1) Social Decline in Mainstream Society

During the 1960s and 1970s, new, wholistic understandings were becoming incorporated into university faculties. Many arose from breakthroughs that had been experienced, observed and written about, often by eminent people at the top of their profession. Many of the initial breakthroughs actually occurred during the 1950s, before breaking into mainstream consciousness during the 1960s and 1970s. Breakthroughs were especially common in the social science fields of Management and Psychology, where both were focusing on the greater human potential, with an eye towards enabling and encouraging higher functioning people.

Many of the post war baby boomer generation of young adults were already having highly positive experiences, of themselves, of each other, and of life itself, and found the new understandings easy to assimilate, integrate and incorporate into their living reality. Some university faculties were being reformed, both from the top by insightful professors, and from the bottom by students who were demanding that education should update to reflect modern reality and the future. Out of these demands the ecology subject was born. By the mid 1970s, following ozone depletion and greenhouse concerns, one major global corporation had already converted 90% of their aerosol can dispersants from chlorofluorocarbons to hydrocarbons, and was working on the balance

Time Of Choices

The issue in the minds of the people was, where to from here? Would we make the transformation into a better, more peaceful world for all, free of serious problems?  Would we reach out for a new, improving future, and embrace new, more human-friendly ways to take our nations and economies into an integrated, highly functional ecologically sound, sustainable world? Would we create a new, forward-looking whole-brain economic paradigm, compatible with nature, which would utilise the optimising and abundance principles of nature, and would take the world into a secure, sustainable, ecologically enriched future? Would we update and upgrade Keynesian economics into the next evolutionary step of an economics that incorporated sustainability, abundance, integration and balance? Would we reduce the working week to 15 – 20 hours, so that living a life took precedence over living to work. Everything would all hinge on the kind of economics we would practice.

Revisiting the Past

The growing grassroots embrace of sustainability did not please everybody. Some more established people were horrified at what they saw as the breakdown of established ways; corporations saw their product base threatened by the move towards the natural; especially big pharma, financial institutions saw their finances threatened by the move away from conspicuous consumption; economics depts had no progressive theories and spoke of going back to the ‘real’ economics.

Under the pretext of countering stagflation, and in a dramatic return to what had failed so comprehensively in pre-WW2, the English speaking national Governments re-embraced the same basic laissez-faire, (unrestricted commercial freedom), marketplacedetermined economic paradigm of the 1920s and earlier, that had culminated with the stock market crash, the great depression and the second world war, before the all-too-brief 3 or 4 decades of post WW2 creative rebuilding.

Use of Greed as Prime Motivator

Disguised under the new name of economic rationalism, in Australia or more colloquially Thatcherism in the UK, Reaganomics in the US and Rogernomics in NZ, it was championed by the English speaking countries, and was implemented with little or no negotiation or even common discussion, and was imposed as a total-package, done-deal, fait accompli. It privatised much of the post-war constructed, publicly owned infrastructure at bargain prices, and focussed exclusively on the short term, single-bottom-line, quarterly financial return, and the reflected stock market price. “Greed is good”, and “profit is king” became the watchwords. Ms Thatcher declared, “There is no such thing as society, there are only individuals”. Everybody was to be played-off against everybody else. This represented a return to, and an intensification of a hard-line, left-brain paradigm.


What had been touted as marketplace capitalism, rapidly degenerated into a form of corporate capitalism, or corporatism, where a few, giant corporations reign supreme, and monopolies are not actively prevented or even discouraged. Corporations, in their own profit maximising interests, do everything they can to undermine marketplace processes dynamics and effects, to diminish the need for research into new products, and be able charge more for existing products. Corporations wield disproportionate lobbying power, and their primary target of attack is the natural world, where they demand unfettered and free access to all manner of natural resources, destroy and pollute with impunity, create products that are also highly polluting, get natural, wholesome products declared unsafe and illegal. Everything to do with the natural world, which they in fact depend on, and depend on its continued ability to supply resources, is treated with contempt, even as many of those resources are becoming critically low or disappearing altogether.

Their other target is their staff. The 1970s adage of “our staff are our best asset” was replaced with “re-engineering”, a euphemism for downsizing, another euphemism for mass layoffs, and serious attempts were made to downgrade the skills needed and make workers interchangeable, and easily replaceable units. Proactive management models including self-actualising management became was replaced by the antiquated, exploitative ‘economic man’ model Later, the person who coined the term declared it had not been the smartest way to go.  The destruction of the skills base is showing up now, and has become a significant contributor to inflation. Corporations now use wages as the main economic variable, to be reduced when profits are not enough to satisfy shareholders, by throwing large numbers of people out of work. Today, people feel privileged just to have a job.

With the re-introduction of the old, corporate-driven economic system, citizens became consumers, and consumerism became the underlining activity. Nations became regarded as economies, many of which soon became unbalanced under a flood of credit without requisite checks and balances. Some began running out of control with skyrocketing inflation, leading to 18%+ interest rates globally, followed by a serious global economic bust in the late 1980s, early 1990s, and early 2000s and in all likelihood 2008, and in every case because of economic bubbles and financial mismanagement.

The Stock Market

The stock market used to be the privy of the more well to do, but has now become the investment place of choice for a significant proportion of the population. Because of its very nature – investing in companies that will turn the greatest profit and produce the largest return most quickly, shareholders have a vested interest in ignoring the damaging effect businesses may have on the environment and social wellbeing, enabling such practices to worsen. This is called privatising profits while socialising costs.

Social Decline

After WW2, Governments had legislated policies to ensure that safety, fairness, propriety, minimum standards. Now, under the guise of ensuring economic progress, much legislated policy became down-graded to “voluntary compliance”. This reversed many more thoughtful and far-sighted policies, and led to a serious escalation of problems, from illegal deals to financial rorts on an unprecedented scale, to greater ecological deterioration, a lessening safety standards etc, and generally diminishing social wellbeing. Information previously available under “freedom-of-information”, was now prohibited under “commercial-in-confidence”, preventing oversight to ensure propriety. Universities re-embraced earlier, outmoded understandings. Science became the privy of the military and the commercial world, and research no longer focused on unlocking the mysteries, but on how to apply it to technology to gain military superiority, and to turn a quick dollar. Much that was discovered was immediately patented, kept within corporations, and not shared in the usual scientific tradition. Egalitarianism gave way to class-consciousness. Education became expensive under the assumption that recipients would command a greater personal salary in the greed economy. Socially, we were returning to a pre-Keynesian paradigm, and at a time when a large part of the system was enjoying a post-Keynesian reality.

Ecological Decline

After substantial elimination of CFC production, these concerns were dismissed as scare mongering, and CFCs were actually re-embraced as harmless to the environment, until a giant ozone hole appeared over Antarctica. Anticipated problems that had been both warned against and actively worked on, now began to worsen, following the relaxation of controls. Solar hot water on new houses in Perth decreased from around 25% of new houses in the mid 70s to around 5% in the mid 1980s. Many problems that were beginning to be addressed, began to worsen, and have now become well established and seriously out of control, creating global crises affecting the entire natural world, including the atmosphere, oceans, coastal waters, rivers and lakes, soils and most forms of life over the planet. The weather is now in serious imbalance and goes to wild extremes, exaggerating floods, droughts, heat-waves and freezing conditions. This has now been credited to ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect, caused through atmospheric pollution and ecological destruction. Scientific predictions have been constantly underestimated. Many scientists now believe that the polar ice caps are irreversibly melting and will change important ocean currents, affecting coastal sea temperatures that drive much of the weather. Melting of Greenland and Antarctica land-based ice will increase sea levels.

Swelling Government Bureaucracy

In order maintain control of populations in a time of runaway corporations and decreasing social standards, Govt bureaucracies have grown considerably. This is not assisting to maintain social standards, which continue to decline, but has resulted in an Orwellian big-brother effect, that was so dreaded by whole populations a couple of decades ago.

Boom and Bust Cycle

Historically, the boom-bust cycle took 30 years. Nowadays, a boom-bust cycle takes less than 10 years and is devastating for large sections of the population, some of whom loose their homes and/or their life savings. Today, many economies have some of their economic factors running as a boom, while concurrently other factors are faltering as busts. Some factors switch between boom and bust without ever finding the balance.

Global Financial Meltdown

Eventually, after much deregulation of banking and the financial system, and the removal of safeguards, many economies over performed due to housing bubbles and financial derivatives seriously overextending, the global economic system collapsed. This has now resulted in financial and economic collapse of the US, UK, and many European economies that are now being bailed out by taxpayers.



2) City Living Today

Economic Insecurity

A major characteristic of cities today is the very high costs of living, including rents, which necessitates a well-paid, full-time job to stay ahead. Of course, jobs are no longer secure, not all of them are highly paid, and an increasing proportion are part-time, or even casual, and many jobs cease to exist at the whim of economic conditions, which have become increasingly volatile. Workers’ rights have been declining, and many are now working substantial extra un-paid hours. There is usually no provision for paying workers’ entitlements if a company employing them closes down. Much of the work/life balance, so carefully worked out and implemented over much of last century is gone. About a third of the workforce work excessive hours without paid overtime, and a third are underemployed and part of the working poor.  Lower income people are an increasing proportion of the workforce, and are falling further behind in an increasingly inequitable society.


Very little saving actually takes place by a large proportion of city inhabitants, and increasing numbers of people are falling into serious, chronic debt. Today, as never before, the economy is floating on the indebtedness of consumers. House loans, personal loans and credit card debt have all reached record levels, at a time when many people can easily lose their jobs and subsequently, their house, car and everything else. Personal and family indebtedness is at an all time high, both in absolute amounts, and as proportions of family income. As interest rates rise, many people will find themselves in dire circumstances.


The current housing shortage, and corresponding high rentals is worst in more than half a century. Mortgage stress affects the majority of persons repaying mortgages. Presently, the level of failure to repay house mortgages is increasing rapidly, because of current interest rate rises, making it too difficult for some people to repay their mortgage, and causing them to lose their house. Many McMansions are being sold cheaply to the already rich, by banks foreclosing on mortgagees, to the original owners’ disadvantage. House prices are falling and rising interest rates and the credit crunch is ensuing that there is neither a buyer’s nor seller’s market. 

Failing Medical System

Hospitals have become so expensive to run, that whole wards are being closed whilst waiting lists are getting longer. Privatization of hospitals has induced many cost-cutting measures that risk endangering lives, while medical insurance continues to rise. Hospital doctors and nurses are complaining about stress and sleep deprivation. Some doctors can no longer afford indemnity insurance and some hospital procedures have become uninsurable. Many previously eliminated diseases are re-emerging in more-pernicious strains. New contagious or infectious, potentially fatal diseases, such as hepatitis C, are considered unstoppable and becoming widespread. Aids is mutating and picking up again. Antibiotics are losing effectiveness, andAustralia now has diseases including strands of golden staph that are no longer treatable by antibiotics. Asthma, obesity and diabetes are now considered epidemic. Trends are worsening, not improving.

