Golden Age

Preparations for




The Universe was created for the evolution of consciousness, so that all life progresses through ever higher states of consciousness, over eons of time, towards Cosmic Consciousness, or Creator God.

The Universe itself acts in various ways to induce the expansion and elevation of consciousness, and one of the ways that it is prompted on the Earth is the sequential play of constellational energies upon it. The 26,000 year wobble of the Earth creates the precession of the equinox, which is divided into 12 Ages, designated by the Astrological Signs of the zodiac. The transition from one age to another signifies a step-up in the nature of the energies playing upon the planet. Each Age becomes an opportunity to significantly upgrade spiritual understandings and practices, and thereby take advantage of the higher-level energies. This can produce a substantial uplift in consciousness in those who embrace the new understandings and practices that many will experience as enlightenment.

The shift from the Age of Aires to the Age of Pisces offered upliftment from a feared, vengeful God to a loving, caring God; from respecting neighbours to loving them; from retribution to forgiveness, etc, as made known by Jesus at the time. These new understandings and practices represented real improvements, allowing a whole body of more refined, elegant and sublime teachings, which when practised can tap the higher energies and facilitate a corresponding rise in consciousness.

We are now transitioning to the next age, from Pisces, to Aquarius, and this offers an even greater opportunity for spiritual growth from even more sublime teachings and more elegant practices. We are now shifting from loving an external God, to oneness with the God within; from loving our neighbour as ourselves, to loving all beings unconditionally; from obeying an outer spiritual authority, to being guided by inner truth. Those receptive to the new, higher level energies and able to master them will enjoy an age of enlightenment, as we were first told by the Flower Children, who were able to live their own enlightenment effortlessly.

But there is much more happening during this particular new age shift, for it also marks the end of the greater zodiacal cycle, and the beginning of a whole new cycle, and this represents a step up on the cosmic spiral. Planet Earth is ascending to a higher dimension, a higher plane of existence, taking it into the sacred realms, or as some would say, Heaven. We are no longer going to Heaven when we die; Heaven is coming here while we are still alive. Heaven on Earth was always intended, and has been worked towards for many thousands of years. This is our Golden Age.

This shift in consciousness will end all suffering and wars, as the consciousness of those on the Earth correspondingly rise. Ascension is being offered to all those choosing to accompany the Earth into the higher planes of consciousness. The Earth is currently undergoing Planetary Ascension, and those who will accompany her are collectively undergoing Biological Ascension. These events are underway now, and are currently happening to the planet, and to those Ascending. Welcome to the Golden and Aquarian ages of Planetary and Biological Ascension!

Biological Ascension is the most important process that anybody can be involved in today. It is a huge and complex operation, planned for by higher sources long before recorded history. It directly concerns all peoples on this planet, as well as many other life forms. Biological Ascension is, on the most basic level, about people waking up and seeing through what is known as the third dimensional level of mainstream consciousness, or the 3D mainstream matrix. This manufactured, mechanical, obsolete, so-called ‘reality’ has become static and oppressive, and is destroying the planet biologically and ecologically. This is becoming an increasing nightmare for those who are still clinging to it, desperately trying to maintain their own personal ‘reality’ within it. The 3D matrix is now in a process of unavoidable self-destruction as its systems fail, to make way for a Higher Reality, where those aspects of civilisation that are currently dysfunctional and in conflict with each other, will undergo a transformation from which will emerge a civilisation where all aspects freely contribute to a mutually-enhancing, harmonious, greater reality.

Those ascending are now releasing themselves from the illusionary binds of the restrictive, internally-conflicted 3D matrix, and will instead be embracing a far higher, richer, natural, spiritually-permeated, 5D matrix; a new reality of harmony, peace, love and compassionate wisdom; and of sustainable, ecological abundance, supported by balanced and moderate climate and weather, as people and Earth ascend together.

Ascension is not compulsory, and each person must consciously choose to opt in, and then remain open to the beneficent changes in themselves that will follow. After choosing to ascend, each person must let go of all that has burdened them, including all disempowering negative thoughts, feelings, fears, traumas and denials that they have previously rejected. This rejection has assigned them to the subconscious, where they remain unprocessed, active, and undermining and constraining people’s lives. These denials, fears and rejections will emerge back into awareness, to be simply accepted and let go of without guilt or shame, enabling people to experience themselves in a whole new and different way, as their authentic, higher-conscious Self emerges from beneath the discarded negative overlay, that had blocked it out and then usurped its role, subconsciously controlling people’s lives.

Many of the processes involved in Planetary and Biological Ascension are already well underway, but much is being conducted in private to avoid attracting more of the same kind of intense fear and extreme opposition that arose four decades ago, in reaction to the gentle, harmless Flower Children, in the late 1960s, who were the first Group Ascenders, as well as being the on-the-ground initiators of the Planetary and Biological Ascension agenda. They lived communally and self-sufficiently, influencing the world away from consumerism and towards sustainability. That resulted in a reaction in the 1980s to change the economic system back to a 1920s style laissez-faire Corporatism, leading to the current time Global Financial Meltdown, severe Climate Disruption, and the ever worsening ecological mess. Meanwhile, the Ascension agenda has kept progressing, mostly out of sight, and is rapidly unfolding now, and soon to break into mainstream awareness.

Global Ascension and its many attending programs, including Prosperity funds, Abundance programs and NESARA have been created to address, solve and rapidly repair all current problems, and deliver a world of abundance, peace, stability, prosperity and harmony. Virtually all of the components to create this total change and upgrade of reality are already in place and ready to start, awaiting only announcements. After the announcements are made, a multi-faceted program will roll out, effectively displacing an obsolete, decaying, conflicted, mainstream illusionary reality. It will implement real, effective, high-level, win-win solutions to all problems, and is now only awaiting certain initiating moves. For this program to start smoothly, with the free participation of all those choosing to ascend, and without incurring any extreme backlash including violent opposition, from those who stand to lose the most, timing is everything.


Discerning the meaning and significance of symbols has been the way that many people came to first understand how the Aquarian Age would manifest, and what its values and methods of functioning would be. Below are some of the symbols that were used, updated to reflect the unfolding reality.

Age                            Aries                          Pisces                          Aquarius

Symbol                    Sheep                          Fish                            Water Bearer

Exemplar           Shepherd                    Fishermen                     Flower Children

Leader                Moses                           Jesus                           Light Workers

God                    Jehovah                     Father God                      Creator God

Religion           Jewish                         Christian                             Spirituality

Bible              Old Testament            New Testament                 Inner Truth

God Nature    Authoritarian                  Loving                          Co-Creative

God Reaction        Punish                   Forgive                        Maintain Oneness

Relationship          Fear                      Devotion                          Intimacy

Goal                  Mind of God            Heart of God             Realisation of God

Connection      Communication         Communion                Oneness

Contact           Prayer                       Meditation                  Telepathy

Location         External                      Within                     Everywhere

Neighbours     Respect                 Love                 Love All Unconditionally

Consciousness    Racial/Tribal     National/Societal       Group/Planetary

Life Guidance          Control                 Authority           Inner Understanding

Brain                          Left                       Right                                  Whole

Energy                      Masculine            Feminine                          Integrated

Reality                       Duality                  Duality                             Unity

Dimension                    3D                         3D/4D                       4D/5D

Structure                  Pyramid                  Wheel                          Circle

War                           Tribal                     Religious                   Planetary Peace

Group Identity        Family                    Friends                            All

Ray Number                   5                             6                               7

Ray Energy                 Mind                    Idealism                  Transmutation

In the last few years, many of the components, methods and means of the emerging Aquarian age, and the far greater Planetary Ascension and Biological Ascension programs have been revealed and are described in the following pages.

150 Year, 1860-to-2012, Evolutionary Timeline

to Planetary and Global Ascension

The conscious process towards Planetary and Biological Ascension entering mainstream began about 1860, developing thru various paths and stages, beginning with Mediumship, New Thought, World Teachings, Eastern Teachings and Practices, Meditation for Enlightenment, etc. These various aspects and applications of consciousness developed, expanded and matured over many decades to become key features of the future biologically-ascended being, the Galactic Human. When any aspect of the fuller human being is mastered and integrated by a critical mass, it becomes part of collective human unconscious, available to each and all, without the need to repeat the rigours incurred by the groundbreakers. Below are a small proportion of some more well-known Teachings and practices over the last 150 years.


Automatic Writing        Alan Kardec                  Spiritism

New Thought               Mary Baker Eddy          Christian Science

World Teachings          Helena Blavatsky         Theosophy

Eastern Teachings       Edwin Arnold                Hinduism, Buddhism

Vivekananda                Various Yogas


Consciousness             Richard Bucke              Cosmic Consciousness

William James              Varieties of Religious Experience

Eastern Teachings       Yogi Ramacharaka       Hatha, Karma, Raja, Jnana Yoga

World                           Max Heindel                 Rosicrucian Fellowship

Teachings                    Alice Bailey                   Spiritual Hierarchy


World                           Rudolf Steiner              Anthroposophy

Teachings                    Nicholas Roerich           Agni Yoga

Alice Bailey                   Lucis Trust

Godfre Ray King           “I Am” Movement

New Thought               Ernest Holmes             Science of Mind

Life after Death           Conan Doyle                History of Spiritualism

Unconscious Trance     Maurice Barbanell        Silver Birch

Grace Cooke                White Eagle Lodge

Edgar Cayce                Atlantis, Reincarnation

Eastern Gurus            Ramana Maharshi        Advaita Vedanta

Sri Aurobindo               Integral Yoga

Yogananda                  Self-Realisation F’ship

G I Gurdjieff                 Self-Remembering

Western Teachers       P D Ouspensky         TheFourth Way

Christmas Humphries   Buddhist Society

Paul Brunton                The Inner Reality

Alan Watts                   Zen Buddhism

1940s – The War Years and After

World Teachings       Alice Bailey     Spiritual Hierarchy, Aquarian Age, Group Energies,

Birth of Light Workers  Lemurians     Became future Flower Children

After holding the Light during the War, many World Masters passed soon after, between 1947-1952, including Roerich, Ouspensky, Gandhi, Gurdjieff, A. Bailey, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo, Yogananda. Having been assisted by the mass light of infant flower children, they passed over to work from higher levels, to guide and uplift them through to become Group Ascended Flower Children, in preparation for their high-level responsibility of announcing the Aquarian age of Global Ascension.

