What is Ascension?

What is Ascension, Group Ascension, Global Ascension, Planetary Ascension, Biological Ascension? 


The nature of all is consciousness. The universe consists of realms of consciousness, arranged in separated dimensions, from the densest, dullest and most restrictive, to the most sublime, elegant, harmonious and expansive. This continues right up to the Divine, whom, from this perspective, we may refer to as cosmic consciousness. The universe we perceive with our senses and detect with instruments is only the third dimension.

All beings, human and otherwise, are creatures of consciousness, and each will occupy whichever realm accords to their own individual level of consciousness. In the process of living and experiencing life, understanding builds, leading to wisdom, and through this process, consciousness slowly evolves. Eventually, over eons of time, the consciousness of the being has evolved sufficiently to enable transitioning into the next higher realm of consciousness. This is a major step up, and when it has occurred during an incarnation, whilst the person is still alive, it is traditionally referred to in the East as becoming Self-realised, or God-realised, or Enlightened, depending on the orientation of the ascender, or of those who comment about it. 

Evolution is the process of evolving ones consciousness within a dimension. Ascension is the transition process of progressing through to the next higher dimension or realm of consciousness, where there are greater expressions of love, harmony, intelligence and wisdom than the dimension being left. Using water as an analogy, evolution is like heating the water to higher degrees; ascension is the jump into a higher state, as when ice becomes water and water becomes steam. Anyone ascending will experience the event as the greatest and most important experience of their life: a step up into a higher level of functioning, where all of one’s aspects work together, harmoniously, synergistically, without internal conflicts.

Everybody is evolving forever in a cosmic, or God-ward direction, each person in their own time and unique way. All beings are forever evolving their consciousness so that they may ascend to the next dimension, and this continues right up to cosmic levels. It is a cosmic process, overseen from the highest levels, natural to the universe. Beings in all realms are on the path of evolution and ascension for all time. It is not boring, as everything gets better and better, and life becomes more harmonious and joyful.

Ascension is so important that it is the underlying truth behind all religions, and the sole reason for their creation. Religions usually form in the wake of an ascended person who has given out a teaching to help others ascend. It is everybody’s birthright and is the first and foremost reason that anybody chooses to incarnate on Earth, which is known throughout the galaxy as a place of rapid growth that is brought about through facing challenges and overcoming difficulties in a situation of variety and choice, with other humans from differing levels of consciousness, all of whom have had their highest consciousness veiled, so that they must put in the extra effort in the dark, and this ensures evolutional growth.

Group Ascension

Individual Ascension has been happening since forever, and has traditionally been a lonely, difficult, heroic journey. Group Ascension is a post WW2 phenomena, enabled when a group of higher level energies began playing upon the planet, affecting and uplifting Group-Souls that form when people function as coherent groups for a higher purpose. This enabled persons, as genuine friends, to ascend together, made easier by mutual support and nurturing. Depending on the depth and quality of friendships, this can be an effortless, joyful, even ecstatic process, as was successfully demonstrated by Flower Children in the late 1960s. 

Global Ascension

Global Ascension is a new phenomena yet to occur and will involved everybody on the planet, through being part of it, or through not being part of it. Either way, they are affected. It will be substantially contributed to by many Group Ascensions happening simultaneously. This year 2012 is seeing the final components being put together for a very big event on 21-12-2012. Between now and then everybody who is choosing to be part of the Ascension process must clear all of their buried negativity that acts as a barrier to each person’s Higher Consciousness, which is to become their permanent, walking around consciousness, as of that date. Those who have not cleared themselves when tremendously powerful energies are released upon the planet may find their buried negativity coming up all at once.

 Planetary Ascension

21-12-2012 marks the date that Lady Gaia, or planet Earth, enter the 4th Dimension. It is the day that many alignments happen, including the Aquarian, 2000+ year cycle, the larger, 26,000  year cycle, and the Sun’s 200,000+ year cycle. This date was set in stone long ago. On that date many stargates open to to full power. 

 Before the Earth can Ascend, it must reset its techtonic plates that were fragmented in past times. The effect of this is lessened by the amount of Light on the planet, and this is contributed to by all those working for the betterment of all. As people are able to see through the illusion they have been subjected to they are already spreading light. 

 Biological Ascension

The Planet’s biology is Ascending with the planet, unless it is returning from whence it came. Many of the beaching deaths of whales and dolphins are due to their decision to return now that their work is done, and given the parlous state of the oceans, which are slated to be cleaned up before the magic date. Many species will return to true home and resume their true form, for they are fully fledged conscious beings helping humans work through 3D.

 Ascending humans are also going through Biological Ascension. This means having 6 more chakras on board, mainly in the upper chest/head area. Their DNA is being upgraded and the mis-called junk DNA activated. The carbon in the cells of their bodies are becoming crystaline, as carbon is able to do. This will resonate to the higher frequencies.

This is the Aquarian, Golden age of Planetary, Biological and Global Ascension. Have fun!