Medical drug creation is the exclusive province of global corporations, which dictate the entire range of the chemical medical system. They cannot patent natural products, and so cannot make high profits from natural based remedies, so they un-avail themselves of remedies that could drastically improve health, provide cures for ‘incurable’ diseases, and reform the failing health system. The current spate of TV programs showing the miraculous cures that are 5 years away smacks of desperation and should be viewed in the context of the promises about  a cure for AIDS being 5 years away since 1985. Being of the wrong paradigm, money is being made out of sickness instead of health. In ancientChina, where they practised preventative medicine, people paid their physicians to keep them healthy, and stopped paying when they became ill, until they were well again. That would reorientate the industry towards embracing preventative medicine.

Television and Media

Television has now become the opiate of the masses, and a major contributor to the problem. News is syndicated, and the same footage of the same news items with the same voice-over can be seen on all commercial channels. News has become notoriously inaccurate about major issues and offer no explanation or apology for getting it wrong and misleading the public. Crime and violence proliferates during peak night viewing hours, and soapies teach oppressor/victim psychology. Many TV advertisements operate on the assumption that unbalanced people respond best to loud, obnoxious advertisements. Children’s programs are mostly fragmented escapism, surrounded by an intense, force-fed diet of junk food advertisements. TV gives the values that determine peer pressure values. In the 1960s, peer pressure was towards honesty, decency, fairness and dignity, in an atmosphere of acceptance and openheartedness. For a time, it changed the world, in a small but key way. Today, we are subject to a commercial culture that has lost those higher-level values, by  valuing competition and exploitation instead, which now permeates and down-grades family life.

Personal Computing

The advent of personal computing was expected to unleash a new wave of creativity, enable individual and societal research into societal and global difficulties, to explore as-yet unimagined areas, and to deepen, intensify and globalise the trend towards a better society. Instead, they have become overwhelmingly tied to the universal quest for accelerated, short-term commercial success – complemented by computer games of mindless violence, often involving virtual wanton killing without compunction. This latter represents a significant shift from the post-war Hollywood cowboy ethic of the good guys never initiating violence, never fighting somebody smaller or weaker, never using more violence than necessary, never throwing the first punch or drawing first, and never shooting anyone in the back. This is now passé, and we seem to be training a younger generation in violence and warfare for what appears to be a coming era of wars. Just as television destroyed home conversation, digital connectivity has pre-empted human-to-human contact and group human contact. What had been so nourishing and uplifting just decades earlier has degenerated into many solitary individuals having superficial virtual-contact. Most high-tech products today are part of the entertainment industry, including the more powerful desktops and notebook computers.


The gradual transition towards whole-brain education has been reversed and redirected towards greater emphasis on an intensified, left-brain orientation. Homework hours increased to impose doctrines of diminishing relevance, as the education system subordinates itself to an obsolete economic paradigm that seeks to increase competitiveness between students and all other members of society as a false path towards excellence. Competition destroys out-of-the-box and right-brain thinking, as competition is part of the left-brain makeup. Many students, especially those who have greater right brain activation, find this too boring and constraining, leading to dropping out by many students who are not interested in learning more of what has perpetuated the problem. The bleed through of competitiveness into people’s personal lives has contributed to the destruction of the family as well as social capital throughout society, both of which are built upon co-operative, trusting relationships. 

Health and Fitness

The cumulative effect of computing, schooling and homework, e-games and watching TV have turned the youth of today into a sedentary generation, fed upon a proliferation of unhealthy junk and fast foods. This has produced an obese generation whose average health may be the lowest since the great depression or before.

Boredom and Escapism

A large proportion of the younger working generation are unemployed with nothing to do, at the time of having a serious skills shortage. The younger generations have never been so bored, despite a huge entertainment industry, much of which requires passive watching, is based on ultra-violent escapism, and can be financial draining. For an increasing number of unemployed and low-income people, the quality of life has seriously deteriorated, life has never been so meaningless, and the outlook so dismal, while for those well off, life becomes an endless distraction of electronic trivia to be entertained by, instead of living a fulfilling life.


There are now many severely impoverished people in cities, and the numbers are increasing. Homelessness is huge and continues to rise, and we have now moved beyond street kids, to street families. Welfare agencies have been substantially defunded, are not nearly coping, and the problem is getting worse.

Drug Addiction and Mental Illness

The brutalising and depressing effect of dismal social decline has led to the dramatic increase in the use of narcotics to induce emotional numbing as a way of dealing with the increasing emotional pain being suffered today. This is a temporary fix, and enables emotional problems and pain to increase, making them intensely addictive, completely self-defeating, and creates a vicious downwards spiral circle. The illicit hard drug industry is now huge and expanding, with numbers of addicts increasing, along with all of the associated problems of crime, suicide and other forms of fallout, increasing social degeneration. Severe depression and other forms of psychiatric illnesses have increased markedly in recent years. The number of people in the population suffering some form of serious psychiatric illness is one in twenty, with the majority of “street people” affected. 


The ethic of working to live, with plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour has now been replaced by the ethic of living to work.Australiatransitioned from the land of the long weekend to the land of the lost weekend with many people working extreme hours with unpaid overtime, having unprecedented levels of personal debt, and no time to enjoy life. The notion of building a nation and developing a society has been forgotten, as people now seek greater individual gratification in lieu of fulfilment. Depression is at an all time high.  

Declining Populations

One outcome of decades of social deterioration has been a declining birth rate and population decline in advanced economies for the first time in their post-industrial history. This has been caused through: young adults staying at home longer and marrying later; the postponement by many working women to have children because of work and career commitments, often until it has become too physiologically late; reduced male fertility; couples choosing not to have as many children due to economic reasons. The concern now is that there are not enough children being born in the west, to be able pay enough taxes when they become of working age, to repay the superannuation owed to the post war generation of govt workers who are nearly due to retire, as it has already been spent. A concern postponed by raising the retirement age by five years.

Fuel  and Food Crises

The increasing price of oil has led to a food crisis as every step of the food industry is heavily dependent on oil, and much grain production has been diverted to the biofuel industry. The fuel crisis is now impacting every aspect of civilisation. 

Social Degeneration

We have effectively given away creating better family relationships, ever-improving societies, nourishing lifestyles, uplifting social relationships and better environments, all in exchange for a boom and bust economy of materiality, that is not highly conducive to family life, diminishes social well being, creates poverty, encourages ecological destruction and pollutes with abandon and does not plan or prepare for the future. Social Capital, human capital and environmental capital have all fallen dramatically, and are continuing to fall. Remote Aboriginal people transitioning to cities can expect in most cases to end up at the lower socio-economic level of the above.

Social Amnesia

All of the above problems are part of the severe social degeneration that has arisen since converting back to marketplace economics. For many people the recent genuinely better times have come and gone, and have been completely forgotten, as if they had never existed.


3) Rural Towns Today

Rural Decline

Small rural towns used to work quite well, despite, or perhaps because of their remoteness. There was a time when these small rural towns were far more self-contained, and self-reliant. Many used to be thriving communities, but today, few would be considered so. Today, small rural towns are less isolated, have better roads, better transportation, and better telecommunications, yet problems now associated with small rural towns are quite overwhelming, and getting worse.

Some of these rural town problems are:

  • many businesses and services are closing down or relocating in cities;
  • rural bank branches are closing down;
  • they cannot get doctors;
  • high school students are required to board in distant cities to get educated;
  • cyclones, floods, droughts and bushfires are intensifying and occurring more often;
  • crop failures are occurring more frequently;
  • water is now permanently in short supply;
  • saltation and desertification of farmlands is increasing;
  • the costs of operating a farm keep increasing;
  • farm debt is increasing;
  • income reliability from crops is becoming increasingly tenuous;
  • farm failure is increasing;
  • more and more farmers are selling up and pulling out;
  • towns are facing increasing impoverishment;
  • the young adult male suicide rate is amongst the highest in the world.

These problems have occurred for a number of reasons, most of which are traceable to people embracing a less sustainable lifestyle, and the subsequent loss of community functioning and spirit. Money that used to be spent and remained in the community to be re-spent locally, now finds it way to the cities very quickly. And people follow the money. The drift to the city has now become a very serious problem in its own right.

Wrong Paradigm

Under the current, left-brain paradigm, many rural towns need greater populations with higher income levels to be comfortably affluent, at a time when rural populations are decreasing, and towns becoming impoverished in a vicious cycle, spiralling downwards. A crop can fail through any one or more of: floods, fires, droughts, locust plagues, fungal damage and market collapse. Crop failure can mean town failure. What makes the problem so devastating for these towns is they do not know what to do about any of their many problems, let alone when all of these problems occur simultaneously and feed off each other. Nor does federal, state or local Government, nor the business sector, nor the churches, nor any other part of mainstream society know how to deal with these worsening problems. They cannot see what is needed, nor do they know what they could be doing for themselves and their towns right now. They can hardly be considered as an example or role model for remote Aboriginal towns to follow.

Return to Sustainability

Solutions for rural towns lie in past understandings. Get the farmers to diversify out of cash crops. Create a local economy by engaging the farmers to supply food locally. Put gardens in back yards, and live in all ways as sustainably as possible. Become more community orientated and community spirited, and do things that a true community would do. Develop community solutions. Become community, not a town of individuals whose common, cohering factor is impoverishment and indebtedness. When community spirit overwhelms people’s sense of individual selfishness, many community solutions spring up spontaneously. Wholistic and sustainable solutions are universal and can be applied on any scale, in any environment.


4) Limitations of the current Economic paradigm

Limitations of the Marketplace

The marketplace, as currently practised, is not proactive and does not lead, but always lags well behind the cutting edge, which is continuously moving ahead of emerging problems, as well revealed in this book. This lag creates crises, because what has become urgently needed, is not being considered, let alone provided. The current energy crisis, water crisis, greenhouse crisis, oil crisis, shortage of skilled workers and the failed medical system and other arising problems all demonstrate this. The marketplace cannot even get a carbon trading scheme up without much wrenching and manipulating, which demonstrates that the marketplace does not work naturally, and only works within contrived structures having very limited parameters in an obsolete, mechanistic paradigm. It completely ignores and stomps all over everything that is truly precious to living well on a thriving planet. 

 The marketplace does not value household work, or raising children, which are now regarded as a cost, not an asset, and a financial burden. It does not price or value natural resources, nor cost their depletion and destruction, nor pollution, which has now gotten well out of hand and is still increasing. It ignores the deleterious consequences of its own actions, and continues to create massive problems.