1950s – The Great Rebuilding

Self-Awareness            Krishnamurti                First and Last Freedom

Zen Buddhism              DT Suzuki                     Manual of Zen Buddhism

Alan Watts                   The Way of Zen

Yoga                            Ernest Woods              Yoga

LSD, Mescalin               Alan Watts                   The Joyous Cosmology

Aldous Huxley              Doors of Perception

1960s – Enlightenment in the West

Enlightened,                Maslow                        Self-Actualisation

Humanistic                  Rogers                         Self Acceptance

Psychologies                Perls                            Gestalt Therapy

Esalen Inst         Emotional Healing  Encounter Groups, Massage

Findhorn                      Dorothy MacLean         Nature Kingdoms

Eileen Caddy                Findhorn

Eastern Gurus              Prabupad                     Krisha Consciousness

Mahesh Yogi                Transcendental Meditation

Satchidananda             Hatha yoga

Neem Karoli Baba        Bhakti Yoga

Western Teachers       Roy Eugene Davis        Kriya Yoga

Mark Prophet              Summit Lighthouse

Carlos Castenada        Don Juan Matus

Elizabeth Haich          Traditional Egyptian

Alan Watts                   Psychotherapy East and West

Flower Children     Human Be-In       Free Spirits, Openness, Peace, Naturalness,

Summer of Love   Healthy Diet, Sustainability, Communal Living

Steven Gaskin          Hip Spirituality  Guiding Flower Children,     Monday Night Class

20 Bus Caravan to The Farm inTennessee.  This Season’s People

1970s – Decade of the Gurus

Meditation, Spiritual Disciplines, Yoga, Chakras, Kundalini, Auras, Enlightenment

Eastern Gurus             Muktananda                 Siddha yoga

Anandamurti                Ananda Marga

‘Spiritual                       Iyengar                        Light on Yoga

Supermarket’               Satya Sai Baba          Renewing Traditional Teachings

Rajneesh                     Westernising Eastern Teachings

Goenka                        Buddhist Vipassana

Satyananda                 Kriya Yoga

Guru Maraji                  Divine LightMission

Chögyam Trungpa       Cutting Thru Spiritual Materialism

Western Gurus          Bubba FreeJohn          Wayof Understanding

Philip Kapleau              Three Pillars of Zen

Guru Ma                       Climb the Highest Mountain

Channelled Teachings  Helen Schucman          A Course in Miracles

Paul Solomon               Hall of Records

Consciousness           Baba Ram Das             Be Here Now

Andrew Weil                The Natural Mind

Ken Keyes                    Handbook Higher Consciousness

Maslow                        Farther Reaches of Human Nature

Emotional Therapy       Arthur Janov                The Primal Scream

Inner Space, Dolphins      John Lilly                Centre of the Cyclone

ET Interaction              Stuart Holroyd             Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth

Life after Death            Raymond Moody          Life after Life

Out-of-Body                 Robert Monroe             Journeys out of the Body

1980s – New, Higher Level Teachings

 Planetary Convergence   José Argüelles              Mayan Factor

Affirmations                  Louise Hay                   You Can Heal Your Life

Chanellings                  Ken Carey                    Starseed Transmission

Trance                         J Z Knight                     Ramtha

with ETs                       Jani King                      P’Taah

Lyssa Royal                  Prism of Lyra; Visitors from Within

Abductions                   Whitley Strieber           Zetas   Communion

Spirit Guides                Teaching Guides, Healing Guides, Nature Spirits,

1990s – Teachings from Cosmic Sources

New Age                      I Ching, Tarot,Crystals, Gem Elixirs, Flower Essences,

Abductions                   Raymond Fowler          Zetas                           The Watchers

Lee Carrol                    Kryon                           Indigo Children

Robert Shapiro             Zoosh                          Explorer Race series,

Hypnotic Regression    Delores Cannon        Conversations with Nostradamus

2000s – Teachings and Updates from Galactic Federation and Celestial sources

Today, channelling relevant, up-to-date, future-looking, higher-level communications, and releasing them on the internet have become the method of choice for preparation for Biological Ascension. Many channellers are each able to channel a variety of Higher Beings, who are able to articulate aspects of the unfolding Planetary and Biological Ascension transformation, offering a high degree of complementarity and compatibility to communicate a highly comprehensive, fully up to date teaching. Some of them are:

 Galactic Federation      Sheldon Nidle               Sirians

Updates                       Mike Quinsey               Sa Lu Sa,

Steve Rother                Home

Susan Leland               Ashtar, St Germain, Kuan Yin

Aluna Joy                     Star Elders

Lauren Gorgo               Guardians

Valerie Donna              Pleadian High Council

Patricia Cori                 Sirian High Council

Veenaa Saynana         Arcturian Council

Tom Kenyon                 Hathors

Celestial Updates        Suzy Ward                   Mathew Ward

Pepper Lewis               Gaia

Michelle Eloff                Kuthumi,

Celia Fenn                    AA Michael

James Tyberonn           AA Metatron

Helen Engel                 AA Gabriel, Hilarian

Natalie Glasson         Lady Nada

The above is not an exhaustive list. Some channel a number of Higher Beings, and some Higher Beings will communicate through multiple channels, providing a comprehensive, integrated, cross-referenced, regularly-updated Teaching that builds and develops, as Lightworkers’ consciousness is raised towards 5D.

Teachings are generally aimed at Lightworkers, and include First Contact (open, mass mainstream contact), NESARA, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Lemuria, Biological and Planetary Ascension from 3D to 5D, and moving towards community and sustainability, etc.


This Universe has an overall specific purpose: That all beings, through embracing variety and choice, will continue to evolve in consciousness, progressing towards Cosmic God-Consciousness; God being, in summary, the Consciousness upholding the Universe, and by nature the Highest Goodness.

Many civilisations throughout our Universe have developed to very high levels of perfection, with exquisite technology, perfect health, effortless lifestyle, sustainability, etc, but eventually reach a plateau, beyond which they are unable to progress. This is caused, in part, by being restrained by unresolved issues that are no longer within their grasp, because societal perfection has created an overriding harmony that hides any limitations. The feedback friction that creates annoyance and draws attention, to enable focus and intent to solve problems, is no longer there.

The solution to this was to create the Earth Experiment as follows:

  • The Earth was designed as a platform to enable volunteers to work through subtle, long-standing problems and blocks as experienced throughout the Universe, and limiting its growth. Volunteers inhabited dense, 3D bodies containing the genes of many ET civilisations, which would be experienced as limitations to be worked through.
  • The Earth was placed in isolated quarantine, on the outer edge of the galaxy, inside a lineal, time-dependent, dense, 3D Matrix, which effectively prohibited the usually spiritual means of co-creative living. Beings had to instead create through physical means, engaging their mind and 3D dense physical, genetic heritage containing complex genes from multiple ET civilisations.
  • The volunteers who inhabited the multi-genetic bodies were already highly spiritually accomplished, and prepared to master and transcend imposed limitations, and progress though immense obstacles, including spiritual forgetfulness, and then create their own ascension. They experienced being functionally separated from and ‘cut off’ from God and the higher realms, and were forced to exist in spiritual emptiness. They had to realise their predicament, and find their way to ascend to their own higher consciousness and Creator God.
  • The limitations, barriers, obstacles and blocks to harmonious living, thrown up by such an unlikely existence, difficult setting and circumstance, required constant attention, problem-solving, resolution and transcendence by the volunteer inhabitants. This process grew and consciously developed the multiple-ET-genetic, spiritually-separated, human inhabitants.
  • Resolving low-level problems under such constrained, dense, 3D conditions, transmits back to the relevant Galactic civilisations, effectively freeing them in corresponding high-level areas, of those not spiritually separated, enabling growth and development in those areas to restart.
  • After the experiment is completed, the Earth will then ascend to a higher dimension, enabling interested Earth humans to choose to ascend with the Earth, while still alive and in the body, without passing through the death process.
  • The Planetary/Biological Ascension event will create a spiritual tsunami throughout the universe, creating a universal uplifting effect, raising the universe to a higher level, and restarting the universal, spiritual evolutionary process.

Various seeding experiments were tried out, creating various indigenous races. Tribal humans were able to solve basic living requirements quite simply and turn their time to spiritual pursuits, but would then stabilise and plateau, defeating the intention of the experiment.

Finally, Caucasians were created with a deliberate overdose of mind, to tip the balance away from the emotional/intuitional, and towards the logical mental. This would ensure that mistakes are made, to be then worked on thoughtfully, deductively, lineally and sequentially, in order to create solutions, and in a greater effect, power the entire process. Had European colonists settled with indigenous peoples peacefully, and were open to benefit from their inner wisdom, instead of trying to conquer and convert them, they would have learned much about health, nourishment, sustainability, ecological living and extended family living. And had they then integrated those understandings into their societies. the essential lessons would have been mastered long ago.

