have faith, to persist, to create a vision compatible with what they have been given, to spread the word, etc, and occasionally waverers get a serve to bring them back on track.  Ben does what he does without the benefit of exteriorised higher guidance, and he does not waver in the face of opposition, including death threats and death attempts. He works through his heart, and has the courage of his convictions, so his mind is incisive. He negotiates for global upliftment, sometimes involving less than savoury types who are adroit liars with other agendas, and will not be intimidated or bought off. He knows we have to do it for ourselves, and without the benefit of knowing the help we are given, is confident we can.

He is advocating the arrest of the super-crooks, and a big celebration for 21-12-2012, indicating he already knows from within himself what needs to be done so that this can all be over by then, and that can be the day everything changes, so without being informed, he is synchronistically psyched in. 

Without knowing about NESARA, he is pushing peaceful means, abundance, spreading the wealth, gold-back currency, ending the FRB and IRS, debt forgiveness, rechartering corporations to be truly benevolent, release of free energy generators, creating an eco-friendly, people-friendly world, and other NESARA compatible ideas.

 Ben is his own person, with his own understanding, which approximates the best that some well-informed people are hoping for. His vision is continually improving, expanding with more detail, and beyond this he is applying this vision on a practical, getting-it-happening, results-on-the-ground, building blocks level. Clearly he gets much inspired guidance internally, both from his Higher Self, and from Celestials at the designing level of this project, which he is obviously highly receptive to without having conscious knowledge of them. This is the way spirit prefers to work, through inspiring cf informing, so he must be a delight for them because he is stepping into the unknown each step, and pushing the envelope simply through following his intuition, discernment and inner truth with determination, courage, integrity and unwavering faith in humanity.

He does this without losing perspective, or sight of the goal, or becoming discouraged in the face of much opposition, cynicism, scepticism, and lack of appreciation, indicating a very advanced soul who is functioning from a higher level, is right on his path, in touch with the future, walking the talk, and breaking new ground for many others. Who else is doing anything like this? Ben is a Spiritual Warrior in a very difficult arena, and is sure to have an interesting year.

Update 24-01-2012: Sheldon Nidle’s GF sources have expressed disappointment in EAs who are dawdling, won’t break loyalty with their former cabal masters, and “appeals for a higher vision appear to fall on deaf ears in the group as a whole”. He has stated they have now asked secret, sacred societies, as a group with more determination and integrity that they can more easily work with, to take the lead, This appears to suggest WDS, so Ben might become far more informed very soon. Now watch him go. 

If some of the above is strange or unfamiliar to the reader, much explanation can be found on the pages of Golden Age.

On Reading Updates

 There is much between the lines of updates coming from higher sources, and the obvious information supplied on the lines may be the least important aspect. In the interests of honouring the free will of the reader, these subtle, more important aspects are not necessarily pointed out by the source of the update.

 Reading on the lines, which is what the Left-Brain does, will give the reader a building comprehension of the some aspect of Ascension, and reading widely from many sources develops an overall picture. The reader also gets a moving progress report of sorts. Unfortunately, anything fed to the Left-Brain, 3D lineal mind will always be read on the lines, usually stays there and does not penetrate further and does not lead to inner transformation. It may even become a knowledge barrier, where the person confuses outside information with inner wisdom.

Those who are able to discern and read intuitively with their Right-Brain/Hearts, receive deeper, nuanced messages that opens up a larger world of understanding and inner experiences, which for some people can be incrementally transformative. These sensitive, receptive readers are being led through a carefully staged progression that is taking them right to the door of Ascension. As they do this, the Galactic Federation folk, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Celestials work together in harmonic coordination, so themes are being presented in a graduated manner, developing the discerning and committed reader in synchronous coordination with particular energies being brought into play at the time. These are the First Wavers, and we are informed that some have already Ascended.

 For example, around September/October, the need to release buried negativity was being widely advocated in updates that also included an understanding of the process, and techniques to assist. Then around November/December unconditional love was advocated (which cannot fully happen until a person has cleared their buried negative stuff, but trying to puts pressure on as yet unreleased stuff to arise, so they can then be let go of). At the moment, in January, grounding and balance are being spoken of by a number of sources, and there may be other themes. All such themes are given out to be done right then, at that time, when particular energies are lending themselves to facilitating the process. This is what first wavers are doing. 

At times, either before an energy down load, or after seeing the effects of an energy download, an update may released to include timely advice, perhaps a caution, perhaps to advocate doing something. The point is these updates are live, and can enable the sensitive reader to fine tune, balance, centre, align and attune themselves in the midst of global turmoil, and also in response to energy downloads, etc, as they steadily progress towards their Ascension.