 Social Decline

It does not cost or value the massive amounts of voluntary social work that was so necessary to the social upliftment in the 1960s, which many found to be personally transforming as well. It has created serious societal imbalances without any mechanism to redress them In the 1970s, when unemployment rose dramatically, a community movement arose in Australia was funded by using the unemployment benefit as a stipend to do community work, beyond purely surviving. They broke new ground in areas that are sorely needing today, creating templates for inexpensive successful living.

 People today have been miseducated away from their naturally-arising social concerns, through reorientation towards competitiveness and personal concern, with deletrious social outcomes. The entire range of social problems have arisen through the successful elimination of a thriving between-the-lines, between-the-cracks, caring and uplifting and social reality.

 Controlled by Corporations

Many helpful innovations and technologies, including sustainable technologies and renewable energies, have already been developed, and are designed to deal with many of the problems. Many of these innovations and inventions have been bought up and shelved instead of being embraced, as was commonly known as far back as the 1960s, to increase oil usage. They are continued today because they threaten existing, entrenched, unsustainable technologies, maintained by corporations who are locked into the past, do not want to change, and regard re-tooling as too difficult and expensive. Their problem is they are committed to an obsolete paradigm, and are unwilling or unable to adapt to today’s real need. One of the great problems with corporations is that many of their products are no longer what we need. They are not in a good position, in the present setup, to discern our real needs and then move towards fulfilling them. Instead of this, many Corporations today dictate terms to Governments, and have long pressurised them into ignoring pollution, resource depletion, environmental destruction as well as renewable technologies that would help deal with these problems.

 Antiquated, Obsolete Paradigm

Marketplaces as currently practiced, are unable to embrace forward-looking solutions, but instead dissuade companies and countries from taking a fresh, forward-looking approach that would benefit society by addressing and solving the rapidly increasing problems. The marketplace-only, short-term, single-bottom-line approach has now created serious and worsening social and ecological deterioration on a global scale, and economic destitution for billions of people.

 We practise an economic paradigm that arose during the early days of the industrial revolution, long before we knew about social cohesion, or understood what fulfils human needs, or appreciated the importance of nature and ecological wellbeing. It has not been upgraded in the light of greater understanding, as it unfolds over time.

 No Goals for Social Improvement or a Better World

It has no goal of a better society, a peaceful, sustainable planet, or anything else for people to aspire. It does not offer personal fulfilment, but only material goods in a world already overstuffed with material goods, as it destroys the ecological base upon which all humans biologically depend for survival. It does not inspire or reassure people.

 Driven by Greed

It is driven only by inducing a desire for individual affluence, and accordingly trains people to become selfish and greedy, and then pits them against each other, obliging them to act competitively and selfishly in order to succeed. This creates dysfunctional people, and a dysfunctional society, with all the problems that ensue.

 Waste Producing

It destroys and wastes many times more raw materials than it uses, creating excessive waste and toxins, poisoning the planet. It is a prolific waster of fresh water causing serious shortages. It does not clean up the mess it creates, has no solutions to the any of the worsening intractable problems it has created, and is not seriously looking for solutions.

 Destroys Ecology

It is excessively predatory of the entire natural world, which it has severely degraded and continues to destroy without restraint, and upon which it depends for its wealth and survival. Serious and increasing problems caused by the system in the past two decades include global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, resource depletion, ecological destruction, atmospheric and water pollution, running down fish stocks, forestry destruction, salination and desertification of land. The destruction is accelerating.

 Locked into Past

It has locked the world into the past, and has brought western civilisation to the point where no part of it works well anymore, and as a whole, is now highly dysfunctional. It has no vision of the future except for looming ecological and medical disasters, which will cause massive economic disasters in their wake.

 US and European Economies Imploding

The once healthyUSeconomy is now in extreme debt, as are many of its citizens, tens of millions of whom went into credit card debt to help keep theUSeconomy afloat following the crash of 2001. TheUSeconomy was also artificially stimulated in an unbalanced way by an extreme, sub-prime housing bubble, which has now collapsed. The derivative market, a variation on what caused the 1929 crash, and far larger than the sub-prime fiasco, has also collapsed. Bank debt from derivatives is around $600 trillion. Many European countries are financially bankrupt. These problems are of an obsolete paradigm, and will worsen until a new system of cooperation and abundance replaces it. 

 Current Situation

As a result of re-embracing outmoded practices, we now live in a world that suffers ever increasing social deterioration and ecological destruction, unprecedented personal and family indebtedness, and widespread impoverishment of the lower socio-economic strata, as well as an aging and decreasing populations in the more “successful” industrialised nation states. Stagflation, the reason given for the return to marketplace capitalism, has now returned with many other extremely serious problems accompanying it.

5) Creating a New Economic and Social Paradigm

 The old paradigm is well past its use-by date, and needs to be exchanged for a natural economic paradigm based on abundance rather than scarcity, that can enable us to become the kind of society we would like to live in, and to create the kind of planet we would like to live on. It should definitely take into account what we have learned about life, nature and human nature, especially since WW2. People-friendly, eco-friendly, orientated towards abundance, sustainability, eco-preservation and renewal. When it is delivered, it promises to be much simpler, elegant, functional, effective, nature-compatible and friendly, than the increasingly unwieldy system we have now.

 Fortunately, the process of forming the new economic and social paradigm of abundance, sustainability, eco-preservation and renewal is well underway, and has been signed on to by over 180 countries. TheUSwas to lead this transformation, as it has had a tradition of innovation and opportunity, but in recent years has become the greatest obstruction and this has delayed the roll out by a decade. The new program is called NESARA.


National Economic Security and Reformation Act

 The NESARA program began during the 1980s, with Farm Claims against Banks ripping them off and foreclosing on them, after a farm-owning Army General was foreclosed on, and became a co-complainant. An investigation found that massive amounts were owed to many Farmers and others over many years, and was so huge and widespread that these enormous amounts have been converted into prosperity funds for Abundance Programs. Other huge Abundance programs were started up in the 1990s, some from mega-rich, White Knights who chose to break with the illusionati and instead contribute to a better world.

 The NESARA Program has many interlocking aspects that significantly upgrade the way we live our physical life. Much of it is about a new and completely different Economic System;

  •  Dissolution of Federal Reserve, and IRS;
  • Total Debt Forgiveness of all debt, including Credit Cards and Mortgages;
  • Declaration of World Peace and Bring all Troops Home;
  • End of Admiralty Law; Return to Common Law;
  • Resignation of all Governments and installation of prepared caretaker Govts;
  • New elections within 9 months;
  • New, Treasury-issued, precious metal backed rainbow currency released;
  • Prosperity-funded Abundance programs issued;
  • Significant Individual grants to all people;
  • Corporations rechartered to become truly benevolent organisations;
  • Back to natural foods and medicines;
  • Release of suppressed, secret and hidden technologies;
  • Announcement about Galactic Federation of Light by Heads of States;
  • Galactic Federation to Take over Airwaves and Outline Program for Planetary Ascension

 NESARA was signed in 1999, and was enacted1 Oct 2008, but is yet to be announced. Currently, more than 130 nations have signed up to the NESARA program. After NESARA announcement in US, NESARA will roll out in other English speaking countries within days.

 NESARA is now very close to announcement, and arrests of high level criminals responsible for the Global Financial Meltdown, as a pre-requisite, is underway. This will prevent any further sabotaging of NESARA and the reformation operations that will follow. Until the announcement, NESARA is super secret and people can be disappeared, just for mentioning it.


Very few people today and throughout history have shown signs of freeing themselves from the matrix, and enjoying their original, natural, true ascended consciousness. This also applies to those who have embarked on spiritual quests expressly for that purpose.

 This is because there are levels upon levels of obstacles and traps, none of which are natural, and most of which have been imposed, many deliberately, some maliciously. Ultimately, the matrix is the highly artificial, illusionary consciousness that we are taught to create and to function within, as if it was reality. We do it to ourselves, and a pre-requisite to ascending is to undo it ourselves. A large part of undoing it is to become aware of it, understand it and let go of it.


1) What We are Subjected To


Before birth, the spirit to be born, is still in its ascended consciousness, and has a lot of come and go from the womb. This lessens towards the birth time, as the spirit settles more fully into the biological body. At the time of birth, the energies on the planet, not from the planet or of the planet, but from the unascended, service-to-self, human civilisation, the vibrations of which are so low, that within it God seem unattainable this side of death. These energies exercise a significant clouding and down pulling effect on the new-born baby, reducing the ascension experience at birth.

Those that have had the traditional Western post-birth slap on highly sensitive skin can expect shock and pain to be added to this. Astrology charts are timed from the moment of first breath, so this painful way to induce that breath is hardly auspicious, as the chart is a snapshot of when the baby is in severe pain, has tried to scream but could not as there is no air it its lungs, and experiences itself asphyxiating through lack of air, and then takes its first desperate breath, in a fair amount of pain, and now shock. Welcome to planet Earth! Natural birthers have found that a baby can take up to 20 minutes to draw their first breath naturally, without damage. 

Ideally, birthing should be as least traumatic as possible, which as why some people do water births, and the spirit given time to adjust to and align with the physical body. Causing instant identification with a painful body is not the best way to merge the two, and may force an unaligned locking into the body, causing further diminishing of original, ascended consciousness.

Given the child gets over all of the above without too much damage, they enter life with a feeling-self, representing the right-brain or Heart, and an awareness-self, representing the left-brain or mind. The feeling-self is conscious, as is the awareness-self. These work together to make up their conscious-self, now naive and innocent in a new body that it is yet to master, and ready to experience, discover, learn, understand and realise, on the earth plane. This is the normal process of experiential living and growing up, and becoming wiser. Through awareness and feeling, the conscious-self comes to experience the body’s biological consciousness as part of its natural reality.


Through feeling and awareness, the conscious-self experiences its some measure of ascended consciousness as the inner being or Higher-Self, the in-body representation of the soul, which in its full expression is vastly greater. Awareness and feeling are each able to draw upon the higher self within, to enable empathic understanding, so that, eg, when a baby is smiled at, it knows what that means. A young child can easily tell whether a baby is a boy or a girl, but adults find this difficult. Young children have a whole amazing reality that is interesting, exciting, hangs together, makes perfect sense, is nourishing and nurturing, and is an intense discovery and learning experience.

But babies and young children must also contend with the world of adults, including their materialistic culture and technology. A child, being highly receptive, absorbs much of their parents’ unprocessed, disowned-and-projected, negative emotions, which contaminate their aura, and can be highly distressing. The child lives in this negative psychic atmosphere 24/7, awake and asleep, in good and bad health.