The nature of the experiment drew the attention of Galactic Evil in distant history, who caused extreme complications to the original experiment, including reducing 12 strand DNA to 2 strands, and setting up various forms of oppressive dictatorships to enslave the people, many of which persist unto this day. This resulted in far greater challenges and increased efforts to overcome unplanned obstacles, and as a consequence produced outcomes way beyond that originally envisaged. Even though appalling for earth residents, the spin-off to the Galaxy and Universe has been enormous, and the consequent growth to Earth residents has also empowered the Ascension process to extend through an extra dimension to 5D.

Best source of Earth Experiment is Explorer Race series, by Zoosh thru Robert Shapiro


Towards the end of the 1960s, Flower Children announced the Aquarian Age as a time of planetary peace and harmony that would soon be upon us, and advocated we live simply, naturally, cooperatively and sustainably, with peace and love, which they demonstrated by creating self-sufficient communes.

As a cosmic event, we now know the Aquarian age to be a state of consciousness far beyond that of the Piscean age, as organised religion gives way to individual spirituality, outer authority gives way to inner knowing, and devotion to an external God becomes oneness with the God within.

Flower Children, who were advanced Lemurian Lightworkers, demonstrated enlightenment and prepared the way for an influx of Eastern teachings during the 1970s, which taught people about spiritual disciplines, meditation, enlightenment, and the part that auras, chakras and kundalini play in attaining higher levels of consciousness.

Spiritual development and the ability to meditate, as taught by Eastern teachers, enabled many people to progress and take the next step around the 1980s, and begin working consciously with their spirit guides. We all have spiritual guides assigned to each of us. Their influence is subtle and requires we be sensitive to promptings from within. Spirit guides have given out a gentler, more subtle and nuanced, higher-level teaching to emerge, that has enabled people to have intimate contact with Creator God, and with those greater Souls who work from higher levels to further the Divine Plan of upliftment of all beings, and the cosmic unfoldment of everything.

This progress on the inner planes enabled the introduction of various ET and cosmic identities in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Planetary Convergence meditation in 1987 drew a response from members of the Galactic Federation of Light in the early 1990s. In existence for many millions of years and now made up of over a million ascended Star Nations, the work of the Galactic Federation is to assist planets which are nearing their ascension to painlessly and harmoniously ascend to higher, more heavenly realms. This is the reason for them being around Earth now, and for their interaction with increasing numbers of the human race. Their next objective is ‘First Contact’, or mass landings and open interaction with the mainstream populace, to facilitate Planetary and Biological Ascension.

Earth’s ascension is a special case, as it has had so much interference and domination by the wrong people over a very long time, causing massive extra challenges. The planet is now Ascending, hence the increase in earthquakes, and many people, although ready, have been saddled with an outmoded and dysfunctional political, economic and social system, and have been pushed in wrong directions, away from Planetary and Biological ascension, and towards wars, pollution, ecological destruction and global slavery.

The task today before the Galactic Federation, White Knights, Earth Allies and Lightworkers on the planet is nothing less than waking up a global population; disempowering those who are creating the problems; a total clean-up of the entire planet in all aspects, and on all levels; preparing ascending humanity to embrace an upgraded 13 chakra, 3 strand DNA, crystalline spiritual anatomy; creating new timelines for a 5D future world; and facilitating the Earth’s move into 5D. This expanded program has been worked on with increasing intensity in the last few years, which will keep rising as the amount of cosmic energies being rained down on Earth steps up to ever-higher levels.

The Galactic Federation has an abundance of super-high-level technology to overcome all of Earth’s problems, including pollution and ecological destruction, but will work with us rather than for us, and work to our own conclave of Ascended Masters, who oversee the project.

The main interest by the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation in our contribution is most of all for us to wake up from the 3D matrix, left brain paradigm, and to start embracing the whole-brain, 5D paradigm, beginning with visualising a peaceful, harmonious, creative future.

2012 marks a significant graduation point in this process, and a major step-up into a higher dimension for those who are ascending. It is participating in the process and advancing along the ascension timeline that is important, rather than focusing on any point along the timeline, e.g. 2012. Those who remain on the sidelines speculating, and not committed to their own 5D ascension unfoldment, may not find 2012 to their liking, as many beneficial things may pass them by. Those not ascending may begin passing over in preparation to take their place elsewhere on a parallel Earth, for another round of experiential learning.

Detailed information about every aspect of this cosmic mega project is freely available on the net. Updates from the Galactic Federation can be downloaded from Updates from our own Ascended Masters and other Celestials are available from  These updates enable the reader to participate in ascension as it occurs, step by step towards 5D consciousness.

Planetary and Biological Ascension

Traditionally, in the East, Self-realisation, God-realisation, and Enlightenment are all early examples of Individual Ascension while living, which was considered to occur only rarely and exceptionally. Ascension is also the process a normal person undergoes after ‘dying’, when they leave their body in the 3rd dimension, and take up residence in the 4th dimension, or higher if they are more spiritually accomplished.

The Aquarian or Golden age is about Mass Biological Ascension to a higher dimension of all interested and committed beings while still alive in the body. This mass ascension event is empowered by the Planetary Ascension of the Earth, people being made up of earth elements. The Earth is ascending and will transform, becoming a sacred planet, and taking its place as a Star Nation in the Heavenly realms. Earth Humans are invited along, but must choose Ascension, which requires a clear choice and commitment to personally going through the Ascension process, which includes total emotional clearing, new chakra and DNA development, and the incorporation of the essential elements of the full human, as developed over the last 150 years. This will produce the Ascended 5th Dimensional, or Galactic Human.

After the illuminati revoked their own surrender with 9/11, it was decided to make use of the extra work incurred and extra growth produced, caused through challenging the oppression of humanity, and use this to lift Biological Ascension by a whole dimension beyond the original 4D, to 5D, totally clear of all lower 4D influences. Biological Ascension while still alive in the body, by people with complex, multi-genetic makeup is new, and will send a transformative wave throughout the Galaxy, freeing all star nations to progress to higher levels. Already many ripples have gone out, resulting in many star nations experiencing breakthroughs, and also visiting the solar system as the source of the energy, in time for Planetary and Biological Ascension. Ascension through two dimensions, while remaining alive in the body, is unique in the universe, and will significantly enlarge and upgrade the Ascension wave effect. This tidal wave of consciousness will directly affect the entire Universe, and enable the Universe to go through its own Universal Ascension.

Ascension is progressing through loosening and stirring up people’s buried pain, trauma, denials, etc that contaminates the subconscious, and blocks access to the Soul. These denials will arise to the surface, and come into awareness to be witnessed and accepted, whereupon they will dissolve. The underlying healing of these painful rejections has already occurred, and there is now no need to re-experience the original pain and trauma, as used to be the case under therapy.

Whereas previously people were required to meditate, etc, to clear and progress, now massive, high-level cosmic light is being rained down, and people are only required to maintain openness, and to handle the effects of having their subconscious negativities being released; their junk DNA converted to a 3rd strand, plus an extra 6 chakras coming into being, mostly in the upper body and head area. Their carbon based bodies are also becoming crystalline structured, all in preparation for the transition to a 5D reality. The Ascension effects are likely to produce flu-like symptoms, colloquially called ‘Ascensionitis’. Basic treatment is to drink lots of water and not get caught up in hypochondria.

It is to each person’s free choice and ultimate benefit to ascend, and adds to the radiant transmission that will flow from Earth to the Galaxy and Universe. Following the announcements, masses of people are expected to belatedly choose to get on board. Those not choosing to be part of this Planetary and Biological Ascension process may be relocated to an already existing parallel Earth. They will not encounter serious evil beyond their own collective manifestations, and many are expected to fast-track their own next collective ascension event in about 100 years. Others wishing to defer their ascension indefinitely will be relocated to Wolf 359 for an easier, longer path.

Depending on the difficulties that are encountered when Ms Gaia readjusts her tectonic plates, provision has already been made to temporarily take people off the surface, if necessary, either in star ships, or into the inner Earth, where crystal cities have been prepared by Lemurians. The worst-case scenario is that all beings be put into stasis, while a massive clean up operation takes place. As Lightworkers manifest more light on the planet, harmony increases, and tectonic adjustment difficulties are reduced.

                                                       Not Ascended                                      Ascended

Traditional, Piscean,                 Lower 3 Charkas                                 All 7 Chakras

Individual Ascension to            Left or Right Brain                                Whole Brain

Planetary Human                     Emotionally Closed                              Emotionally Open

Duality                                                     Unity

3rd Dimension                                       4th Dimension

New, Aquarian,                           7 Chakra System                            13 Chakra System

Biological Ascension to             2 Strand DNA                                 3+ Strand DNA

Galactic Human                           Carbon Bodies                              Crystalline Bodies

3rd Dimension                                 5th Dimension

What is Ascension – Archangel Metatron

There is much more to Ascension than moving through a dimension or two. Humanity has kept their eyes on this first jump in understanding and awareness. One of the reasons that humanity has stayed so long in the reincarnational wheel of expression is because they have not considered the fact that life on Earth is just the beginning of a journey in experiencing all life and life forms. Ascension is but just the start of a very long journey which takes one back to Source.

To ascend means that the vibrations of the Soul and the physical body that contains the Soul increases until both of them are able to reach a higher plane of existence. The Maker-Of-All wants to see you empowered by all the experiences that you have developed and this will not be shorn from you as you will go back to Source. The Soul will eventually connect with Source with all its memories intact.

The physical will change very dramatically by the time the Soul encounters Source. The physical form will make its way back to the Ultimate Creator, but it would be very different from your present physical body. Externally, the physical body view will not go through many changes, but internally there will be many changes. Internally all the cells must be changed from an organic structure to a crystalline structure. It will not be dense, but rather the electrons of the physical will be of a different formation and there will be larger spaces between the electrons, but one will be able to decipher the electrical charge of the form. So what I mean is that the physical body will be more electrical rather than a hard substance.

Your abilities are a reflection of God’s abilities and remembering them brought you great power. This had to change so that all Souls could be allowed to follow their path without harm from the dark. In Atlantis the brain was divided because humanity chose to work on a lower objective rather than being aligned to their God. Memory had to be reduced because memory brought forth great spiritual abilities and these abilities could be used in a manner that could harm other humans in their Soul construction.

Connections in the brain must be completed. Electrical wiring in the physical body must change also so that the organs and the brain will accept more of the light that exists in the higher vibrational pools. As you move ever upward, what was lost will be regained. The brain will be connected so that what spiritual information does come to the individual will not be countermanded by logical thought. Logical thought or the scientific protocol destroyed the spiritual connection with God and all the gifts that were intended.

The cells hold light in a manner that hasn’t been experienced since Atlantis. Light can heal and light can sustain as it is God’s love. Light has no words per se, but rather light is an emotion which as it comes from God or Source, is only love as God is only love.

Creating the Ascension – Archangel Uriel channelled by Jennifer Hoffman

Accepting your role as creators in the third dimension has been a difficult task as you have used its polarity to reinforce the negative aspects of your experiences and the illusion of separation and powerlessness that were one option among many that you could use to define your journey. The density of the earth’s energies present you with an opportunity to create from spirit, to mold them into the embodiment of their divine Source. You direct these energies and as you manifest higher levels of creation with them, you form new dimensions and allow ascension to occur.

Your job on earth is to create and to take the third dimension through its creation cycle. While you partner with Source in this process you are the ones who are able to work with the earth’s energies; this is the human dimension and you have authority and dominion over these energies. The more you focus on the creative aspects of your energies and set your intention for the creation of your realities, the transformation of polarity and your ascension, you are enabling ascension to occur as it will happen through your efforts.

Ascension is not limited to the earth and the third dimension. All of your solar system, galaxy and Universe are ascending at this time. Your role in this process is to keep the energy flowing, to move it through this cycle and to remember your power in this process. You are not limited in any aspect of your power as co-creator and you are responsible for your ascension. You are not passengers in this process; you are at the forefront of this shift and while there are energy transmissions, shifts and downloads that assist you, they are possible because of the work that you have done to prepare for them.

The creation cycle is a continuous process of transformation and ascension that you have participated in during many lifetimes. This time is the end of a cycle for the earth and for humanity. Work with your creative energy continuously as you are creating the ascension as you move through it. You cannot wait for the Universe, the angels or your guides to act, they are supporting you and the creation that you are enabling. Creation stops if you stop creating and it moves forward as you continue in your efforts. So create your ascension and remember that you are in control of this process. Be aware of your power and the important role you play in creating heaven on earth and allowing the ascension to occur at this time.

The Hathors thru Tom Kenyon – January 2010

Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of energetics may find yourself “hard hit” by the dimensional and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange dreams – some of them prophetic in nature. The veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted. Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth, and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last several thousand years.

There will also most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs within your body and the various bodily systems to the accelerating changes taking place.  You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both awake and asleep at the same time.

Appreciation for the smallest things in your life will give you the greatest results. The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your vibratory field faster and more effectively. Regardless of what unfolds before you, or in the lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your love and affection for those to whom you feel close.

Hilarion thru Marlene Swetlishoff – January 2010

If you have not experienced the high energies running through you before, you will certainly start doing so now. The energies running through your physical bodies will be unmistakable to you, with many of you vibrating so much that you feel that you will take off and start flying into the air if they get any stronger. Fear not, Dear Ones, for each of you that have been prepared for this are now serving as the Transducer that we talked about in previous messages. This process means that not only are you holding the Light and anchoring into the crystalline core of the Earth but that your physical body is also transforming and mutating into the crystalline based body that is the destiny of every Human Being upon the Earth who has chosen Ascension with the Earth, even those who at this time are not even aware that they have made this choice. If you have found your way to be reading these words, you are such a One. Rest assured that with these energies you and all about you will be changing and indeed, are changing.

The Earth is surrounded by a Golden Light and this Light is creating the most wondrous changes within each individual. You who are the trail blazers, the torch bearers are coming into your own. There will be plenty of work yet to do, for the reason and purpose of your being here at this time in the history of the Earth is now beginning to come into your awareness. Each of you have a great many Guides, Teachers and Angels who surround you constantly and serve you in many ways, whether you are aware of this or not. It behooves each of you to become attuned to their presence around you. How to do this? Speak out loud to them as though they are visible right in front of you, for truly that is where we are, speak to us of your day, the challenges you are experiencing, the thoughts you have been thinking, the emotions that you have been feeling. When you do this, you acknowledge our presence and it is understood that you desire our input in whatever way is most appropriate. We are joyful in giving you this service, Beloved Ones. Look and listen for our response.

Many, many of you will be Awakening to the presence of Spirit in the coming days, weeks and years ahead and this is a part of the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. Know that if you stay centered in the knowledge of the Divine Being that you are and that you are Loved beyond measure by we of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all of the Ascended Host and that you are being guided, assisted and protected in all ways in your daily lives, you will always be doing the right thing at the right time in divine protection. More of you will be banding together in larger groups than ever before to effect greater changes upon your World and are now realizing the great good that can be accomplished as you do this.

Each of you are walking your talk, showing the way by the example of your daily lives which are shining with the radiance of your great Spirit. This will become more and more noticeable as the days continue, for your Light will come shining through in all that you do and those around you cannot help but be affected by your Light. Soon this Light as it expands will touch the Light of your Brothers and Sisters and will ignite and connect all around the World until all there is, is Light. We thank you, Beloved Ones, for all that you are doing, all that you have already accomplished and the great good that is surely taking place upon your Planet because you have set foot upon it. We love to be working with you as spiritual comrades, friends and team members. This has created an impetus that is unstoppable and now Humankind is turned firmly toward the Light, toward Peace, toward a new way of living and Being. We rejoice!

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides were made known in Automatic Writings compiled by Alan Kardec in Spirits Book 1861

“If there be a doctrine that should win over the most incredulous by its charm and its beauty, it is that of the existence of spirit-protectors, or guardian-angels. To think that you have always near you beings who are superior to you, and who are always beside you to counsel you, to sustain you, to aid you in climbing the steep ascent of self-improvement, whose friendship is truer and more devoted than the most intimate union that you can contract upon the earth. Is not such an idea most consoling?

“Those beings are near you by the command of God. It is He who has placed them beside you. They are there for love of Him, and they fulfil towards you a noble but laborious mission. They are with you wherever you may be; in the dungeon, in solitude, in the lazar-house, even in the haunts of debauchery. Nothing ever separates you from the friend whom you cannot see, hut whose gentle impulsions are felt, and whose wise monitions are heard, in the innermost recesses of your heart.

“Would that you were more fully impressed with this truth! How often would it aid you in your moments of need! How often would it save you from the snares of evil spirits! But, at the great day of account, how often will your guardian-angel have to say to you, ‘Did I not urge you, and yet you would not follow my leading? Did I not show you the abyss, and yet you persisted in throwing yourself into it? Did I not cause your conscience to hear the voice of truth, and have you not followed lying counsels?’ Question your guardian-angels; establish between yourselves and them the affectionate intimacy which exists between tried and loving friends.

“Do not think to hide anything from them, for they are the eye of God, and you cannot deceive them. Think of the future; seek to advance on the upward road: your trials will be shorter, your existences happier. Men, take courage! Cast far from you all prejudices and mental reservations; enter resolutely upon the new road that opens before you! You have guides; follow them. Your goal cannot fail you, for that goal is God Himself.

“To those who may think it impossible that spirits of high degree should bind themselves to a task so laborious and demanding so much patience on their part, we reply, that we influence your Souls while at many millions of leagues from you. To us, space is nothing; and, while living in another world, our spirits preserve their connection with yours. We possess qualities of which you can form no idea; but be sure that God has not imposed upon us a task above our strength, and that He has not abandoned you upon the earth without friends and without support. Every guardian-angel has his ward, over whom he watches as a father watches over his child: he rejoices when he sees him following the right road; he mourns when his counsels are neglected.

“Do not fear to weary us with your questions. Remain, on the contrary, always in connection with us: you will thus be stronger and happier. It is this communication between each man and his familiar spirit that will eventually make all men mediums, and drive out incredulity from your world. You who have received instruction, instruct in your turn: you who are possessed of talents, raise your brethren. You know not how great a work you accomplish by so doing; it is the work of Christ, the work imposed on you by God. Why has God given you intelligence and knowledge, if not to share them with your brethren, to aid them to advance on the road that leads to eternal felicity?”

Spirits Book is a free PDF download from the internet

Over the last 150 years, this sublime, natural spiritual relationship has undergone much upliftment, improvement and upgrading, include our Main Guide, Teaching Guides, which can be Masters and Archangels, Healing Guides, Joy Guides, Gatekeepers, Guardian Angles, Angels, Nature Spirits, etc.

Adele Linsata – July 2009

What are Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers?