Any feelings of emotional dependence by the baby, renders it likely to absorb their parents unprocessed negativity as if its own, and feel very out-of-sorts as a consequence. Not being of their own creation, it is in fact suffering someone else’s karma, which is more painful than suffering one’s own. Babies are very good at crying to release pain, but eventually, some of this negativity may take hold and remain, and become incorporated into the child’s personal unreality that it must contend with as it grows up.

A child’s real world includes much wonder and excitement that their parents and other adults have long since become oblivious to, having traded it in for a dull, drab, boring, conflicted and convoluted, mechanised, materialistic, false reality. Living this false reality as if it were real, produces the parents’ disowned and projected, unprocessed negativity that children absorb. Another problem for the baby and infant is doting over the child by the parent, which often has far more to do with taking on the child’s good energy, than sharing one’s own good energy with the child. We share good energy with the child whenever we help it to rebalance.

Pressures while Growing Up

Other pressures playing upon the growing person come via peers, work, sport, and the media, especially television, all of which are highly conformist, promote the materialistic paradigm, and are intolerant of any individual’s original thoughts, personal values or natural rhythms, which are seen as deviations to be eschewed. Mainstream media also knows that an anxious, insecure, dumbed-down, fear-driven person is far more amenable to false, pessimistic news and advertisements, their source of greatest revenues. 

The false justification for this blanket method of brain-washing, is the erroneous view that people are little more than rock-apes with attitude, and will revert to grunts and gestures without extreme school brainwashing supported by rewards and punishments; and that a hard, inflexible, repetitive method is necessary for such essentially dull, stupid animals. 

The problem with clumsy, brutalising practises is that they ride roughshod over a child’s most sensitive and refined processes that will unerringly guide it towards higher things if allowed to. Such brutish methods seriously limit how free a child’s consciousness is allowed to be, and how far it will be allowed to grow, by creating a vicious-circle of children becoming as they are treated, that too often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and downward spiral. 

Some people’s lives become so stressful and uninteresting, that many of them want to lose themselves in nowhere TV, or mood-numbing legal and illegal drugs, as a low-level and futile substitute for returning to becoming naturally centred and peaceful. This can be the future that awaits every child who loses touch with their biological/ascended consciousness.

Falling into Illusionary Consciousness

Most people in developed civilisations become overwhelmed quite early by the challenges to maintaining their instinctual, biological consciousness, and their original ascended consciousness, while living in a technological civilisation, and also culture that is exploitative, destructive and contemptuous of the natural world. This is an eschewing of conscience that causes a stepping away from true consciousness, and the creation of false, illusionary, mechanistic consciousness in the individual. Many mainstream Australians have forced themselves into dualistic consciousness, by their attitudes and behaviour towards Aborigines, whose high purpose for existing is to maintain the human link with mother Nature, or Lady Gaia, on behalf of the rest of us, until sufficient Lightworkers can lighten their burden. The dominant paradigm mistakenly sees nature as the problem, which is false and implicitly denies that life has meaning and purpose. The only way out of that is to undo and step away from whatever has clouded their consciousness

The problem is compounded because people do not get any higher guidance from outside to put them back on track, so that they do not know how to keep the relationship between their conscious, feeling-and-awareness self, their body and their inner being or soul intact, so they have a formidable challenge to overcome, and it overwhelms the vast majority of players.

This illusionary consciousness can be stepped out of in an instance, as was demonstrated by the Flower Children in their day, through their impeccable relationships with each other. Since then the illusionary matrix has been beefed up, substantially through TV, to convince young people that human nature is flawed and negative, to play people off against each other, and actively dissuade future young generations from becoming sovereign, empowered and free, with considerable effect.

The soul is always connected with God, but the personality or conscious self, may experience losing contact and communication with the soul, the inner guide, as a result of the trials and tribulations of life, which tend to be very blunt, loud, painful, dramatic, complex, complicated and convoluted, as well as deceptive and distorting. This can easily overwhelm the elegance and subtlety of far more finer and clearer vibrations. This loss of contact is actually only a functional separation, which can be undone, and reconnecting can happen, enabling people to regain soul consciousness. The soul itself never loses intimacy with Creator God; people lose intimacy with their souls.


2) What We Do to Our Feeling-Self

Original Fear

The emotional being is the part of us that is in touch with nature as basic reality, and is also in touch with the ascended consciousness as the inner being or I AM, the God within, the ultimate source of comfort and security.

When a person separates from their most intimate and far-reaching part of themselves, as is almost inevitable in developed civilisations, the overwhelming experience is that of extreme fear and terror, and utter insecurity. This is a functional separation from the soul and from God, but it feels and seems like a permanent, structural separation.

Separation from our inner being or True Self is the most fundamental problem that occurs in any person’s life. Following this, all manner of problems arise, caused by the person, most often as a child, no longer having inner guidance or a sense of meaningfulness in moment to moment existence.  It must then depend on external sources for its reality.

This separation occurs through encountering pain, shock and trauma that the baby, infant or child finds sufficiently overwhelming as to shut it out of awareness. It remains, but the person is no longer aware of it as it is no longer is felt.

Once this separation takes place, there is now a pain, trauma, and shock barrier that must be penetrated before reconnection can happen. No longer can the person go within to consult their wise, inner being with the confidence and surety it provides, Instead the person discovers that the subconscious is now a place of negativity that you just don’t want to go. Often, in reaction to this, some people become compulsive extroverts.


The more negativity that is shunned, the less feeling-consciousness a person has available, and the less awareness the person has of those feelings. Feelings that have been rejected are still in emotional pain, but cannot be processed, healed and integrated. The person no longer knows that they still exist, believing it has been successfully banished. This is called denial. Denials often occur following shock or trauma, but all self-judgements and self-rejections, such as shame and guilt, etc, also make up denials, and may become the major part.

Denials occur through the refusal to experience the emotional pain caused by the trials and tribulations of life. Any painful emotion that has been forced out of awareness becomes part of a negative ‘pseudo’ subconscious that sits atop of the real, natural subconscious and becomes a barrier between the conscious-self and the subconscious.

The effect of denial is that those areas in denial are pitted against normal consciousness, but in a way that can no longer be experienced and dealt with by the conscious awareness. This is extremely undermining, puts a person in internal conflict and much drains energy.

Smothering the Right-Brain Feeling-Self

Eventually, the feeling self, which we may also refer to as the right-brain, becomes smothered with unresolved, denied, painful, and stuck feelings and memories that clog the aura. The person can no longer navigate the world using sensitive feelings, as the pain and disorientation is too great.

The smothered feeling-self gets walled off from conscious awareness, and becomes subconscious, buried under the weight of negativity. What was the feeling self now becomes the ‘inner’ being. This inner-being is now permanently covered by a pain/shame/denial barrier, and being out of the reach of conscious awareness, cannot heal itself, or be healed from without. They are caught in the matrix.

 Creating the Pain Barrier

The negative subconscious is not the true, natural, highly intelligent subconscious that processes experiences into wisdom. The negative subconscious is made up of those parts of our feeling consciousness that are in pain and have been rejected out of awareness. They become subconscious, and diminish our overall consciousness.

Eventually, the deeper, natural subconscious processes, necessary for integrating life experiences to produce growth in consciousness, becomes covered by unprocessed, painful feelings. The accumulation of denied, unprocessed memories of painful feelings is the pain body, our own voluntary creation. The pain body is an artificial and dysfunctional creation that acts as a barrier that blocks or contaminates communication between the higher self, which communicates through the subconscious, and the normal, conscious self, where it is put into practice. The pain body separates the everyday person from their best part, leaving them undermined by denied, painful emotional turmoil. 

The feeling self gets covered with a pain/denial/fear barrier that continuously locks the person off from the higher self. The negative emotions are still as upset and uncomfortable as ever, and in need of resolution.

The emotional pain body that covers the feeling self has been shunned, denied and buried in the subconscious. The true feeling-self has been buried under overwhelming emotional pain. The mind denies the existence of the now-subconscious emotional pain, and by extension denies the existence of the feeling self. Yet it acts in reaction to the emotional pain, and then rationalises its activities in plausible excuses.  This is the world of illusion or the matrix.

Effects of the Pain Barrier

Once cut off from the feeling self, the focused mind no longer has contact with actual reality, and so is amenable to being influenced by a now-subconscious, emotional garbage dump. This can affect the person profoundly, in a number of ways. For example:

  • The mind, driven by subconscious emotional pain and turmoil, becomes abnormally interested in some things, and very uninterested in certain other things, without questioning why. This can lead to a life focussed on distractions and trivia, and obsessional prurient interests, as ways to assuage the suffering, buried emotional body, while having little or no interest in the things that really count.
  • The physical body, experiencing the emotional turmoil at its own level of biological consciousness, is liable to embark in compensatory activities including compulsive eating habits, especially of ‘consoling’ foods, high in fats, sugars and dairy, leading to health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Losing Conscious Awareness

Anything disowned or rejected is walled off from our conscious awareness, and is no longer available to us. Our consciousness diminishes and our subconscious is expanded by becoming cluttered with rejections, which undermines the person’s feeling of well-being, and creating an underlying negative self-image. In his analogy of an iceberg, Freud estimated these rejections to occupy 90% of our consciousness that is now subconscious and is no longer available to us. Similarly, Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, stated that most people use only 10-15% of their potential.

This subconscious trash can is not the true and deeper subconscious that is an important and integral part of our natural, greater consciousness. Our natural subconscious assimilates and integrates experiences, turning them into compassionate wisdom, passes through to the soul and evolves us. Instead of that, all of the negativity that we have refused to accept, and so does not get processed in the normal, natural way, sits in the subconsciousness like a toxic, undigested meal. 

These are areas now harbouring fully-active, unprocessed negativity. Many unpleasant, painful, unresolved experiences now remain out of sight, while occupying areas that were meant to function as feelings, and awareness of those feelings. Everything that is turned away from has not been scrutinised, healed, understood and as such is unable to flow into the deeper subconscious as experiential wisdom.

Losing True Identity

The real problem, that begins during childhood and increases over the rest of their lives, is the experience of separation from the inner being, sometimes called the true Identity or I AM. This can happen for any of a number of reasons, but most often originate from disowning shocks, traumas and emotional pain. Any emotional pain that is deemed to be too much gets disowned or side-walled out of awareness, and litters the subconscious. It hasn’t gone away and the person is still in emotional pain, but no longer consciously knows it. It now acts as a pain barrier that smothers the inner being that had guided the child from the moment of birth.   