In your lifetime you will have many guides and teachers in spirit who will be working with you, Your Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper are the only ones with you from birth, until you make your transition home. All of your other spirit guides and teachers come and work with you, as you are experiencing different levels and experiences of education, which there are wide ranges that you have chosen to go through in this physical incarnation on Mother Earth.

Spirit guides influence many areas of our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. Whatever influence the spirit is familiar with or comfortable with, from one of their own incarnations on earth, will be the area of proficiency in which the influence will be felt the most when they work with us.

The same is true with spirits in general; as in our loved ones who have transitioned home, because they all hold on to their personal uniqueness when they make their transition into spirit. If they were shy, loving, scientific, creatively gifted, loud, giving, or hotheaded, they are that same way in spirit. This is not to say that they have not changed and grown, just that, this is what we remember our loved ones being like, when they were here on Earth with us. This then, is a recognizable personal uniqueness of themselves to us that we can associate with, when they want to give us a message or let us know when they are around.

Spirit guides and teachers with similar characteristics are drawn to us; frequently they will share the same interest, having similar personality traits, and may have worked in the same profession as we are right now. This is also true for ones in spirits who are not our guides or teachers, but see the similarity of light we share with them and they stop by, so to say and visit with us. I once had a missionary who appeared beside me which was wonderfully comforting as at that moment in time, I was working on a mission with abused women and children. The similarities of what we both love to do became apparent to this individual in spirit (by recognizing and being drawn to my light) and he just wanted to stop in and say hello to see what I was working on. Somewhere within this coming together, there are going to be similarities that you will find between the two of you.

You will find Doctor Guides, working with those who work within the healing professions, spiritual healers, doctors, especially nurses, Reiki masters. The master teacher seems to come in around highly religious people or the missionary who fights for a worthy cause. We attract to us that which is similar. Some believe they need only seek the ascended masters in all they do, and there is nothing wrong with this. But, I also know that we have made contracts with so many guides and teachers, from the spiritual realms for our incarnation this lifetime, to work with us in our spiritual journey. It would be a shame not to acknowledge and seek their counsel also. For they have their specific work to do with us in our learning/educational path.

From Birth to Transition this Spirit Guide is with you

The first guide in the band is called Gatekeeper, or Doorkeeper. This particular spirit guide/teacher is with you from birth until you make your transition home, just as your guardian angel does, but, please do not confuse the two.

This spirit guide is your overall protector, and looks out for your best interest and holds you close so no harm may come to you. Very often when you see a gatekeeper guide around someone, the guide will stand behind or in front of that person, wearing a voluminous cape, with lots of enveloping folds. Which then, this guide will wrap the cape around the individual, which automatically signals a feeling of protection and identifies the guide as a gatekeeper.

A Gatekeeper guide knows your contract from start to finish and most likely has been your Gatekeeper in previous lifetimes, but not all of them. A Gatekeeper is a very large tall being, he and or she energy. A Gatekeeper is so tall that most times their knees are through the ceiling of your home. This one may be male or female energy and it does not matter what gender you are. My own Gatekeeper is predominantly male; I have met many who like to carry the energy of both genders. This can be very enlightening as the individual who has that Gatekeeper guide may not always know their own minds. The nationality of a Gatekeeper can vary from Eastern Indian, Romanian, and Norwegian to Hungarian, Arabic, English to Scottish and more. They really do not discriminate. It is in the eyes of the beholder and that which brings you much comfort.

A Gatekeeper will allow you to make every mistake you can make without interference. As this is the way it works, you have free will of choice. You must ask for the assistance of any guide for them to be able to intercede in different areas of your life. The more you get to know any of your guides the more they will be there on your behalf in everything you do.

You will also find the Gatekeeper will have characteristics similar to your own. The Gatekeeper is the one who gives his consent or non-consent to the visiting clients – guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit, to communicate in a reading with the medium. When an individual is in a reading session it will be up to that individuals Gatekeeper as to what messages are being brought in. So many things are for you to see, know and understand during your reading. If your Gatekeeper says that it is important for you to know at that time, you will. If they Gatekeeper say there is a bigger message to be heard, that message will be heard before anything else. No matter how bad you want to hear something else. Remember it is your Gatekeeper that allows all messages to be delivered for a reason. Honour and trust your Gatekeeper in all you do and you will always be on the right path in your life.

Your Guardian Angel Is One of Your Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels and Angels are spiritual beings who are very present in our lives and in a class all by themselves. What makes them angelic is that they have never incarnated on Mother Earth, unlike our Spirit Guides and teachers. Their affiliation is with the elemental kingdom, such as; nature spirits, gnomes, fairies, sylphs, water sprites, etc. The nature kingdom lives in a universal realm, parallel to ours, and they evolve in their realm, as we do in ours.

Our personal Guardian Angel is with us from birth until we make our transition home, as is our Gatekeeper – once again not to be confused with each other. Guardian Angels has never had a physical incarnation, while our Gatekeeper, guides and teachers have had many a lifetime in physical form. Guardian Angels hold no ego, anger, frustration or negativity; it is not and cannot be within their own cosmic makeup of the angelic realms. On the other hand, spirit guides understand those displayed sensations from their own incarnation upon Mother Earth, where they too once held those physical emotions.

Guardian Angels are to keep us on our path of light in all we do. If you are in a work atmosphere that is not good right now, you Guardian Angel has been giving you messages, signs and symbols to let you know they too understand this and are trying to steer you in the right direction. This may be to make amends of the energy at work, to guide you to that new and better job, to stay put until things blow over, etc… When you are in a relationship and you just feel that it is not right, Your Guardian Angel is there giving you support to keep you strong for you to be to leave the situation in peace with no harm to none. Or may have you look at the situation from a fresh perspective to see all of it in the light of truth. Your Guardian Angel will not allow anything to come to you before it is your time.

Your Guardian Angel is always there waiting for you to ask assistance in anyway possible, no Angel or guide may intercede with the exception of your Guardian Angel if you are in harm’s ways before your time, no matter what. And because of free will of choice no angel or guide may assist you without your permission. They are just waiting for you to ask them whatever it is they may assist you with. And then watch as you will be lead to one place or another for the best possible outcome. You will be given all that you need, just remember to ask.

As your Guardian Angel is a guide to you in keeping you filled with light as you go about your day, keep you safe from harms touch and keeping you in touch with the Angelic Realms. Ask your Guardian Angel to visit with you and show you a sign. Be open to receive what is being given to you. It may be a card someone send to you in the mail that has an Angel picture on it. It may be a sweet smelling flower floating by. It may even be meeting someone whose name is Angel. Now what a nice day that will be, open yourself to greet your Guardian Angel and you will always know you have an Angel and Guardian by your side!

Evolution in the spirit realms has kept pace with upliftments in humanities spiritual consciousness. The nature of the relationship has become more subtle and intimate, made possible by the turning towards the God within, consistent with the Aquarian age.

When a person prays to God, it is the spirit guides responding on behalf of God, who works through them, and the same is true for those who have Gurus and Masters. Guides are able to work with us best when we aspire to the highest, for then they can guide us with pure inspiration, which we experience as coming from within. They encourage and assist us to develop our spiritual gifts.

Spirit Guides are able to train a person in various spiritual gifts that will bring the person closer to God, and experience intimacy with God, enabling a more subtle and sublime form of guidance. They can bring in highly elevated beings to complement their work if need be, especially for advanced teaching work.

Much space has been allocated to the person–Guide relationship, indicating the important part it plays in developing people, and to encourage everybody to deepen this relationship and develop it more fully.


Revealed teachings, through various means, have ever been the preferred method that higher sources have used to pass on to people on Earth, understandings that inspire and uplift, and point humanity the way towards their eventual ascension. One of the main methods for doing this is by channelling higher information through an intermediary, or medium for the benefit of others. Mediumship has gone through a steady, continual improvement over the last 150 years, and now is called channelling as a generic term.

1860- 1900

Beginning with Automatic writing of the 1850s, where a known, historical person would reproduce in their own original handwriting, a thoroughly updated and relevant message about some aspect of life in the realms, and the nature of the human-spirit relationship.

Table lifting was used to demonstrate physical proof of their existence to convince the unbelievers, as a large dining room table in the late 1800s could weigh hundreds of kilos. Trumpets were used to show a voice that was independent of anyone in the room. Very Deep Trance was next used to begin using mediums vocal chords, and was difficult and not without dangers to the health and wellbeing of the medium, as slamming a door could induce a heart attack.


Alice Bailey was dictated her first two books by clairaudience. The second book contained meditations to develop her telepathic capacity. Thereafter her books were transmitted telepathically, wherein she could experience the higher consciousness viewpoint of Dwal Kuhl, and give better description and clearer understandings, including a book entitled ‘Telepathy’.

Unconscious trance was commonly used where the medium would vacate the body, and enjoy some temporary respite in higher realms, while the Teaching Spirit would temporarily take over. It required punching out individual words, and mediums were encouraged to read widely to expand their vocabularies. This became a good method for accurate communication, and is still used today after about 80 years, with improved motor control of the body, and greater facility of communication.


Overlighting was introduced in the late 1970s. This is where the channel can raise their consciousness, and be open to enable the High Guide’s consciousness to overlight and the channel experiences the High Guides consciousness and understanding, which can then be consciously communicated. The channel is also able to experience the high Guides ecstatic nature and loving countenance. From the High Guides perspective, it enables them to radiate their Love and Light spiritual energies onto the Earth plane, assisting to spiritualise and uplift all beings. The channel experiences these energies within, as if their own. To ensure only the highest and purist messenger spirits would be used, considerable spiritual preparation, meditation and alignment would precede the actual trancing.