Consciousness and Identity

A person does not cease to have consciousness after they have cut themselves off from their consciousness awareness and their higher self. Consciousness adapts itself to whatever a person identifies with. People may identify with their bodies, minds, possessions, partners, careers, professions, etc, which allows people to keep living their lives. But without true, inner conscience or higher values, their consciousness will inevitable become some variation of the mainstream, materialistic, illusionary matrix. The mind will then work within this framework.

Soul consciousness exists in its own right as radiant love, compassionate wisdom, etc. and is what each of us really are. But once soul consciousness is overshadowed by painful denials that the person will not go near, a selfishly orientated, self-referencing, fictional ego arises to fill the void. It becomes a stand-in substitute for true higher consciousness. The ego is illusionary and has no true existence, ever. Because of this it is always fearful and insecure, and always looks for security outside, whether through power over others, money, material wealth, approval, etc, and keeps seeking conformation from others. 


3) What We Do to Our Awareness-Self

Shifting from Awareness to the Rational Thinking Mind

Once a person loses contact with their feeling self, which usually happens in childhood, they feel fearful, insecure, unbalanced, unhappy and in an existential vacuum. They are also out of empathic touch with the natural world, including their own body, and so the illusionary, mainstream world of clumsy trial and error takes over.

Most children will fill this void with left-brain, thinking consciousness. The feeling self becomes permanently subconscious, and the conscious awareness becomes replaced by a thinking mind, which maintains an attitude of aloof denial of the emotional pain. The left-brain now acts to keep the right-brain and its emotional pain out-of-sight, out-of-mind, and suppressed.

The thinking mind has arisen out of denied emotional pain, and constantly acts in reaction to it, rationalising that the problem and solution lies outside of itself. So an internally insecure person may seek material wealth, power and other buffers against inner insecurity. Nothing from outside can quench internal emotional pain, and as it accumulates, the mind becomes more desperate and compulsive in its thinking, all about wrong ways to solve the problem, much of which can be reduced to how to distract oneself in superficial trivia.


Beliefs are a permanent commitment of the mind in the absence of actual, experiential/intuitional knowing. Hard-wired beliefs, is what the mind does, when it does not have the feeling self to consult, and it does it out of fear, to create the illusion of security. Beliefs close the mind, and take the place of a living reality. Instead of forming beliefs, the mind is designed to always be held open, in abeyance, allowing more information to enter, be discerned, and accumulate, until a fuller picture is realised and understood. An open mind is enlightened and allows other, higher level processes to happen. This is how the mind is supposed to function, and is why people learn to meditate, to open the mind. Whenever the mind closes, illusion takes over reality. 

Beliefs are like rocks in one’s consciousness, around which false understandings, consistent with those fixed false beliefs are formed. All knowledge based on false foundational beliefs, is illusionary. They override and replace ones sensitive feeling for actuality and truth.

Beliefs are formed and clung to out of insecurity, and this makes them hard to dislodge in the face of true, but conflicting information, which is immediately dismissed as false, before they are examined, so that discernment cannot enter, and a better understanding does not build. Beliefs prevent people noticing incremental changes in reality until they become a crisis or calamity, before they can break into conscious awareness, and the real problem can at last be addressed, based on experience. Life happens while the mind is making other plans.

Plausible false beliefs, and the misunderstandings that arise out of them, are a large part of the matrix. It is an illusionary, false-reality that keeps people believing and thinking they are little more than rock-apes with a bad attitude in a hostile world which is cut off from the rest of a hostile universe. The entire world of rational and irrational thought has been founded on false, crippling beliefs, all of which severely constrain a person’s capacity to experience their inner divine nature and its harmonious relationship with the rest of nature and the universe and the cosmos, and get on with evolving. Actual God is the last thing that that matrix mind can handle.

False Teachings

Some of the greatest problems stem from flawed and false beliefs. These lead people to mistrust themselves and everybody else, except so-called experts and authorities outside of themselves, but who likewise have the same problem. Anything built upon mistrust of self and others will ultimately fail. Likewise anything built upon fear, selfishness and greed, hatred and contempt, scepticism and cynicism will also fail. All activities involving these qualities are lacking purity of motive, and will create a flawed foundation, an erroneous path, and a downward spiral, distorting and limiting what can ultimately be achieved.

False teachings can halt a person’s normal progression towards ascension, by steering the follower away from the highest path to truth. Many religions have formed in the wake of an ascended person who has given out good guidance, usually orally rather than written, to help others around him at the time to ascend. Often, after the ascended person has left the physical plane, the guidance becomes compiled into a hard teaching by people who never fully understood him, and these become rigid over time, and thereby miss the point. Most religions today approximate higher truths, but usually contain distorted understandings as to the goal and how to get there, and may omit the best and most important aspects. That so few followers of religions ascend in their lifetime of practice should provide food for thought.

Revengeful  God

Much of western civilisation suffers from embracing a low-level and mainly false concept of God, which includes such negative qualities as authoritarian control, jealousy, possessiveness, vindictiveness and retribution. Taken together, these do not leave much room for the devil, unless he does the much of the same. These are all negative, dysfunctional energies, worthy of serious psychotherapy, and anyone subordinating themselves to such energies risk becoming likewise. This may help explain the ruthless, destructive nature of religions on that lineage, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Those negative energies do exist in the universe, but are not of Creator God and are not part of the Divine plan or process. They are not of whom Jesus referred to as “Our Father”, who is Love. This is Creator God, and is of the Highest Goodness.

The best protection from negative energies is to aim for Creator God as the Highest Goodness, ask for protection, and steer clear of all low level energies.

Original Sin

Christian religions in common believe that people’s nature is sinful, in a genetically inherited kind of way. This is a fallacious teaching that implies it is impossible for followers to have a direct, intimate relationship with God. Followers are also taught that if ascension ever happens at all, it comes only after death, and even then it is not assured, and anyone failing to make the grade burns in hell forever.

Most Christians subscribe to a vengeful God out of fear, not love, and tend to regard gentle Jesus meek-and-mild, as a buffer from an angry God, and an easier path to heaven, while continuing to avoid God, by using Jesus as a permanent substitute, rather than a stepping stone to God-as-the-Highest-Goodness. Jesus is a door way for beginners to a loving God. Christians are supposed to move on into a direct relationship with God, which goes far beyond relating to Jesus, and freeing up Jesus to assist more newcomers. Most Christians remain terrified of taking the next step of connecting with God directly, when it is, in truth, the point, and the safest, most secure thing to do, and instead remain at the beginners’ level by clinging selfishly to Jesus.


Darwinism teaches that the nature of life is ruthlessly competitive, (survival of the fittest) and everybody is born with a ‘jungle nature’ (the atheists’ equivalence of ‘original sin’). No matter what calamities we create, be they wars, pollution, famine, environmental destruction, etc, they are rationalised away with the refrain that we are doing quite well, considering that not so long ago, we used to be rock-apes. None of the other mammals screw-up or engage in destruction, so the rock-ape theory does not hold up. The upshot is that way everything is excused, and no growth, evolution or ascension takes place.


Both the flawed Christianity and the false Darwinism teach us not to trust ourselves, or anybody else because of everybody’s evil nature. This stops growth and conscious evolution in its tracks. In a not too dissimilar fashion, Freud spoke with some insight of the sabotaging subconscious that undermines all that we do. Unfortunately he thought this was a normal, inevitable and permanent part of our make-up, instead of being the result of emotional negativity that we have denied and buried in our subconscious, and which is still continuing to affect us until it can be healed and released.

These three fatally-pessimistic teachings are more of a ‘three stooges’ version of human nature. Together they blanket the field with false religion, false science and false psychology, each insisting on the invariability of a negative human nature. Even if a person is not consciously aware of these false beliefs, they are embedded into the culture and will percolate into people’s reality to become unexamined axioms and fixed beliefs. 

The truth is considerably better:

  • Our nature is not negative, although we may harbour negativity. Our deepest nature comes from God, and is of God, and that is also where we connect to God, so we must learn to trust ourselves utterly in order to have intimacy with God.
  • Growth, Evolution and Ascension are of consciousness and each of us is responsible for our own rate of growth, level of evolvement, and whether we ascend.
  • Anyone and everyone can have intimacy with God, who is Unconditional Love, Utter forgiveness, Boundless Mercy, Limitless Compassion, Supernal Wisdom, etc, whenever they want, up to their level of conscious evolution, and as the relationship deepens, consciousness evolves further.


True Education would prepare a person for ascension, given that God, the universe, a person’s life force and their higher self, are all working together in this direction. Unfortunately, mis-education prepares a person for a fairly robotic, even slavish life within the 3D mainstream matrix instead.

The true use of the mind is using awareness to develop insight, intuition, understanding, realisation and wisdom. Instead of any of that amazing natural, high-level stuff, the mind is taught to focus and concentrate into a tunnel vision that excludes the aware, questioning mind. The concentrated mind is taught to memorise often false ‘facts’ by rote learning and cold recall. This cements obsolete misunderstandings and false truths into the person’s consciousness, and becomes a program that limits a person’s growth. It replaces valid childhood experiences with a false, ‘metallised’ view of the world that omits all things to do with awareness, sensitivity and feelings as an approach to reality, which is natural in childhood.

The mis-education matrix obliterates all existing natural and experiential learning, reasoning, discernment and understanding. The child is instead taught to suppress all natural tendencies, and instead is gradually trained in logical, sequential, deductive reasoning as a way to analyse and deduce, in lieu of understanding and appreciating. The logical mind is indoctrinated into materialism (the doctrine that nothing exists beyond the physical plane), through being forced to memorise materialistic ‘facts’ as hard truth, and as a substitute for actual reality. History is notoriously replete with false facts. Discerning reality is the responsibility of the left-brain, awareness-self in cooperation with the right-brain, intuitive, feeling-self.

Another major part of the mis-education system is to ensure every student is indelibly imprinted with win/lose consciousness, through embracing competition in the classroom and in school sport, as a precursor to inducing competitive, selfish motivation in the work arena. These values put people into internally conflicted, win/lose duality, which is at odds with, and overrides the win/win, unified consciousness of the inner being, higher self, soul, the universe, the cosmos, and God.

Another aspect of the mis-education system is to ensure each student is taught compliance and conformity, and any signs of right-brain consciousness appearing in the form of impulsiveness, cleverness, questioning assumptions, etc, are punished and suppressed, ensuring that the programmed, plodding, logical left-brain is always in command, and materialism reigns supreme.

The Education Revolution is an attempt to halt the dropping out by those who see through it and realise that it has no value or purpose for them. It is no more than a beefing-up of the illusionary, mis-education matrix with more of the same.  


4) Ego Consciousness

Creating Ego Consciousness

The ego does not exist as an entity in its own right. It is an activity. It is simply a never ending, self-referring and self-referencing activity, in the absence of a true and abiding sense of self. Like a vortex, no substance, just activity. Its activity is as a reaction to the pain barrier, in denial of the pain, while the real self is on the other side of the pain barrier, blocked from communicating with the conscious awareness. The true self, whose nature is radiance, is effectively trapped behind a pain barrier. The ego’s attention is turned compulsively outwards, away from the pain that it reacts to, but always refuses to recognise, and its every activity is to usurp and replace the true self. It acts, not with radiance, but like a vortex seeking to suck in energy to itself.

The ego constantly compares itself to others, and measures itself on what it has, because it does not have a true sense of what it is. It is not the I AM, which is sufficient unto itself, and knows it deep down, every time it crows and brags. Spiritual life is about dissolving the ego consciousness which has been created as the positive self-image’s need to dominate the underlying negative self-image.

Ego, greed and corruption are all fear-based reactions to an existing underlying fear that has been caused through loss of connection with one’s inner being, or higher self. This is caused by shock, trauma, denials etc, which have been forced out of conscious awareness and added to the subconscious. This becomes a fear/pain barrier causing a functional disconnection from the emotional body, or right brain, which is the part that is in contact with the Higher Self.  Reacting to fear, instead of accepting and overcoming it, only locks a person to the fear and perpetuates it.

Burying Negative Emotions

One effect of the concentrated mind is to create focused attention at the expense of awareness, like putting a reflector behind a light, to produce a beam that lights up one area, but leaves all else in darkness. The problem with permanently focussed attention is that we can only focus on one thing at a time, excluding all else. This can amount to a population becoming specialists, or so-called experts, who cannot see the forest for the trees, and know nothing about the larger picture.

Attention can equally be used to avoid looking at things. We can turn our attention away from whatever we find unacceptable, which are usually emotionally unpleasant experiences. All that has been deemed unacceptable is turned away from and rejected, and eschewed out of conscious awareness altogether. Everything rejected out of conscious awareness diminishes our consciousness and clutters the subconscious, preventing it from doing its proper function.

Self-Judging and Self-Rejecting

The feeling self is what enables us to experience subtleties and nuances in life’s situations that emerge before us. It also enables us to accommodate and adapt to those situations, without losing our centre of balance and inner knowing. It is very self-forgiving of our mistakes and moments of silliness and stupidity. Once a person has experienced separation from their inner being, through rejecting the feeling of emotional pain, all of the above becomes lost to them, along with their feeling of true identity. Feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, humiliation and the like are activities of judging oneself, usually in the light of others judgement of oneself.

Self-rejections are what some people do with their self-judgments, and is a form of denial applied to judgments of oneself rather than to feelings.   

Denial Consciousness

When we feel emotional pain, it is our sensitive feelings that are there to guide us that is experiencing the pain. This is telling us something is not right. Without this feedback experience of emotional pain, we would have no ultimate way of telling what is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, other than simply believing plausible information that has been presented to us, or by resorting to trial and error. We then have no intrinsic conscience, only a false conscience based on matrix values.

Beyond a certain point of emotional pain, a person may become traumatised, or go into shock, or otherwise learn how to deny the emotional pain through forcing it out of conscious awareness. This dissociates or splits the feeling of pain off from the conscious awareness, and now continues to live subconsciously. Thereafter, any similar emotional experiences will tend to be likewise rejected and denied and added to the pile, and so it builds. Eventually a person can develop a comprehensive denial-consciousness, imprisoned in the subconscious, made up of unhealed, rejected painful experiences.

This does not solve the problem, or the pain associated with it. All denials are self-rejections that have been assigned to denial consciousness in a disowned, out-of-sight, out-of-mind way. These self-rejections lurk, nagging at the person, undermining the person from beneath the level of awareness, where it cannot be accepted, healed, forgiven, assimilated or integrated. This gives the person a constant feeling of lacking fulfilment, and a vague sense of something about them being not quite right, leading to self-doubt, a lack of confidence, a negative self-image, and an inferiority complex. All because of what hasn’t been accepted and processed.

By its very nature, the denied pain barrier disinclines the person from looking within to address the problem, and all attempts to address the feelings of unease are likely to be reactive and compensatory, and will miss the point.  These mis-directed methods cause the person to live an illusionary, spiritually static, symbolic life, instead of living a real, authentic life and spiritually progressing.

In its natural state, prior to being transformed into an emotional garbage dump, the subconscious is a rich inner world of deeper understanding, to explore and enjoy and learn from. It now becomes a place where denied and rejected pain and unpleasant memories collect. The explanations of original sin a la Genisis, jungle nature a laDarwin, and sabotaging subconscious a la Freud, each find plausible justification here and these pseudo-explanations only increase peoples’ fear of their own subconscious.

Adopting a Negative Self-Image

By the time people become adults, many of them have far more of their waking consciousness assigned out of awareness and into sub-conscious denials, than rightfully assigned to conscious awareness. In Freud’s day, he likened it to an iceberg, and estimated the ratio to be about 10 parts subconscious to 1 part consciousness.

Spiritual life is about increasing, and not decreasing conscious awareness, and anyone with buried, denied pain will experience a nagging, sense that things inside are not quite right, and this gives rise to a negative self-image that undermines whatever they do. They may identify with this, giving them a chronic negative self-image and an inferiority complex.

Creating a False but Positive Self-Image

After a time of feeling bad about themselves and the feelings of insecurity and depression that go with it, some people will undertake to manifest a positive self-image, so that they can feel good about themselves. This may be through developing skills and becoming a more functional and capable person. But it is more likely to be consistent with the mainstream trend of developing the symptoms of success, like competing against others to win, acquiring wealth and material goods, having romantic conquests, gaining status, etc. The general theme is to seek approval, acceptance and confirmation from others, in order to feel good about oneself.

All such gestures are futile, because they do not strike at the heart of the problem. A self-image is created to place a counter-balancing barrier over the negative self-image and burying it in an out of sight, out of mind kind of way. Underlying every positive self-image there continues to remain a highly-active, negative self-image, still undermining it, still driving it, keeping the game alive, and keeping the player locked into a never-ending futile quest, and becoming ever more committed to the mainstream, illusional reality for a solution. The nature of the positive self-image is likely to be the opposite of the negative self-image, and this provides a clue what the person suffers from.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person encounters information or a belief that contradicts or conflicts with the person’s already established information or beliefs, so the person doesn’t know what to believe. For an emotionally closed person, who relies exclusively on the mind, this can present quite a dilemma. The mind of the emotionally closed person cannot handle being open, and would rather risk choosing the wrong option, than hold the mind open until something becomes apparent or more obvious.

Emotionally open people can hold their mind in abeyance, and can avoid making judgements and suspend making hard beliefs. The can comfortably handle paradox. To them encountering a dilemma means more food for thought, and an invitation to look at beliefs from other angles, to see if somehow both are true, or whether there may be other ways of understanding the options, etc.


Projection occurs when a person projects onto and reads into another person, the very qualities they deny in themselves. This happens because whatever is denied remains in, and contaminates the aura, becoming a distorting filter through which to mis-perceive and mis-relate to the outside world. Projection occurs when denied negative energy within gets disturbed, and instead of being processed, is targeted at whoever is regarded as triggering the disturbance.

Denials, still being active, will attract and be attracted to situations that will bring pressure to bear upon areas with negativity or blocked and disrupted flows. This is to assist the person clear the underlying and undermining problem.

Anybody who is in touch with their inner being can disturb painful denials in a blocked person inadvertently, because the unblocked person can explore, think about and talk about things that the blocked person retains as sore points to avoid. These sore areas can erupt; result in venting of much negative, emotional energy, usually directed at someone who may be quite innocent of the projected accusations contained within the abuse. 


All self-imagery arise after a loss of sense of true self, and are a reaction to the fear and insecurity that emerges from that feeling of loss. All people with a positive self-image have built it to cover over their still-active, negative self-image. The negative self-image is the shadow self that the positive self-image is always actively trying to refute by demonstrating the opposite, so the positive self-image contains much about it that is polar-opposite of the underlying negative self-image, all designed to artificially boost the person’s self-confidence. This locks a person into matrix consciousness, and becomes an extremely convoluted, entangled and painful problem to unravel.

From time to time, after bottling and building up much negative energy, the negative self-image will assert itself to purge itself of the pent up energy. This can be especially true during times when the positive self-image’s guard is down, such as when consuming alcohol. The person’s outburst or impulsive behaviour can appear out of the blue, and seem out of character. After releasing some pent-up negative energy, and having made its point painfully on others, the negative self-image sinks back into the subconscious, temporarily relieved and pacified.

The positive self-image, which had absented itself during the outburst, reasserts its normal role, sometimes in complete denial of the event, but more usually rationalising the tantrum as completely reasonable under the circumstances. The person is effectively living in polarised duality, and not being in touch with their true needs, can become committed to seeking symbolic satisfactions that never fulfil, in a never-ending, financially draining and often health-destroying quest.

The positive self-image can usually gloss over what it does not wish to take responsibility for. Its very existence depends on maintaining the façade to itself, via convincing others, as a way of seeking their approval, all to counter the denied but still activated, negative self-image. This locks everything in place, maintaining a life of futility and pointlessness. This is the life of most people, constantly propping up a positive self-image within the illusionary, lifeless mainstream paradigm is a very poor substitute for existing in or ascending to higher states of consciousness where harmony and fulfilment are a given. 

All people are bipolar to greater or lesser degrees, until they choose to leave the world of duality behind altogether and ascend. Schizophrenics are people who have given away far greater amounts of their sovereign consciousness through greater denials. They have a far greater denial/pain conscious, and experience cognitive dissonance far more intensely. Their negative self-image is far greater, usually closer to the surface, and ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, so their needs for a satisfying self-image are far more desperate, creating greater denials, a vicious circle and a downward spiral.


5) How We Create Matrix Consciousness

The state of conscious that most people regard as ‘reality’ is not their natural, true, higher- consciousness, but an artificially constructed, left-brain paradigm that usurps and supplants the best and most important aspects of real consciousness, and instead replacing it with an obsolete, mechanistic paradigm, that has been persisted with since the industrial revolution, and has long passed its use-by date. Being unnatural, it is not connected with nature, nor any part of the entire universe of consciousness, dimensions and beings, all of which are harmoniously and telepathically interconnected to one another.

Illusionary consciousness changes peoples’ perceptions so that they are unable to see things as they truly are. Instead of perceiving harmony and unity, people perceive in terms of their fears and prejudices, which affect their preferences. Many are commonly held preferences, inducing much group think in which people reinforce each others biases and prejudices.