Today, with the considerable thinning of the veils, progress in evolving Mediumship into conscious channelling, and more highly capable, spiritually-orientated channels being used, far more subtle, nuance and elevated messages can be communicated. Many forms of channelling are being used today, including more subtle automatic writing on computer keyboards, unconscious trance, clairaudience, conscious channelling, telepathy, etc, depending on who is on each end, and their respective communication abilities. Continuing progress towards 5D requires an increasingly refined message to keep giving lightworkers something more subtle and refined to reach for.

Gaia thru Pepper Lewis

“Access to divine wisdom through channelling is natural. The language of the divine is native to you because your natural state is as Spirit. You have only dressed yourself in filaments and fibres that resemble a human body. You have cloaked yourself in human form and adapted to the lower five sensory receptors, but there are others from which to choose and they are available to those who draw near enough to claim them.”

“During channelling, a naturally occurring substance is released into your energetic life-stream. This calming, restorative and endorphin-like substance invokes an almost immediate sense of well-being that enhances and deepens your own natural knowing. As you continue to trust your abilities and explore your relationship with the divine, you will access subtler and sweeter realms. You may notice that your connection to the physical planes also lightens as the density that has limited you yields its boundaries and begins to favour less constricting environments.” ~ Gaia thru Pepper Lewis

Channelling proliferates on the internet. Two sites that screen and compile channelling from various sources are . This site includes Ascended Masters, Archangels and other celestials who are concerned with humanity’s upliftment into Biological Ascension.

The other site is This site includes messages from various ET groups, including Galactic Federation, and many high level councils from other ET civilisations guiding frontline Lightworkers towards Nesara, First Contact and Planetary and Biological Ascension.

All channelling is able to be influenced by the channel, and for this reason has always been a spiritual process and not a psychic phenomenom. All channelling needs to be communicated is clearly, without any bias, embellishment or distortion. All channelling needs to be read with discernment, and compared with other channelling from other sources. The Galactic Federation occasionally issue cautions about false messages, and recommend staying with the broad consensus of channelling information.


The 21st December 2012 has long been known as the final culmination date, ending thousands of years of inherently-conflicted, dualistic living, along with all that it has brought, including elitism, racism, intolerance and wars, as perhaps the most extreme expressions of duality.

This date and its import has long been recognised by various indigenous peoples, including the Mayans, who had that date pegged as the end of their calendar, when the Earth would move into a higher dimension. Many traditional peoples knew of this coming time as the beginning of the Golden age or Sat Yuga, and which the flower children knew as the Auqarian age. They all also knew there would be tribulation in the centuries and decades before hand. And they also knew that with the ending of duality, comes the beginning of unity, where all people can live as one in what will become Heaven on Earth.

The greatest transformation in the history of the Earth is about to take place, and everything is already is place for it to occur. Those who have held power for so long are about to lose it, for this is the age people following their own inner truth.

21-12-2012is the date that many alignments are to occur that have been locked in for thousands of years. These alignments include the end of the Mayan calendar, the alignment of our north pole with Polaris, the end of the Piscean Age and the start of the Aquarian age. These are the ones many people are familiar with.

In addition, it also marks the end of a galactic cycle of more than 200,000 years, where the sun travels around the centre of the Galaxy. Of immediate relevance is that this date also marks the transition of planet earth, or Lady Gaia, from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension. This is known as planetary ascension. On that date many new portals, stargates and wormholes become fully actived, and those that have recently been opened and are already activated will ramp up to 100%. This day will be a very high energy day and everyone is advised to be especially calm and peaceful, and open to absorbing the energies on that day.

The planet is ascending along with much of nature. This is a gradual process, and between now and the due date, many things must happen both to the Earth and nature. The Earth must adjust her techtonic plates, and currently her aquifers are being replenished through much rain and flooding. This act as a lubricant and lessen the impact of earthquakes that will follow. This is to be completed before the end of 2012.

All Earth humans are invited to also ascend. But they are free-will creatures and must choose it with full intention, otherwise they will remain on the usual path. Soon, there are to be announcements that will make the situation clear to all. It is expected that many will not be ready to let go of the enthral of dualistic materialism, and will not choose it. Others may find the learning curve too steep.

For those who choose, commit themselves, persevere on the ascension path, and become part of the ascension process, many developments must happen before 21-12-2012. Currently, those people who are ascending along with the Earth, are having their 3D consciousness gradually being brought up to 4D or higher, through a number of processes: their so-called junk DNA is being activated and reconnected to form a 3rd strand of DNA; their 7 chakra system is being expanded to 13; the carbon in their bodies become crystalline to handle the higher frequencies. These can cause flu-like symptoms, those so affected are advised to drink plenty of pure water.

In addition, their buried denials are being raised into conscious awareness so that all of it may be acknowledged, accepted, forgiven and let go of, as effortless, painless healing. All denials must be processed at the level of conscious awareness. All denials let go of in such a way release the person from the illusions they have created. As illusions fall away, the person is returned to their own sovereignty, inner freedom, peace and inner wisdom.

Many of those ascending are travelling at night to the halls of knowledge and wisdom for advanced learning; others are travelling at night to starships for even more advanced training, yet others are working at night in the disaster areas around the planet to bring comfort and healing to those in need.

Nobody is compelled to ascend, and those ascending are not compelled to wait until21-12-2012before ascending. Some have ascended in recent years, and many more will ascend before the final due date. That date is when the bulk of the people ascending are expected to take advantage of the waves of high-level energies, and move to a higher state of consciousness.

Too many people are waiting for the 21-12-2012date before something positive will start happening. Much is already happening now, and there is much needed to be done before21-12-2012. If they are refraining from being part of the process now, and are not going through the necessary graduated developments preceding ascension, they will be unlikely to enjoy any graduating experience.

All persons now choosing to engage the ascension process will be on steep learning curves, but they also have the benefits of engaging a process that is now becoming an established path by those who have already broken the new ground, so easing their difficulties.

Knowing all of this, the Global Elite, or Illusionati, those who have brought you all the problems we have now, including wars, pollution, starvation, diseases and poverty, have engaged in much suggestive disinformation including includes novels, movies, TV programs, pseudo-scientific articles, etc each portraying one or another kind of disaster scenario. All such disinformation is fictitious and negative in content, for the purpose of promoting fear, pessimism, fatalism and resignation in the general population, but especially the younger population, who have always been the ones to change things, as part of the general thrust to dis-empower the people and keep them controlled.

The point of inducing fear and negativity in a person is to cause separation from the person’s wise, inner being, also known as the Heart, or right-brain, or higher self. Thereafter to control the person’s left-brain or logical mind, that no longer has a higher reference point, or intrinsic conscience, and will follow instructions without question.

Anybody buying into the negative scenario is actually gifting their energy to the negative scenario, as well as locking themselves to it. This is adding to the illusion, and will contribute to their own, personal experience of 2012, which is not likely to be as pleasant and fulfilling as it will be for those who are lending their support to the real, actual, positive scenario of planetary, biological and global ascension.

Spiritual elites, who are those who regard themselves as spiritually superior, are not ascending, except in their own illusionary minds, which are still in the matrix. Such illusionary superiority is a reaction to an underlying sense of inferiority. This inferiority has already arisen in reaction to the experience of feeling cut off from ones inner being, usually through shock, trauma and denial, and then reacting compensatory, out of the underlying insecurity and fear.

The problem is created by people disconnecting from their feelings to stop feeling pain. The outcome is to thereafter live in perpetual fear of everything. The solution is to reconnect with feeling the existential void, and from there re-feel the connection to ones inner being.

Those obsessed with 2012, especially the negative, disaster scenarios, are likewise fear driven and their energy helps to create the disaster they fear, and their personal experience of it. Under the law of attraction, 2012 will be experienced differently by those ascending than from those not ascending.


Lightworkers are those persons who are dedicated to planetary and biological ascension and able to channel and spread spiritual Light. To be a Lightworker, a person must be in touch with their inner being, and to function from there as their locus of reality, instead of basing their reality on mainstream illusions. This means their energy runs counter to, and effectively undermines and acts to dissolve the mainstream 3D matrix. The 3D grid or matrix imposes an externally-created, obsolete, illusionary, unreality that is now manifesting many global problems, unsolvable from within the same matrix.

A person cannot be functioning as a Lightworker if they fear any of:  the unknown, the invisible realms, their own subconscious, God, the processes of life, etc. Fear disconnects people from their inner being, and thereby from God, and leaves them with only the illusionary mainstream 3D matrix as reality.

Lightworkers are having their DNA upgraded to 3 strands initially, and their charkas increased from 7 to 13. This, and the total emotional clearing also underway is causing growth and ascension symptoms called by some ‘Ascensionitis, and may resemble flu-like symptoms.

Lightworkers do much to lessen the effect of earthquakes, and of tornadoes, cyclones, etc and redirect them away from population centres and back out to sea. Lightworkers also direct light to other disaster areas, especially places that have been damaged by human interference, which includes some earthquakes. They also send much Light and Love to Gaia, to enable her to terraform the planet more graciously, and with less destruction on the surface world.

By communicating through channellings posted on the Internet, the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Arch-Angels and Celestial others are able to guide and inspire Lightworkers, who empower the process at the Earth level. Lightworkers energy undermines the 3D illusion from spiritual levels, and also empowers the Galactic Federation and Celestials, which enables them to further their work, including guiding and assisting the work of Earth Allies, who are the boots-on-the-ground spiritual warriors, working quietly and often secretly within the system, sometimes as double-agents, to enable NESARA, transform the system to be 5D compatible, and bring about real change.

From the Galactic Federation viewpoint the Ascension process is worked as a karma-positive, co-operative and co-creative effort. Not a hand-out, nor a rescue mission, but a mid-wifing exercise for the birth of 5D reality. All work must be initiated by earth-born people on the ground, and the GF and various Celestials have indicated that are pleased with the progress being made by Lightworkers and Earth Allies.

Of greatest concern to Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters is the relatively few people waking up and consciously empowering their own Ascension process, adding to the light. They have been surprised by the disinclination of so many mainstream people to question their failing unreality and wake up.

For this reason, many Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are being born. They add light from their moment of birth and have already lifted the quota of light to beyond 50%, enabling the shift to occur, in a similar way to that of birthing advanced Lemurians during WW2, who later became flower children and early Lightworkers. Spiritually, a Lightworker is many times more powerful than any negative being.

The greatest way that Lightworkers add to the Light is to clearly see through the 3D matrix for the illusion that it is, which acts to dissolve it. This was true of the Flower Children as early Lightworkers, who could also envision a peaceful, bountiful, harmonious, sustainable planet, and developed understandings, methods and tools to begin. This enabled many others to also see through the illusions and then search for deeper understandings of better ways of living. They then proceeded to live this higher level reality in self-sufficient communes, creating future timelines and demonstrating its possibility for all. Lightworkers today must do likewise, and bring their transformative energy to the world. Ultimately, the Illusionati are being defeated through the energy and activity of Lightworkers of all ages, as they add to the total spiritual Light on the planet. They will be finally defeated when the deluded mainstream masses wake up and understand who and what has created all of the wars and destruction, and compromised their lives. This has begun with the occupy movement.

For the last decade and a half Lightworkers have been laying down new, harmonious and creative, 5D timelines towards creating the higher dimension, and displacing and replacing the existing illusionary, obsolete, disaster-seeking, mainstream, 3D-matrix timeline, which now only exists in peoples’ imagination, which is being constantly re-energised by TV, the media, etc.

Spiritual elites, those regarding themselves as spiritually superior, are not adding light. Superiority is a reaction to an underlying sense of inferiority that arises in reaction to feeling cut off from ones inner being, and then acting compensatory, out of the underlying insecurity and fear. Those obsessed with 2012, especially the negative, disaster scenarios, are likewise fear driven, and their energy helps to create the disaster they fear. 2012 will be the outcome of the collective human consciousness at the time, and will be experienced differently by those ascending from those not ascending.

Only present-centred, self-aware and self-accepting persons, committed to the upliftment of all and working for the greater good can add to the light.

Flower Children and the Global Elite

The 1960s was a time of breaking out of the old mould and into new, more effective, healthy and people friendly ways of living. Out of the sixties came the creation of bulk food supplies, organic gardens, living self-sufficiently, natural healing modalities, and experiencing inner freedom and personal sovereignty. Up until then all of these were almost totally foreign to conventional mainstream living.

Sustainable Living

Also out of the 1960s came Flower Children, who created self-sufficient communes, and by demonstrating many aspects of successful sustainable community living, which lay the groundwork for subsequent sustainable communities. They were followed by early pioneers in the 1970s, creating the first wave of pioneering sustainable communities and eventually in the 1980s professionally designed sustainable communities were created. Following decades saw additional, natural-based technologies, and further refinements in the form of specific sustainable templates, such as Co-housing, Eco-villages, Permaculture villages, etc.

Successful sustainable living is about getting the all of the basic essentials right first. This is also called sustainable subsistence living, and contrasts with mainstream living today, where people seek entertainment and luxuries, but without having the crucial, basic essentials of good food, clean water, plentiful, affordable sensible housing, robust health, good education etc. When the basics are right, people feel fulfilled and tend not to bother with entertainment or luxuries, as amply demonstrated by the flower children.

Aquarian Age

The flower children also spoke of the incoming Aquarian age of planetary peace, co-operation and abundance, which generally know today as Planetary and Biological Ascension. They informed us that it could unfold gracefully, (the singing and dancing option); or else it would be resisted and manifest through suffering, (the kicking and screaming option). But one way or the other, it would happen in the very near future.

Global Elite or illuminati

Many people of the 60s and 70’s had explored debt-free, sound, sensible sustainable solutions, and as low-consumption, sustainable communities succeeded and numbers began flourishing, and began permeating mainstream. This went much against the grain of corporations who bridled at the reduced consumption by many young people, who were potentially their greatest cunsumers. The global elite of banksters feared this movement would grow and spread to challenge, and eventually undermine their debt-based, economic and financial control, through the reduction of consumption.

The global elite rejected the singing and dancing option, and sought to implement their own, elitist NWO, using the kicking and screaming alternative. To ensure greater control, the global elite changed the economics in the English-speaking countries, from where most flower children emerged, back to the regressive economics of competition, scarcity and debt, in a wild reprise of the crazy 1920s. This was achieved through enforcing the same regressive, cut-throat, market-place economics that set up the stock-market collapse and great depression in the 1930s.

Laissez-faire Corporatism has never believed it can work honestly and decently, and began with slave labour in the cotton fields and satanic mills, to vastly reduce labour costs, and these have their modern day counterpart, in the working-poor, sweat-shop, wage-slave. It has always impoverished the lowest levels while decreeing that they should be law abiding, whilst the higher echelons would run massive scams, generally the higher the level the greater the scam.

In their drive to further impoverish the poor, through collapsing mortgages via gradually increasing interest rates, the banks themselves collapsed and could then no longer fund the debt-driven corporations. This has now created the greatest of all busts, and the full gamut of out-of-control global problems: financial, ecological, social, economic. The debt-funded proliferation of unsustainable, self-defeating, corporate-driven mainstream practices, beginning in the 1980s and increasing thereafter, are now comprehensively breaking down, making way for real changes.

The breaking down of the excessively costly, ineffectual medical system today that cannot cure myriad runaway diseases many of which are induced by the medical system itself, is largely caused by the lack of proper basics, and is just one example. There is now no field of mainstream endeavour that isn’t thoroughly compromised to the extent that no part of western society any longer functions as it should, and all of it is now bogged down by multiple binds, locked-in to every other part. Under the previous US regime this was accelerated and intensified, which hastened its own demise. The global elite are desperate right now, through losing many of their sources of funding, and their reactions are becoming more overt and visible as they rapidly lose control.


People get their energy from one of two sources, either channelling it, ultimately from the Divine, which is love based, attracts love and light, is uplifting, fulfilling, is always available and sustains; or else psychically vampiring it from other sources, which fear based, attracts only low level energies, is down-pulling, addictive, needs victims who then become drained, and after the short-term affects wears off, leaves the vampire feeling empty and desperate for more. All acts of goodness and evil have these principles at their core. In the final analysis, everything reduces to love or fear.

The term Illusionati has for many decades referred to a ‘shadow Govt’ which pull the strings of Govt, and  today refers to the motley collection of elite conspiratorial groups, whose common purpose is to secretly enslave and defraud the masses, in various ways to varying degrees, and their common modus operandi is to remain invisible, unknown and denied. They include the various royals and the rich and powerful, some of whom have no public face. Conspiratorial groups exist in an uncomfortable state of semi-peace and semi-war with each other. That is, they agree to collude, but being greedy extremists, will exploit each other’s weaknesses at any opportunity.

Their thirst for extreme wealth and power belies their underlying problem: absence of love and consequence intense fear, through being cut off from their own true soul, the inner source of unconditional love and from God, the ultimate source of all love. Their influence on society is to make it in their own image, that is, in the direction of being greedy, competitive, exploitative, heartless, emotionally-repressed, mentally-dominant, materialistic and egotistical. By creating an economic system that favours and rewards these qualities, the upper echelons of society become more like the illuminati and many become inducted into their lower ranks, or act as supporters.

Activities of the Illusionati

The Illusionati have most powerfully focused through the Rothschild’s activities over the last few centuries. Rothschild’s ambition has always been to privately own the central banks in every country and to print and issue bank notes. By owning the central banks, it can print money for little cost and loan the Govt the currency at face value and charge interest on it, while always owning the money. Treasury, borrows the money from the Fed Res at face value, and loans it to Banks. The Banks use this as security to give some backing to loans. Loans then given out can total say 10x or more of the face value of the FED funds borrowed, which represents the bank’s security, but is actually worthless.

Few Countries have ever favoured this arrangement and those that have resisted have had their heads of state assassinated, including Lincoln, Kennedy, the Russian Czar family, etc. The Rothschilds encouraged wars and then fund both sides of the conflict as a super-lucrative arrangement. This includes the Napoleonic wars, American Civil war, both World Wars, the Bolshevik revolution, and the Zionist creation of Israel, etc. The Rockefellers were the Rothschild’s secret representatives in US, as the Rothschild were always known about and banned.

The industrial revolution, that dragged people into cities, breaking-up the extended family and imposing a left-brain paradigm, to divorce people from nature and make them easily brainwashed and compliant, was an illuminati imposition. As was the destruction of the public transport system in the US in the 1930s to force people to purchase cars and fuel; and the depleted, artificial, nutrition-free food industry to keep people weak and sick, so they cannot revolt, as is the chemical medical system that does not cure. Chemicals do not heal, only poison. The current left-brain mis-education extremism and sports obsession are illusionati driven, as is the left-brain, male-energy feminism, to destroy the nuclear family, reduce population, and make more slaves in the work force; and the increasing violence on TV, in movies and computer games, and crass sexuality in pop music. Every industry, every field of endeavour and aspect of life is contaminated and controlled and always has been to greater or lesser degrees. Their destructive agenda reaches into all aspects of mainstream living, right into people’s homes, and is designed to weaken, corrupt and steer people away from real solutions and biological ascension. This is the 3D matrix, it is the illusionary reality, which is maintained by the mainstream consensus, who choose to believe in it.