Mainstream consciousness has been constructed upon certain false assumptions about the nature of oneself, of other people, of life, of nature, of God, and the point and purpose of it all. These false low-level, illusionary, unexamined assumptions keep people from achieving their full potential, which many people mistakenly think is physical fitness, a partner, career and material wealth.

These false assumptions cause people to live at a far lower level of consciousness than is natural to them, and is devoid of appreciations of nature, the spiritual realms and the cosmic. Instead it regards the nature of life itself as fundamentally hostile and in need of structuring, and the nature of nature as fundamentally hostile and in need of dominating. This prevents people from realising their true potential, keeping them unfulfilled, and causing them to live compensatory lives of compromise and distraction.

Illusionary Matrix Consciousness

Ego consciousness has no independent existence in its own right, and seeks confirmation from others, producing a kind of affinity and stickiness, where people adapt and adjust their values and beliefs, producing agreed realities, making interaction non-threatening. This leads to cliques, which can be as small as two people and as large as nations and civilisations.  The NWO is an attempted planetary clique of those who subscribe to it, and slavery or death for those who don’t. 

This fear-based tendency to produce agreed realities is given a boost by many aspects of the mainstream system. Mis-educational institutions and non-news services act to keep people on the same page with the same subjects, same interpretations and same slants. Most people find the illusionary reality overwhelming, and so obviously ‘real’ that they are unable to question the matrix they have been sucked into, are immersed in, and have committed themselves to.

The totality of commonly held false consciousness, false religion, false beliefs, false values and false understandings make up the matrix. The matrix is whatever values, beliefs etc, act to separate a person from their biological consciousness and their ascended consciousness. The matrix is the commonly held, illusionary consciousness that most people take as solid reality and certain truth. Every false and illusionary aspect of mainstream society is the matrix. Truth and reality are not part of the matrix.

Creating the Mental Matrix

The matrix is not an improvement on our natural consciousness, and cannot create solutions to our real needs. Instead it invents mechanised answers like processed, junk food, devoid of nutrition, and chemical medicine with toxic side-effects, etc.

Most people live inside a false, artificial, illusionary, unnatural, materialistic, mechanistic matrix-consciousness bubble, in isolation from the entire universe of nurturing, nourishing and uplifting energies. Most try to live safe, secure, predictable lives in what they experience as a hostile reality, instead of doing what it takes to put on spiritual growth. Spiritual growth requires people to keep stepping into the marvellous unknown, and to keep extending themselves beyond their current abilities. In particular, this refers to growing in compassionate wisdom, one of clearest signs of an advancing soul.

The logical, deductive mind cannot solve existential problems at any time, because its very nature is to know about all sorts of things, based upon foundational beliefs, without actually knowing anything in truth. Knowing belongs to the feeling self, because it can tune in. So the mind constructs its own take on reality, by accumulating plausible beliefs that offer a sense of security. All knowledge based on beliefs is just that – beliefs.

Matrix consciousness has no connection with ascended consciousness or its wisdom, does not and cannot know the true purpose for living or the real reason for incarnating. Instead, the mind becomes embedded in the mainstream illusionary world of artificial, mechanistic, logical thinking about far less relevant matters.

The Materialistic, Mechanistic, Left-Brain, illusionary Matrix

The mainstream illusionary matrix is created and sustained in people by believing and memorising false truths, and the thinking derived from these left-brain activities. It is all based on the past, on what has already happened. All knowledge is of the past, so its understanding, or rather misunderstanding of anything belongs to the past. Knowing, as an activity, belongs to the present, but knowledge, as beliefs, prevent people from truly being in the present, or from feeling the future, which people in the present can do. It separates people from the natural evolutionary flow of nature, which is now moving rapidly towards planetary ascension. 

The matrix cannot look to the future and resorts to extrapolations of the past. This does not allow for improvements, and is completely unaware of actual future patterns, which are very different from the past, and will represent a complete departure from past trends and tendencies.

The mainstream matrix is disconnected from the natural world, as well as higher realms of consciousness, and from the divine. Do you believe in God, or do you have a relationship with God? Nobody with their consciousness inside the matrix can understand that the natural world has its own intimate, creative connection to the Divine, and should never be exploited or abused. No one can abuse nature without creating serious disconnections from their own biological self, with far-reaching implications. 

The matrix is a mental creation, and all those who choose to lead with their minds will stay within the matrix, and remain completely out of touch with the real, actual reality, beginning with the natural world, which it depends on, yet is in the process of destroying.

The illusionary matrix is essentially materialism, and substantially made up of:

  • materialistic science that sees nothing beyond the physical;
  • materialistic religion which regards all beyond the physical as unattainable this side of death;
  • a materialistic ‘high-culture’ that copies and imitates the values of the elite from centuries ago.
  • a contemporary culture, wreaking with decadence, that distracts people from all issues that are necessary, important, relevant, beneficial, nurturing or uplifting to people’s lives and planetary wellbeing, and cannot even begin to contemplate solutions to the problems it continues to  create.

All aspects of the matrix are in serious need of upgrading, if not replacing altogether, and will continue to create ‘unsolvable’ problems for people and the planet until they are. Right now, the matrix is in the process of its own self-destruction, to make way for a higher paradigm.

The Matrix and Fear

The Matrix is made up of whatever is false and illusionary, whatever is contaminated by greed and deception. Collectively, it is everything that is not part of the Real and has no basis in the real Reality that penetrates every aspect of life and extends from nature up to the cosmos. The matrix is founded on fear, not love. Reality is founded on Love.

Every young person at some point experiences a sense of separation from their true self. This is the most fearful experience of their life, and often follows shock, trauma, intense pain, etc. Reconnecting with the true self again, should then be the immediate and overwhelming quest of everybody, and is what ascension is all about. Ascension is so difficult for people to achieve, because they retain the subconscious memory of that most overwhelming fear, and are terrified of re-experiencing it. Most people live their whole lives and pass over without consciously reconnecting.

Fear stands for false expectations appearing real, and the fear of re-embracing the fear is just that – false expectations appearing real, because ascension is about going from that already existing subconscious fear that already runs every aspect of their lives, to re-experiencing the overwhelming Love of the Soul, which now resides at deeper, unconscious levels, and bringing it into conscious awareness.  The subconscious fear itself is the only thing in the way. 

In the mean time, the person’s whole life is now founded on fear, and from fear comes the ego, or false sense of self founded on fear, and from this follows anger, hatred, greed, exploitation, competition, and the whole gamut of negative emotions. Whatever is done with subconscious fear as the base emotion, is contaminated by such and is accordingly compromised. What ever is done in a compromised way creates negative karma for the doer and contributes to the matrix. 

The conscious mind is often referred to as the left brain, and in its present form has arisen as a reaction to the loss of true, heart-based self, and is founded on fear. Everything that the fear-based mind does contributes to the matrix, and energetically locks the person into the matrix, and into perpetuating the matrix. The matrix is nothing but the collective illusions of deluded minds that people cling to out of insecurity, based upon fear.

Western Civilisation and Culture

Consistent with creating a false reality with false values, Western civilisation has a long history of martyring and assassinating, or at least destroying the work and effectiveness of, its ascended way-showers, and this still occurs today. Lightworkers and wayshowers, and anybody else on the path of ascension who advocate a world of peace, harmony, freedom, sovereignty and equality for all are experienced as an extreme threat by all those commitment to maintaining the 3D illusionary matrix, because what they advocate strikes at the sources of extreme greed, power and corruption which the matrix is founded on and perpetuated through its institutions.

Nothing in current western mainstream culture is geared towards ascension, and anything that arise that promotes or facilitates ascension, is either shut down, as in free energy generators, or corrupted and usurped into the matrix, as in rock-n-roll. When rock-n-roll began, it was not part of mainstream culture, and many in mainstream were horrified at the emotional freeing up of a younger generation. When the flower children appeared with a suite of higher-level understandings and values, they were not part of mainstream consciousness, and the global elite were appalled at their freedom and gentle, healthy values. They took insidious counter-measures against young peoples’ freedom, empowerment and sovereignty, to ensure there never again would there be an outbreak of ascension consciousness. The results today are starkly obvious in younger generations and the world at large.

No part of mainstream culture leads people towards their ascended consciousness, as indigenous cultures do via their responsible way of sustainable living and their initiations into the Dreamtime.

Instead it occupies people with mindless distractions, convincing them that there is nothing more to life than materialism founded on greed and selfishness. These false beliefs are the matrix. The matrix exists only in the consciousness of those who continue to commit their minds to its continuance, in an oblivious kind of way.

Leaving the Illusionary Matrix

Solutions to worsening global problems will not be found within the matrix, or at that level of consciousness, but will require reaching beyond the current illusionary paradigm. This is beginning to happen with renewable energies, people meditating, eating natural food, using natural healing modalities, etc. The replacement of the 3D matrix with real 5D consciousness and values will necessitate root and branch transformation of our existing dysfunctional system. Parts of the system unable to transform are already imploding, and will be replaced with higher-level solutions.

Anyone ascending is catalytic on others. Their interactions with others are always to appeal to their blocked higher consciousness, which responds by pushing out those negative emotions and false beliefs that are hampering its expression. Those whose fears and insecurities are too great to let go of are prone to projecting the re-emerging negativity at whoever is deemed to be the source of their disturbance.

As the collapsing 3D paradigm becomes more unreliable and painful to cling to, more and more people are able to step aside and be open to better ways of living and being, and turning problems into opportunities to create higher-level, win-win solutions. Problems will only be solved from a higher perspective, and as more people ascend, their insights and collective wisdom will percolate into the collective consciousness, and the necessary changes will no longer seem impossible, or even so difficult.



Returning to the Path of Ascension

The Earth was created for some very specific purposes, which includes evolving souls at an accelerated rate, through offering variety and choice to beings of many differing level of conscious evolution, within a slow, dense, fairly rigid plane. This enables people to learn in a difficult situation, but for many, the material world may seem to speak more loudly than the soul, and gentle inner knowing may give way to more blatant outer experiences. All solutions lie in the voice of higher understanding, and all must return to that gentle, inner knowing if they are to be part of the solution.

 Karma in many ways is brought on by the unprocessed, negative emotions that cover the higher self and pervade and cloud the aura. Through the pain of error, a person gradually develops insight and compassion, and begins to see through not only personal errors, but also the constraining limits of their family, their workgroups, their society and their civilisation. This is the beginning of awakening that leads to enlightenment and ascension.


Ascension is about becoming a much more complete, sovereign and empowered person, functioning at ones true, enlightened level of consciousness, with understandings and abilities far beyond the aims and imaginings of mainstream society. So far beyond, that those who have already ascended to 4D find great difficulty in sharing these improved understandings with others, including even close friends, who may think they are no longer making sense, perhaps having a lend of themselves, or just talking crap.