1980s Split

A split between the Rothschilds of Europe and the Rockefellers of US occurred around the beginning of the 1980s. Whereas the Rothschild-controlled European countries persisted with the more gentle, Keynesian ‘socialistic’ capitalism, introduced after WW2, the English speaking countries, who are controlled by the Rockefellers, went their own way and returned to hard-line laissez-faire Capitalism of the industrial-revolution-to-Great-Depression era,  re-implementing it in the English speaking countries around 1980 as Thatcherism, Reaganomics and Economic Rationalism, to hide the Capitalism title. The Illusionati took over many Corporations, paid their CEO lackeys huge salaries to do their bidding, including reimposing wage-slave conditions by pushing wages down, and increasing unpaid extra hours. The English speaking countries now work the longest working weeks in the OECD. They then outsourced their manufacturing capacity to China with even greater wage-slave conditions, and creating unemployment at home.

Illuminati Faction 2 SuperGroup

After Annunaki pulled out in 1994, there was a power struggle between various high-level conspiracy groups, resulting in consolidation of many groups into a general illuminati super-group, which would work all-out to create their NWO of elitists and slaves. In America this consolidation manifests most overtly as the Rockefeller-controlled Neo-conservative/Republican/Religious-Right/Banking/Military/ Industrial/ Media/Entertainment/Medical/Agricultural/Corporative/NSA/CIA/NSC/FBI etc, complex, all working in substantial internal collusion. This is known as faction 2. Faction 1 is the long extant Rothschild-controlled Europe.

Today there is an almost complete control of the banking, media and entertainment industries by Zionists. This enables them to control US public beliefs, values and attitudes. It enables them to exercise influence on the Govt, neo-cons, and religious right, boosted through blackmail, bribes and threats. Anyone outing corruption is usually themselves outed for sexual indiscretions that the CIA and Mossad have been able to offer set up, provide and secretly film, known as the “honey trap”. Most US congressmen and senators are in this blackmail predicament, and this is behind the solid US support for Israel, and no-ties funding.

The illuminati had intended to out themselves in the Bush years and take the already-existing NWO from covert to overt, enabling total control of populations, similar to the Nazi era, such was their confidence of pulling it off. They have been successfully prevented from doing so, substantially by defending Islamists.

Although many people know the truth of what is happening, the Illuminati have always succeeded in keeping their existence and activities secret from mainstream knowledge, by having compliant politicians, bureaucracies, media, corporations, scientific organisations, Police, CIA, FBI, NSA, NSC, ASIO, etc. all of whom are bribed, and is why banksters are paid so highly – as enablers of such extreme crookedness.

Perpetual War on Terror

Their NWO project was kicked into a higher gear with the 9/11 twin tower debacle, timed to preclude the announcing of NESARA, and then issuing draconian laws in preparation for full martial law being declared in the US, enabling total control of the population and greater freedom to implement the Illuminati NWO Agenda, which includes reduction of Earth’s population by two-thirds or more.

Invasion of Afghanistan was primary to free up the heroin, which bankrolls the CIA ‘black’ operations to destabilise Govts, after the Taliban had shut it down. It was also for a huge oil pipeline traversing the country, which is yet to happen, and to build military bases overlooking Russia and China. Invasion of Iraq was for oil, to change the economic system which does not allow exploitation, sexploitation or usury, and to provide a beach head for invading other oil-rich Moslem countries. On a yet higher level, there are important stargates in both countries that are key to the planetary ascension process, which the illuminati tried to get control of and use for their own ends, but failed.

Owning the world makes perfect sense to them, as also does enslaving all others, and vastly reducing world population through disease, famine and wars. Their only constraint is to remain invisible and their existence plausibly denied to the mainstream population, who would otherwise rise up against them.

How the Illuminati Brainwash their own People

The Illuminati believe that the mind is superior to the emotions, and by eliminating the emotions, they are able to accomplish their ends without conscience, which they regard as a hindrence. Their own children are given many psychological tests and selected for areas to specialise in. The basic technique then is to induce trauma in their own very young children to create disassociation and total emotional repression. It also creates a split in consciousness, and an impervious barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. When induced in different circumstances, this creates multiple personalities each of which can be called up individually.

Each personality can be taught different specialised skills, including sexual predators and sexual compliance, assassination skills, photographic memory, high priests and priestesses, etc, and each is associated with a different cue. Each personality can then be individually called upon by using the particular cue, in a Manchurian Candidate way. It makes them emotionally repressed and right-brain deficient, but highly mentalised, left-brain dominant, highly intelligent, but without insight, wisdom, or compassion. Marriages are pre-arranged to keep it in the family, with dangers of inbreeding, hence ‘blue-bloods’.

Without emotional well-being, they are constantly unfulfilled, highly materialistic, insatiably greedy, and utterly ruthless in satisfying that greed. The effect can be seen in ordinary mainstream people, through the Illuminati influence on mainstream education and culture, especially since the 1980s return to laissez-faire capitalism, a Rockefeller illuminati imposition. They wish to preserve the 3D grid, even though it is no longer supported by planetary, galactic or universal energies and is now just an illusion, kept consciously energised by those who still subscribe to it, through believing TV, news, etc, which are totally controlled and shaped by the illuminati.

How the Illuminati are being Defeated

The illuminati have been quietly resisted by those working for Global Ascension, which has always been the original cosmic plan, and is the high-level spiritual counterpart to the low-level, evil NWO. Earth Allies and Lightworkers must work lawfully, decently, honourably, and secretly against extremely ruthless, corrupt, unethical, and underhanded people, who also have weaponry beyond that available to the US armed forces, and will bribe, blackmail, slander and assassinate to achieve their nefarious ends.

White Knights

Around the 1980s, partly as a consequence of the illuminati upheavals, many of the illuminati sons and daughters decided they would rather live in a better world, and to assist this became white knights, unbeknown to their illuminati elders, and have been secretly using their mega riches, power and influence towards better ends, in particular investing huge moneys in the prosperity funds.

Earth Allies

Many persons of influence in high places within Govt, Corporations, NGOs, etc and working to bring about Disclosure, arresting banksters and other crooks, announcing Nesara, world peace, planetary ecological sustainability, etc. Many work in secret as double agents in areas where these goals are resisted.

Galactic Confederation

In the mid 1990s, the GF confronted the Anchara Alliance with significantly superior forces, The AA are a galactic-level alliance of evil that have controlled the Earth since virtually forever. Anchara agreed to a peace accord with the GF and withdrew. The Annunaki capitulated and joined the GF.  It was expected that the illuminati would also cease playing ‘devil’s advocate’, make peace and join the Planetary and Biological Ascension process, especially since the experiment had already exceeded its original goal. The Illuminati accepted the offer, but then betrayed it with 9/11, and worked with assistance from rogue ETs who had remained, continuing their secret programs to create a NWO of elitists and slaves.

Global Ascension moves from 4D to 5D

After the illuminati effectively declared war on humanity, it was decided to take advantage of the extra work and growth they have caused humanity, and use this to lift Global ascension beyond the High 4D to 5D, totally clear of all lower 4D influences.

The GF have placed on the Earth over 30,000 Galactic Humans with high-level abilities to assist Earth-Allies uncover, expose, undo, and prevent further Illuminati illegal dealings. Bank accounts belonging to crooks have been frozen and made inaccessible, which was the reason behind the oil price spike, to regain funds, which refinanced Russia and Venezuela, much to the Illuminati’s horror. The use of food to produce fuel alcohol instead of using waste was pre-planned to assist the starvation of ‘useless eaters’.

Galactic Federation are able to walk the corridors of the Pentagon inconspicuously appearing as legitimate personnel and can also invisibly attend illuminati boardrooms and meetings, and are privy to many illuminati secrets and agreements. The GF have lessened the effect of the illuminati-created diseases, and have de-fused many explosives designed to wreak havoc in the US and invoke martial law.

Work By Earth Allies

Patrick Fitzgerald, who investigated the Valerie Plame outing, has issued more than 30,000 indictments against serious, high-level elite criminals, and has been waiting for the right time to have them served en mass.  This will be timed to be immediately before the NESARA announcement. All high level crooks from the Bush Admin, including Bush, Cheney and Condi have already being served, but are allowed minimum freedom so as not to alarm the population, until all is triggered to occur simultaneously.

The financial collapse was meant to leave the banks and corporations all powerful over an impoverished population of useless eaters. The refunding will not help long term in the face of a $600 trillion derivatives debt, still held off balance sheets. These illusionary investments represent more Illuminati money no longer available to them. Members of the illuminati need mega funds to maintain lifestyle and pay ongoing bribes through the banksters to the large numbers being bought off.

Whistle blowers of the numerous alphabet agencies of the military/industrial etc, complex are exposing secret plans of the cabal. Many of these were illuminati pawns who have changed sides under the Cosmic Light Recruitment Program to negate and work off accumulated negative karma. Now working as double agents and helping to undermine and sabotage the NWO plans for a world fascist dictatorship.

Evil Beings Destiny

Incorrigibly evil beings who refuse to reorient themselves away from evil will be dissolved back into the cosmic soup, and any benefits of their energy will be used in the Universal Creative process. Lesser evil beings will go to another planet, where they will engage primitive but difficult conditions.