 Ascension is not an outcome of thinking, education, work, culture or civilisation, and never has been. These activities perpetuate the matrix by keeping people functioning within the same materialistic paradigm that has already created overwhelming and unsolvable global problems. Mainstream thinking is keeping people locked to its self-created problems, preventing our civilisation from rising above them, and addressing them from a higher perspective.

Ascension is about people living and being the true, higher selves that they were created to be, and already are, deep inside. As people reach beyond the present paradigm towards high level solutions, they are reaching towards their own ascension, and this assists them and others to ascend. As people bring their insights, understanding and wisdom to upgrade the level of thinking, education, working and culture, it assists their civilisation to function and exist on a higher level.

Ascension is always a free-will, conscious choice, but most people in developed civilisations have not been aware of the possibility. Ascending now, in the face of a materialistic, mainstream culture that is steering people in a different direction, means it still must be a definite, conscious, intentional, committed and sustained opt-in. The planet is ascending with much of its biology. The humans are invited along.

 Ascending out of the Illusionary Matrix

Anyone able to step outside the matrix, is released back into their inner being and higher self, and immediately experiences a nurturing, uplifting, harmonious reality, even as others around them, whose consciousness is still inside the matrix, relate to an illusionary reality as if it were disharmonious in nature and inherently conflicted. In their mis-perception, they are actuality imposing those negative qualities onto an otherwise harmonious reality. This realm of illusionary consciousness knows about only a so-called negative human nature that creates problems, which it regards as inevitable, and now unsolvable.

Until the 1960s, only the sages, saints and mystics, some statespersons, a few genius scientists, artists and poets etc, have been able to function out of their own higher, or ascended consciousness. Many of these people had embraced enormous challenges, and engaged them pro-actively, which produced positive changes in their own consciousness, enabling them to enter into a reality of inner peace, joy and psychological freedom.

Once functioning from ascended consciousness, these people have found it relatively easy to break important new ground in their own respective fields of endeavour, and make known new understandings, so necessary for the advancement and upliftment of humanity. This is how true, evolutional progress has always occurred – people enter higher realms of consciousness and bring aspects of a higher paradigm into manifestation.

 Group Ascension

Since the 1960s, and the advent of Group Energies, ascension no longer needs to be the heroic odyssey of the rare and exceptional individual, although that is still available. Group Energies are an order of magnitude above the Ray energies, and can only be picked up from group souls, formed when people form coherent groups, acting responsibly and creatively for a higher purpose.

The first obvious example of group ascension was the Beatles, a group remarkably free of sarcasm, cynicism, bitterness or negativity.  Beginning in the early 1960s, their early songs were unabashedly optimistic, about open-hearted love, and their wit and humour won over a sceptical America.  They became unprecedently popular among an emerging teenage generation, and later pointed the way to higher states of consciousness through psychedelics, Eastern teachings and meditation.

This helped to pave the way for many rock-n-rollers, who may have otherwise remained oblivious, to open themselves to the possibility of experiencing higher states of consciousness, and facilitated many to make the transition to becoming flower children.

Flower Children emerged in 1967 to lay down templates for the future. They were assisted somewhat by responsible and judicious use of psychedelics that they were able to use safely. They appeared with an inner knowledge of advanced understandings about healthy, people-friendly, low-cost, pollution-free, subsistent, sustainable living. They warned of impending global problems if humanity did not lift its game, and spoke prophetically about a coming Aquarian age of planetary peace and love. They created communes and lived cooperatively, free from racism, sexism, religious conflict, and brought their children up un-traumatised, all without prior training.

All of this enabled a wave of Eastern Teachers and practices to enter the west during the 1970s, following the advent of flower children. They brought new understandings of higher human anatomy via auras, chakras, kundalini, etc, and safe meditation practices for their development and utilisation, necessary for future ascension, but not previously widely known in the west.

The Flower Children ascended during a time when the matrix was not so much in their faces. Politics, the commercial world and TV were background activities. Today, in order to prevent a repeat outbreak of mass ascension, they are in peoples’ faces, in peoples’ homes, and in peoples’ consciousness. Today, people must ascend out of a civilisation and culture deliberately designed to intrude upon, dumb-down and dis-empower the masses, especially young people.

This added grist has been very destructive of the nicer parts of society in order to make ascension more difficult, and has led many people away from their path. However all those able to maintain their values and direction in the face of such added difficulties, are undergoing unprecedented, accelerated growth, the merits of which add to their own evolution, and to planetary light, which powers the Planetary Ascension process.

 The actual veils between the 3rd and 4th dimensions have thinned considerably, and this is why they have beefed up the matrix veil. Today, the matrix only exists in the minds of those who subscribe to it. It may be tuned out of at any time. Turning off the TV is a good start. There is something else to tune into that occupies far greater space than the matrix, and is healthy, wholesome, safe, nurturing, compassionate, wise and intelligent. It is our original nature, our present nature behind the matrix veil, our future realisation, and the nature of reality that surrounds us. It is becoming more intense and powerful.

 Planetary Ascension

Today, we are in a process of Planetary Ascension, as prophesised by the Flower Children when they spoke of planetary peace and love. The Planet itself is ascending and its biology is transforming to go with it. Many of the animals and plants will be ascending, some will not and will be returning from whence they came.

 Today, ascension involves all of humanity, and all people are now being given the opportunity to ascend together, by forming coherent groups, with participants nurturing and supporting one another. This is a far more easeful, graceful and ecstatic manner to ascend than has before been possible, and was demonstrated successfully by the flower-children in the late 1960s.

 All people are being given the opportunity to group-ascend, and this is the underlying reason that people have chosen to be born here at this particular time – so that they can be part of this unique, uplifting, culminating planetary event.

 Today, upgrades to a number of key factors have improved the situation:

  • We are no longer in the Piscean age, as the devotional/authoritarian Piscean energies have been withdrawn, and enlightening/empowering Aquarian energies now play upon the planet and its inhabitants.
  • To facilitate ascension, higher-order Group Ray energies were introduced during the 1960s. These group-energies work with emerging higher-level group-souls, as could be witnessed during the 1960s.
  • The Planet itself is ascending from what has been the 3rddimension, through the 4th dimension and will continue onwards, without pausing, towards the 5th dimension, in an unbroken, continuous movement, probably over several decades. Much of the biology will ascend with her. Gaia is close to entering the 4th dimension, which may perhaps be timed for 21-12-2012.
  • Until now, it was only the exceptional, heroic individual who, after lifetimes of meritorious work, had the capacity to break out of the matrix and ascend. Now, because all beings are made up of Gaia’s elements, which are also ascending, all beings are able to be offered the opportunity to ascend biologically and consciously, as a group process, and many are fully engaged in this work.
  • Those who are ascending will not be passing over, but will stay in their body as it transmutes. This is a new process, and will initiate sweeping changes throughout the universe.

 These and other improvements have radically altered the ascension process, to enable far more people to ascend, and in an easier way than had been before.

 Ascension is a natural process, fully compatible with nature. If we can understand how things naturally are, and how natural processes naturally work, before they are intruded upon and interfered with, we can far better appreciate how they relate to ascension, so that we can best co-operate with the ascension process.

 Ascension Processes

Ascension is about returning the human system to functioning as it was optimally designed to. This comes about through:

  • Releasing all buried negativity, which undermines normal consciousness;
  • Enabling the right-brain feeling self to function sensitively, as it was designed to;
  • Releasing the left-brain thinking self from its compulsive, circular, 3D matrix thinking;
  • Returning the left-brain to its rightful natural functions of awareness and contemplation.

 Those now ascending are leaving behind the law of karma, which is only being held in the mind and memory of the individual, and can now be dropped as of the illusionary matrix. This is being replaced by the law of attraction where we are drawing to ourselves right now, whatever our present activities on all levels are attracting. The law of attraction is much faster and is one aspect of how life works in the higher realms. It enables great possibilities, but requires great responsibility.

 Ascension Practices

Living in a physical body on the Earth plane can make access to ones higher consciousness quite difficult, given the internal and external distractions that many can find interfering, even overwhelming. For this reason, spiritual practices have always lain at the heart of all cultures that acknowledge greater life processes beyond the conscious mind.

 Today, elaborate rituals are not needed. Anybody with a basic understanding of spiritual principles can open their hearts to God, as the Highest Goodness at any time, and at all times, knowing that this is the safest, most secure, most healing, nurturing, and uplifting thing they can do. Everybody can invite God, as the highest goodness into their lives, to forgive and heal all that they have denied, rejected and buried in their subconscious, and all about themselves that they feel embarrassed, ashamed and guilty about.

 Another requirement is to form real friendships within coherent groups. Friendships offer the possibility of releasing negativity without the drama, by maintaining the friendship connection intact, even as negativity is gently and often silently released, instead of being dumped on someone, in a dramatic, angry or vicious manner, which helps no one. Coherent groups, because they are formed for a higher purpose, act responsibly and are concerned about greater matters beyond that which mainstream concerns itself with. Consequently, they are able to draw upon higher-level group energies that were first brought in during the 1960s, for the purpose of intensifying and accelerating the ascension process. 

 Nature is biologically ascending. Becoming receptive to and living in harmony with nature will assure the human biological body is refined and sensitised automatically, without dramas, and will ascend as nature does. But for humans to continue ascending, they must also subject their mental and emotional bodies to the ascension process. The mental body must move beyond sequential thinking and return to becoming aware and self-aware; the emotional body must be purified of all negativity, which must be released, and then reorientated towards healing, feeling and sensitivity. Unhelpful memories must let go of, to allow the present moment to be fully experienced and appreciated, etc.

 Other practices involve drawing upon and sending higher level energies to where they are most needed for the healing of people and planet following natural disasters and wars.

 Ascension Culture

We are the people who are forming an ascension culture: a culture to reorientate people away from being controlled by out-of-touch outside authorities, and towards the wisdom of the soul; societies will move away from being competitive, and towards being co-operative; the economics of scarcity will be replaced by the economics of abundance; health will become preventative; medicines will become natural and vibratory; food will become natural and vegetarian; work will be purposeful, uplifting and rejuvenating; children will be brought up un-traumatised; people will become balanced, centred, right and left brain integrated.

 Much of the forthcoming ascension culture has already been developed and tested. Intentional and Sustainable communities have been developed over decades.  Organics, Biodynamics and Permaculture, can produce health-promoting food. Natural and vibratory healing modalities have been developed over the last few decades. Inspiring, uplifting and invigorating work and management modals were developed during the 1960s, but were mothballed in the wake of massive re-engineering etc, disruptions in the 1980s. The flower children perfected raising un-traumatised children.